Okay so this story's going to be about Nisroc since I think he has great potential to have a great storyline of some sort

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Nisroc rolled out of his nest, his mind half thinking that Rephaim had ordered him awake. With a sad sigh Nisroc sat on a rock knowing Rephaim would never do that again, he was human and living with the Red One whom had taken him as her consort.

Nisroc wondered for the first time in centuries what Rephaim was thinking leaving his brothers, his father! For a woman, a powerful high priestess yes but still…

Betrayal…not something Nisroc ever thought he would experience with his brothers, Rephaim above all the others.

Nisroc did not trust easily, he trusted what he knew or what he thought he knew, he thought he knew Rephaim would always be there for them, that father would always be there to tell them what to do, that he would never feel alone…yet all three had come to pass.

Rephaim was gone, father was gone and even though Nisroc was surrounded by his brothers and he was left to lead them, he felt absolutely alone.

Nisroc remembered back to the last time he saw father he had ordered him to collect all his brothers, with dismay he looked over the still sleeping forms of his brothers, there were so few many had been killed recently from different things, one he knew from the special fledgling Zoey Redbird, four others from guns of all things the strange metal human contraptions called guns! But most from the Swords Master at the House of Night, Dragon true to his name he fought with the ferocious power of a dragon, along with him and the sons of Erebus Warriors most had died fighting.

Nisroc did not know if fowl creatures like him and his brothers would ever find peace but he hoped so for his fallen brother's sakes.

One of Nisroc's brothers Mace woke when Nisroc walked past him, hundreds of years of warrior training woke him to the movement, with a sicking taste in his throat Nisroc remembered Maison, Mace's twin brother who was…killed horribly by the bull creature Aurox.

Mace's scarlet eyes scanned around him for any signs of a threat seeing none, he automatically asked Nisroc in case he missed something.

"Issss there danger Nissssroc?" Mace hissed Nisroc shock his head and his brother lowered his guard somewhat.

"Hassss father returned?" he asked, again Nisroc shock his head looking to the sky, the sun was on its way down in a hour or two it will have set.

"Do you think he will return?" Mace asked minutes later Nisroc's fragile patience cracked.

"I don't know Macccce sssstop assssking me quesssstionssss!" Nisroc hissed like the creature he was, Mace flinched and back away from his brother unfortunately his yell had woken his brothers who were all looking to him now, Nisroc wished they would not but he knew they were looking to him for guidance, a sense of direction in the absence of their usual leaders.

"I sssshall return ssssoon do not leave here issss that undersssstood?" he hissed to them they nodded as he opened his wings and launched himself into the sky, his beloved sky! How Rephaim could give up flying was beyond Nisroc it was torture to remain grounded for too long for him.

Nisroc found himself, without reason following a raven that was just below him, Nisroc was just flying trying to calm himself and push away the growing feeling of helplessness, when the raven he had been watching lands on the ground outside a building. Unsure why he suddenly felt sad Nisroc lands in a tree nearby, when the most shocking and amazing thing happened, the raven started to caw but the sound was full of pain, slowly the raven grew and transformed into the naked form of his brother Rephaim!

Shocked beyond belief he watched his brother pick himself off the ground and pull on clothes that lay under a tree, Nisroc could see the pain in his brother, as each movement was careful. Suddenly a girl raced out of the building and jumped into Rephaim's arms he held her there smiling at her and he kissed her, as if he hadn't been in pain only seconds before. The girl pulled away and smiled at him her face full of joy and…love mirrored by Rephaim's own; Nisroc now saw she was a vampire a red vampire the Red One!

Nisroc watched as his brother and the Red One disappeared inside.

Nisroc sat back against the trunk of the tree and looked up to the sky, the sun had set and the stars were starting to show but Nisroc could not focus on them only on the confusion and questions that stirred his mind his brother was human but during the day he was a raven was this punishment did the goddess Nyx do this to him for their past sins? Why would Rephaim chose that? To go through the pain, every day?

Nisroc did not understand at all, he could only glare into the sky knowing his eyes shone blood red, he did not know who he was more mad at, his brother for choosing the Red One over his brothers, his father for letting him or the goddess for hurting his brother .

"Damn you all" he hissed angrily into the heavens.

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