Could I disappear?

This is totally non-canon. A bit of OOC.

I own nothing. Just flexing the creativity muscle in my brain.

Chapter 1:


Pain. So much pain and suffering. Ever since I woke-up from my burning; my throat still felt as though it was on fire. I felt an all consuming need for something and I did not know what it was. What I did know; was that I needed to figure out where I was and what was going on so I can get out of here. I waited and listened. It seemed as though no one noticed me so, I slowly backed into the darkest corner of what I believe to be a basement. There were no windows. Just a light bulb in the ceiling. The ground and the walls were made of cement. There was some old beat-up furniture, a dirty rug in the center of the room and a set of wooden stairs going up. There were others all around me in varying stages of suffering.





I don't know what happened to me but, I can tell that it has happened to all of us. I can feel so much more. My vision is perfect now. Good thing since my glasses are missing. I even see the bits of dust floating above. Amazing. The smell of this place is wretched. I can smell mold, mildew and rust. We all seem to be in the same boat but somehow the others come across as mindless. They scream, rant and attack each other. I know there is no point in that. I need to know how to get the hell out of here. If I go for the door now I risk the others coming after me.

So, I wait. I watch for hours and remember.

I think back on my family. My time in school. What it was like to grow before everyone else. To be the freak. I remember going to my parents. Asking them for help. Advice. Anything. I was tired of being the joke, getting beat-up and ridiculed. My mother had remarried and moved on. She never returned my calls. I guess her new family kept her occupied. I remember what my father said, "Son, you're just growing-up. Everyone goes through that awkward stage. You'll grow out of it. You'll see. Just try get along and blend in for now." I don't know if my bloody noses, weren't bloody enough. If my pissed soaked clothing wasn't pissed on enough. Not by me. No of course not. No. I'd get beat down, pissed and spit on. As if it was the cherry on top. My father thought that because my grades were fine I must be fine. Maybe just a little awkward. How wrong he was. All I knew was that I wanted to get the fuck out of there. I graduated with honors and took off to Stanford as fast as I could. If I thought college would be any different I was wrong. There were still the cliques. The groups of jocks. Nerds. We cannot escape who we are. So, I did the only thing I knew. I threw myself into my work. Sure, occasionally some girl would appear to flirt with me, but I knew I was just the butt of some joke. No way was I falling for that again.

SLAM! I'm suddenly brought out of my musings. By a medium built male. He has brown hair and red eyes like the others. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!"

One of the girls asks, "Who are you, Why are we here? What did you do to us?" Faster than I thought possible he comes flying down the stairs and grabs her by the throat and jacks her up against the wall. His eyes are furious and his jaw is clenched as he speaks. "You are a vampire now. You are here because if you leave on your own you will be destroyed. If not by the sun then by me or the others. We will track you down and destroy you. You were made in order to help my mate and myself destroy another group of vampires. We will teach you and if you do well you can go out on your own to enjoy your immortal life. We will take you out in groups of 2 at a time to feed as to not bring too much attention to ourselves. Training begins tomorrow and that is all you need to know for now." He noticeably squeezes her throat before he lunges forward and bites the girl hard on her neck. She screams and falls to the floor. He turns slowly and looks around the room. "Any questions? No? Fine. You two follow me." As fast as he came in; he left and locked the door behind him.

For the next ten or so hours he came and left w/ two at a time. During this time. Not a single person.. I mean vampire seemed to notice me. As the others came back they talked about Riley. That was the brown haired vamp's name. They talked about what it was like to feed. How fast and strong they felt. How amazing it was going to be once we destroyed this other group of vampires so we can go out on our own. They talked about how some of us may be gifted and that Riley and his mate were going to test us tomorrow for gifts. I don't know how they were going to test us, but I'm thinking maybe I have a gift to blend in since in all this time not a single one has noticed me. Fine by me. I just have to test my boundaries around the others and find out what their gifts were. If they had any. I need to find out who the others were and get the hell out of here. If there is one thing I am not; I am not stupid. If we were to survive this battle I know there's no way they'd let us all live and move on. No way.

So, I wait. Looks like hiding from bullies my entire life was good practice for something. Now there's just one more thing.. I need to feed.


I came to La Push to while Edward and the others went to hunt. I'm being babysat at Sue's house by Seth and Leah. Leah can't stand me, but I honestly don't think she can even stand her own shadow. Seth is a sweetheart, but he's too young for this. I don't want him to have to fight for me.

The threat of Victoria and her newborns was very real. Honestly, I just wanted it over and didn't want anyone to get hurt because of me. Between the Cullens, the pack and Charlie I feel so suffocated. Between Jake and Edward's fighting over me I feel like a prize or a possession to be won and kept. At first, it was flattering. I mean, I know Jake loves me as more, but he'll realize he's like a brother to me. He just doesn't need it rubbed in his face all the time that I'm not his. Edward is stunning to look at, but when I try to look below the surface there is not much but ownership, guilt and angst. He says that he is my soul mate, but if he was would he have been able to leave me? To lie to my face and hurt me? I said I'd give him a second chance, but this is too much. I am beginning to recognize the red flags from some of the talks that I had with Renee, my Mom.

She may not win mom of the year, but she has been in more relationships than I could shake a stick at. At first I thought she was being picky or flaky, but each time she broke it off there was a reason. A really good reason. She told me once, "You will meet a lot of boys. Some nicer than others. Some better looking than others. Some more popular than others, but what you have to remember is how they treat those around them. At first, you will always see the good side of them, but when they slip; it will be with how they treat others first." She taught me so, much and I miss her. I think she is right. I love Edward. At least I think I do. But I don't love how he makes me feel like I'm helpless and weak. I don't love how he fights with Jake my best friend or how he and Alice try to control everything I do.

I don't understand how things got so complicated so fast, but I'm feeling the need to get away. Maybe if I leave the others will be safe. I know the wolves will watch after Charlie. I can't make any decisions without my bracelet, outside of La Push or Alice will see it, but I need to get away. It's all just so confusing and I don't think I can go on with all of the drama around me. It's just all too much. Too too much..

I think, I'm gonna see if I can stay here over night. I need to call Charlie.

"Forks PD"

"Hey Ch.. Dad, I'm over at Sue's visiting with Seth and Leah and they told me there's gonna be a bonfire tonight and invited me to stay. Do you mind if I stay the night?"

"Sounds great Bells, I'm glad you're enjoying time with some friends. Have a great night." I know he means friends other than Edward.

"Thanks Dad.. Love you"

"Love you too"

Gah! Charlie. Of course Charlie can't stand Edward. At first I thought it was because of him being my first boyfriend and what happened to me when he left, but my dad's a cop. He reads people for a living and has not liked Edward from day one. Okay. Operation get the fuck out begins now. This needs to be done. I need to think and everyone will be safer with me gone.

I have money in savings thanks to dad buying me the truck and I can go to the bank on the Reservation. I'll get Leah to go with me. She doesn't like me so, no one would think to talk to her about me and she's a wolf so she can block the visions. If she brings me to the grocery store to buy stuff to make dinner for everyone there's no way she'd question me stopping at the bank real quick because I lost my card. I can take a bus and a ferry to my Grandparent's cabin up in Whidbey's Island North of Seattle. I can leave my phone and buy a disposable one to call Charlie with. I'll tell him that I'm going because things are too complicated and that I'm going to stay with a friend in Phoenix to get my head straight. I'll leave after the bonfire and tell the others that I need to go home. I'll take that bracelet Jake made me with the wolf tooth that he lost when Paul and him got into a fight. I normally don't wear it because it messes with Alice's visions.. well that and it's kinda creepy, but whatever. I can do this!

A/N: I was inspired to write this because I always thought Fred's character has so much untapped potential and really wanted to see more of him. Haven't seen any full complete stories about Fred and I can't get him outta my head. His description was kinda vague so I took FF liberty and chose my own. My Fred is inspired by Cillian Murphy.