Could I disappear?

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I'm laying in my favorite quiet spot on the roof of our sanctuary contemplating about all that has happened.. My arms are folded under my head, eyes are closed and I'm just listening to the sounds of the forest.

It has been 20yrs since the day we took our lives back from the Volturi. I should really just say back from Aro since he was the collector. From what I've been told; Caius was just paranoid and easily fed into whatever schemes Aro was working on. To be fair to Marcus.. he really had nothing to do with the schemes and was a fair and decent leader until about 18 years ago when he could not take this existence anymore without his mate or coven and met his final death in the castle's basement incinerator. He made it clear that although he did not agree or participate in the terrible deeds of his brothers.. he missed them dearly. I often wonder how things would be different if Aro had other hobbies and Marcus was more outspoken? Neither here nor there I suppose.

After Marcus was gone and his will and final wishes were read; the Whitlock coven was asked to help Carlisle revamp the vamp leadership. According to Marcus, he stayed just long enough to help make some of the changes that he always wished to see for our kind, but his thoughts often went ignored over the centuries. The number one rule is still to keep our secret from the humans.

Marcus' changes were mostly related to the guard and how the castle was run. Once the new guard was established he asked us to come to the castle and help train them under a contractual basis. Word spread and many vampires came from around the word to apply for a spot to train with the God of War. Membership to the new Volturi guard is now on a contractual basis with privilege and membership became an honor rather than a sentence.

The leadership of the vampire world is now ruled by what we call the Table. Carlisle Cullen holds the head spot at the Table and leads from Voltura with his strength and compassion. He was named predecessor by the late Marcus Volturi and gave up his life of trying to blend in as a human because he saw the opportunity to make a real difference for his own kind that would benefit the vampires and all of mankind as well. The rest of the Table members live throughout out the world, but are called upon for service as needed and attend monthly meetings with Carlisle.

Esme happily took her place by Carlisle's side and she now has the opportunity to care for the many vampires who come her way. Those who have been displaced or need help go to her. She also has set-up the first ever vampire school. It is far from a traditional school. It is more like a place for our kind to learn how to blend in, language, trades, the new laws and is a requirement if you wish to apply for guard membership. It is also taught that there's another way to gain sustenance for those who were dealing with the depression that comes along with a guilty conscious from eating our natural food source. Some of them stayed with the alternative lifestyle, have support from the group and are thankful for the opportunity.

Under this new system of co-op style leadership the vampire world is more of a society than a spattering of misfits and unknowns throughout the world.

The Denali coven decided to join Carlisle and Esme in Italy. Eleazar with his previous Volturi experience became Carlisle's right hand man. Carmen helps Esme with her teachings, decorating and event planning. The three sisters took the opportunity to try to find their mates in the now very high traffic vampire capital. Last I heard.. They're still looking, but I wish them luck.

Octavio took a spot as a table member and serves as a leader in the Western Hemisphere. He prefers to remain in his home state of New Mexico and with Maria gone there are no more Southern wars. His camp serves as a refuge for those few who were left of Maria's army after she was destroyed.

Birgir, Adela, Timothy and Samantha all went back to their Nomadic ways with a promise to keep in touch. We see them occasionally when there's an event at the castle or whenever there's Children of the Moon to hunt. It is the only hunt that serves as a challenge to them anymore.

Rose and Emmett decided to go out on their own for awhile. Then about 6 yrs ago; Rosalie was looking into her living family to discover that her sister Lillian's last grandchild was dying alone of ovarian cancer. She and Emmett introduced themselves because Rose wanted to at least meet her last living relative and they got along so well that Rosalie kept in touch and decided to change her grand-niece herself before it was too late. After her nieces newborn year they brought her to meet the family in Voltura and she met her mate in one of the lead guard trainers. They all now live in Greece with Dmitri who found the mating-pull in the lovely Calla.. Tanya was seriously pissed, but that's another story.

Jake finally took his place as pack-leader when Sam stopped phasing. The new treaty allowed the Whitlock's to visit the Forks area as long as our red-eye members promised not to bite anyone within 50miles of Forks or the reservation. The Elder's did not approve of us visiting the reservation or 1st beach; a place that Bella misses dearly.

Charlie went back to work on the force after being bored out of his mind when the danger had passed. He figured out on his own what the cold ones were and since he married Sue; he also fell under the protection of the tribe. Not that the new leadership would go after Charlie, but if anyone found out that he knew and there was protest he was covered. He was furious with Bella for getting involved in the supernatural world to begin with and of course disappearing like she did. It only took about a week of visiting the Forks house and her puppy dog eyes for him to grudgingly accept his daughter's happiness. I'm kinda proud that he only pulled his gun on me twice. That's more than I can say for Peter who was threatened with a blow-torch.

As for the Whitlocks.. When we were not setting up training camps for the new Volturi; we kept our promise and traveled the world to find the most incredible spas which served as inspiration for our own guest quarters at the Volturi castle. Our coven was as strong as ever and have yet to take a vacation from each other. Our main residence is here in Montana, but we like to visit the Oregon home from time to time and reminisce about our first discovery and confirmation of the true-coven bond. Thinking back on everything we went through before and after the change.. I wouldn't change a thing, but I can only speak for myself.

I'm brought out of my thoughts when I hear someone knocking on the sanctuary door. I peer over the edge of the roof to see Peter and Jasper standing there. What the? So I say, "Hey guys, up here! What's goin on?" They both look up and I can see the humor in their eyes. Peter looks down and kicks his boot onto the welcome matt while Jasper smirks and says, "Garrett and the girls are plotting. Bella found some new trick online. She told the other two and they kicked us out while they set-up whatever it is. Can we hang out for about an hour?"

I can't help but laugh at the expression on Peter's face. He's clearly excited and anxious so I say, "Yea come on up! What do you think it's all about?" Peter smiles and says, "I'm not sure but as we were leavin I saw Sugar go into the sun room with some bags of blood." Jasper's eyes widen and I can feel his lust spike which causes all our lust to spike. I grin at both of them and say, "In that case, why don't we get warmed up for them? We don't wanna disappoint after all."

They both smirk and all I can think is yep. Life is good!

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