"Still with us, Russman? I thought you'd have been eaten in the fog." Marlton said. He had a dislike for the old timer, though Samuel and Misty didn't know why.

"Why does he dislike him so much?" Misty wondered aloud.

"Maybe it has something to do with personal problems? Or is just like the dislike we share for each other?" Samuel said to her. Misty smiled and was about to talk, when Samuel cut her off.

"Either that or it's a conspiracy." Misty frowned when he said that.

"Dammit Stulinger! You're an idiot... Hope you get eaten..." She said and walked off.

Samuel smirked. "You first, bimbo!"


Marlton and Russman were going back and forth at each other for a while, yelling profanities at one another. Marlton stormed off after he said Russman sucked at making things. So the old timer decided to test his skills by building a Zombie Shield.

"Screw you Marlton, I can build stuff too!" Russman shouted when he completed the Zombie shield. It was a car door with a wheel basket thing on taped or nailed to the front on the door. He then wiped sweat off his head.

"Ah, so you can build things, huh Russman? Good job, yet they're still not good as my builds." Marlton chuckled.

Russman punched him straight in the eye.