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Nisroc didn't move very much all day, he sat in the same spot looking down at the sleeping form of Anthony, though he was silent his mind was in chaos and was beginning to give him a head ache.

But almost as soon as the sun set Anthony woke up, he stretched and made a funny O shape with his mouth, then he opened his eyes seeing Nisroc he remembered and sat up almost too fast for Nisroc to move his head in time from being banged against his .

"That wasn't a dream" he says Nisroc wasn't sure what about that sentence made him laugh but it did, after a second Anthony joined and they stood up, Anthony was still short compared to him. Anthony looked Nisroc up and down he only had three-quarter pants on bare-foot and chest it hadn't bothered him before but now he realised he wasn't wearing very much and under Anthony's gaze he felt…embarrassed? Nervous?


That he didn't live up to his approval but Anthony smiled.

"You look really good Nisroc just so you know" Nisroc smiled he could feel it.

"Come on your brothers might be back, I can't imagine they enjoyed turning into ravens"

Ravens, that made Nisroc realise something.

"I didn't turn" he says out loud Anthony turns back to him.

"You're right you didn't, maybe because it was already light out? Or maybe Nyx made you something different?" Anthony voiced his thoughts.

'Maybe' Nisroc thought.

"Let's get to my brothers I'm sure Stevie Rae must be worried about you" Nisroc said and started walking Anthony ran a little to catch up then they walked together.

"You know I owe you like three for saving me" Anthony says as they climb up a rock ledge to the place they had fallen.

"No you don't you just stay safe that's all I want" Nisroc said then re-thought what he said and blushed Anthony seeing this laughed his laughter made people on top of the ridge look down seeing Anthony and a strange boy, Nisroc looked up at them his eyes meeting his father's who's worried frown vanished and he soared down to them.

"Nisroc?" he asked Nisroc smiled and nodded.

Kalona reached forward and hugged his son to him, Nisroc realised he must have been worried.

"I'm alright father" he looked to Anthony.

"We both are" Kalona looked between the two as Stevie Rae and Rephaim dropped down beside them Nisroc's other brothers following.

"You imprinted" Kalona states Stevie Rae's eyes widen as she checks Anthony over for harm which just makes him laugh.

"He would have died if I didn't" Kalona gives his son a confused look but nods and hugs him again.

"You look different brother" Rephaim says also embracing him.

"Trying on a new look" Anthony laughs coming to stand beside him which make Nisroc somehow feel better soon they are surrounded by brothers.

"You changed too" Mace says.

"Yeah apparently" Nisroc says not saying anything about not changing into a raven neither does Anthony, when he looks to him he just smiles which causes Nisroc to realise Anthony is on his side, why he wasn't sure but he was grateful for it.

"What happens now?" Anthony asks indicating to the newly made humans around him they all understood they couldn't live up here anymore.

"I'll take care of them you should return to the tunnels I'm sure your friends are worried about you" Kalona says.

"They sure as hell are, the second I was inside I was telling the story and man where we scared Ant, we need to sort all that out I left my car here last night so we can drive" Stevie Rae says.

"See y'all later" she calls with a smile and heads to the car Rephaim following. Wait did that mean Anthony was going to? No, Nisroc didn't want that Anthony looked back to Nisroc.

"Nisroc go with them" Kalona says next to him Nisroc looks at him.

"I've never been imprinted with anyone but even I know its affects, you can't bear to be separated so go with him" Nisroc nods Anthony smiles seeing Nisroc was coming to.

Anthony opens the car door for him and shows him how to put on the seat belt Stevie Rae was in the driver's seat trying very hard not to laugh Rephaim looked sympathetic he'd had to go through this to.

When Anthony opened the door for him to get out too Nisroc figured he better tell Anthony he was not hopeless before this got out of hand but he didn't need to, Anthony felt his mood and smiled.

"I know Nisroc but I'm going to help out whether you like it or not ,until you know absolutely everything about everything you need to know about being human" he put his hands on his hips and attempted to look taller which only cause to make the three of them watching to crack up.

Inside he was introduced to everyone as Stevie Rae and Anthony told the story, Nisroc stuck with Rephaim next to them only speaking when told to give his side of the story. Once everyone knew the story from every angle they started to eat breakfast it was a weekend so they didn't have to go to the House of Night for school today but they did tomorrow and they wanted Nisroc to come to if Anthony was going than so was he.

Two girls immediately said that he needed clothes and again Nisroc realised he wasn't wearing very much, Rephaim gave him a shirt to wear and shoes then with the human girl's 'gold card' as she called it and Stevie Rae, Rephaim, Anthony and another fledgling called Shaunee they went shopping, something Nisroc had never done before.

They came back hours later with two cars packed full of stuff, they gave Nisroc a room across from Anthony's, they set up the double bed and with the help of the warriors Stark and Darius they also put the wardrobe up, Shaunee cut all the 'tags' off the clothes he had been forced to try on and show them like a model thankful he had had the final say in it, thanks to Rephaim and Anthony who stood up for him.

Nisroc had a black blanket covering his doorway in place of a door, it did not bother him he had a bathroom attached to his room with a mirror, when he had seen his reflection it had been a shock he had dark brown hair with a fringe of spikey hair (like the picture!) and dark blue eyes he was slim but solid of muscle.

"Told ya you looked good" Nisroc turned to Anthony who smiled at him glad he liked how he looked; everyone had left his room so he asked something he had been thinking about.

"Was it fear that made you freeze before the car hit you or something else?" Anthony looked down a sad feeling reached Nisroc though him, Anthony looked back up meeting his eyes.

"My parents and I were in the car one day coming back from the movies, we were laughing about the movie we had seen, even though I had been a bit sick lately when suddenly a fourteen wheel truck hit the car" Nisroc froze oh no Anthony took a breath and continued.

"My parents were killed instantly, I crawled out of the broken window of the upside down car and collapsed, a vampire tracker appeared just then and marked me" whoa that's a lot to happen in a few short minutes but Anthony wasn't done.

"I wasn't seriously injured but I needed help but the humans were afraid and refused to take me to the hospital, the tracker took me to the house of night, I was healed and welcomed but I had lost my family and I had a hard time fitting in, I was known as Ant the little guy who talks to much and has a nice smile and that's all I wanted them to know, when I started coughing up blood I knew I was going to die Nisroc and I hoped I would, so I could see my parents again" Anthony wiped a stray tear that had fallen.

"But instead I woke up alone in the morgue, suddenly craving blood over anything else I'd turned evil Nisroc, obeying Neferet was the only instinct above hunting I had and I did hunt Nisroc, I killed innocent people because of Neferet, I knew no better, I had no humanity, I couldn't control myself and I don't think I can ever forgive myself either"

Nisroc strode to Anthony sitting him down on his new bed.

"I have done things far worse than you can ever imagine Anthony and though the goddess has forgiven me, I also shall never forgive myself, though we can't change what we did then, we can decide what we do now, I chose to take any punishment there was for my sins to save you, I'm still not sure why, my emotions are confusing me and I don't understand but somehow sitting here with you makes sense, it makes some sort of crazy sense" Anthony smiled.

"I know exactly what you mean" he says Nisroc looked down at Anthony the small fledgling boy that amazed and confused him, Nisroc did not realise how close they were until he felt Anthony's soft breath hit his face, Nisroc's eyes met Anthony's and both moved forward their lips seeking each other out.

Nisroc had never kissed anyone ever, since he didn't have mouth but he never though it would be with a male but it was and it was amazing, Nisroc pulled away not wanting to have upset Anthony but he had done far the opposite, Anthony smiled up at him.

"I'm not afraid of you" he whispers and kisses Nisroc again; Nisroc could only smile and thank the goddess that was so.

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