"Errrgh, this floor is disgusting..." Marlton had got incapacitated, and was now lying down on the ground. Abigail, or Misty, as people called her, saw him get swarmed.

"I'm coming, Marlton!" She said, and dashed over, killing all the zombies in the process. Luckily enough, she had Quick Revive. Misty got him up using that wonderful syringe we all know and love.

"Thank you for reviving me. At least I'll mimic that emotion to your face... hmm." Marlton mumbled. Misty had heard it though.

"What was that?" She smirked. Marlton blushed.

"I- MMPH!" Marlton was cut off by... Misty kissing him?

'Is this really happening?' Marlton thought.

Russman and Samuel groaned.