Santana / July 2011

Santana slid into the plush leather seated booth of O'Reilly's Italian Restaurant with a large cocky grin on her face.

" I just secured another thousand toward Sidney's enclosure restoration this afternoon."

"That's amazing Santana congratulations. Have you told Mackenzie yet?" Said Santana's best friend since high school, Sam Evans.

"No not yet , but I will tonight at the gala. I'm also going to give her this."

From out of her pocket Santana pulled a long black box and slid it toward Sam. He opened it without a moment's hesitation and gave a long whistle.

" This necklace must have cost you a pretty penny Santana. Damn ,Mackenzie is one hell of a lucky women." He said with a dopey smile.

" Our four-year coming up next week and she deserves it. She deserves everything..the habitat..the necklace.. I want to give her everything and so much more. She's my world Sam and you know that better than anyone."

" It's beautiful Santana. I'm happy for you two I really am."

Sam called over the lengthy blond waitress to take their order.

" Hey there, uh, Brittany." He said with a flirtatious smile as he glanced at the waitresses name tag. "I'd like the 'All You Can Eat Pasta Bowl' and San what would you like? Lunch is on me."

The raven haired girl eyed him carefully

" Such a gentlemen" She said with her typical sarcastic tone and one-eyebrow-raise.

He gave her an equally incredulous look back

" I'll have the Chicken Alfredo please."

" ...and Chicken Alfredo with two Cokes please, beautiful" He repeated to Brittany-the-Waitress as if she couldn't hear for herself.

Santana glanced up to see the girls cheeks were oddly flush, but she didn't bother to comment. When the pretty girl had left Santana smacked Sam's arm

"Leave the poor girl alone she doesn't need a dog like you hitting on her while she's trying to work." Santana scolded.

" Ouch! Okay Okay San god!" he said with a chuckle.

" Oh speaking of which, Mackenzie wanted me to remind you to stop at the dry cleaners on the way home and pick up your dresses for the gala."

Santana simply rolled her eyes with a smile and sipped on her glass of water.