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Nisroc dropped from the tree, he know not how long he had sat there but he had been silently battling with himself to confront Rephaim, his urge to have a throw down with his brother was winning, as he strode forward to the entrance to the building. However the closer he got, the more nervous he did too, when suddenly the door was thrown open Nisroc sunk into a predatory stance and the person who had come out gasps as he saw what was there. Nisroc watched the young fledgling carefully, recognizing the red crescent moon on his forehead the boy was small, really small he looked very young yet he had to be in his teens to have been marked.

"Umm" the boy tried to say gawking at the Raven Mocker.

"Umm are you here for Rephaim?" he said ending in a rush Nisroc nodded once eyes searching everywhere for signs of attack, the boy seeing this stood up straighter making him about a centimetre taller.

"Ah I can go get him if you like, I don't mind, I'm Anthony by the way, well everyone calls me Ant cause I'm so small right, I don't mind you can call me either, what's your name?"

The boy spoke fast with barely any breaths in-between words, Nisroc found himself wondering if he was always like that or because he was nervous, Nisroc decided it didn't matter he rose from his predatory stance again looking over the red fledgling. He came to his chest in height he had rusty brown coloured hair and big green eyes the colour of lime.

"Nissssroc" Nisroc answered his question, not bothering to try and make his voice sound normal.

The boy smiled making his eyes gleam.

"Well hey Nisroc great to meet you, want me to go get Rephaim for ya?"

"Okay" Nisroc found himself saying at the curious boy who no longer looked afraid, the boy smiled again and disappeared back inside.

Nisroc was careful in case he returned with warriors, though it took less than a minute for the small boy to return Nisroc was ready to jump into the air and flee but when he saw his brother Rephaim come out after him, he straightened and looked into the completely human eyes of his older brother.

"Nisroc" Rephaim said when he saw his brother they did not say anything for a few seconds.

"Is all well?" Rephaim eventually said.

"No" Nisroc said bluntly his earlier anger returning.

"What is it?" Rephaim asked true concern in his eyes, did he truly care about the brothers he left behind or was it an act? Nisroc glared at his older brother a million questions buzzing through his head, Rephaim recognising his brothers anger did not flinch in fact he walked closer.

"What ails you brother?" Rephaim asked again Nisroc's control cracked.

"You!" he spat .

"How could you betray usssss?" he hissed knowing his eyes were gleaming red when the small fledgling flinched.

"I have never betrayed you brother" Rephaim said plainly but it did nothing for Nisroc's anger.

"Yessss you have I have been abandoned! By thosssse I trussst left to care for the otherssss alone!" without thinking he swung at Rephaim who blocked easily.

"Nisroc you have not been abandoned, things have happened which are hard to explain but I will to all of our brothers I promise, father is nearby I'm sure he will come too"

"I know where father issss! Do you think me inferior to you?!" Nisroc yelled outraged attacking Rephaim again.

"No I am no better than you my brother we are just living different lives now"

"What do you sssspeak of?" Nisroc asks halting his attack.

"I chose the path of the goddess, to walk in light not darkness and by doing so I was gifted by Nyx to a human form"

"One that only lassstsss during the night!" Nisroc cried Rephaim bowed his head but continued.

"Yes that is the punishment for my sins, one that I accept Nisroc"

"Why? For the Red One?" Nisroc asked.

"Yes but also for myself, father has done the same he has chosen light Nisroc! He has become warrior to the house of night high priestess and is the schools new Swords Master"

Nisroc did not say anything for a few minutes when three warriors suddenly burst through the door all wielding swords Nisroc crouched ready to attack.

"Stop!" Rephaim yelled, thousands of years of obeying his brother kept him from launching himself at the warriors.

"This is my brother Nisroc he wished only to talk to me" Rephaim continued.

"He attacked you!" one said.

"Yes have you never fought with a brother?" Rephaim asked one warrior smiled and put his weapon away.

"Oh yes" he said the other two kept an eye on the Raven Mocker and he did the same.

"Nisroc stand up they will not harm you" Rephaim said as more fledglings emerged through the door.

"As long as you stay away from Zoey I won't" one who still had his sword out said.

"I have no need to" Nisroc said rising but backing away from them, the remaining two put their swords away but their eyes never left him.

A blonde red vampire came forward Nisroc recognised her as the Red One.

"Hi y'all what's ya name?" she asked smiling but he could see she was being cautious.

"Nisroc, Red One" he answered she smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Honestly who came up with that name? Mine not yours" she sighed and Rephaim smiled taking her into his arms.

Ice seemed to flash through his heart as he saw his brother hold her, he had seen so called love many times over in his long existence, he never though any of his brothers would ever become close to it yet his brother seemed to have, as always he was the best, the first at everything. Nisroc looked away his eyes meeting those of the red fledgling boy, Anthony was his name or Ant as others called him.

Nisroc no longer knew what to do he had not the will to fight with his brother any more nor did he wish to return to the burden of care for the rest of his brothers, even flying seemed like a load he could not take at the moment. Nisroc closed his eyes willing himself a million miles away from everything suddenly he felt something and his eyes snapped open he turned just as his father Kalona landed behind him.

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