I've been very bad and went ahead with writing another story instead of a new chapter for You Know How I Do. I hope you guys enjoy this one! :)

Also, warnings for naughty language so I don't get deleted! Santana likes to curse a lot in here!

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The entire student population of McKinley High School was buzzing with the news. Rumors, accusations, and the like were floating around at an alarming rate. An hour hadn't even passed since the revered incident occurred and the gossipmongers were already posting articles on their blogs, sending mass texts, and whispering during class about what had happened. Each had their own theories, their own speculations over the mystery person behind the event. Some were saying it was the handsome, but shy, Sam Evans while other's suggested the gesture had been orchestrated by none other than loveable badass Noah Puckerman as a ploy to get back at his long time girlfriend Head Cheerio Quinn Fabray for their recent breakup. A select few concluded that some hopeless nerd was behind the entire ordeal because, honestly, neither Sam nor Puck had the mental capacity to implement a plan so brilliantly romantic and embarrassingly cheesy all at once. When hounded by said gossipmongers Brittany S. Pierce the fortunate (or unfortunate as some saw it) target refused to comment on the matter.

It happened approximately ten minutes prior to the end of Brittany's lunch hour. She made her way to her locker to retrieve the needed items for her next class, completely unaware to what awaited her behind her closed locker door. Brittany wasn't a 'mean girl' in the slightest. Sure, she was a cheerleader. Yeah, she was considered one of the popular kids. And so what if her best friend happened to be Quinn Fabray, bitch galore. She was nice to everyone regardless of how they treated her. All in all, she was a generally pleasant person. So when she opened her locker to find a shiny silver bracelet dangling in front of her, an envelope with her name on it attached, she was only mildly surprised by the seemingly romantic gesture. Being the bubbly, friendly person she was Brittany tended to garner the attention of many admirers.

Still, the sentiment wasn't lost on Brittany. Her bright blue eyes traced the leisurely scrawl of her name atop the envelope, fingers reaching out to pluck the items from the confines of her locker. She admired the shine of the metal and the cute little diamond studded heart charm dangling from the bracelet. It was beautiful. To say she was flattered was an understatement. She had boyfriends (and the occasional girlfriend) who hadn't bothered to give her a gift even half as nice. Her gaze flickered back to the envelope and she opened the scrap of paper to find a handwritten note.

'Brittany Pierce, you are the most beautiful girl I have had the pleasure of knowing. I've kept my feelings for you a secret for a very long time, but I can't hide them any longer. I can't go on living for the days you acknowledge me and dying on the days you don't. I want to tell you how I feel in person. Meet me…'

"…under the bleachers after school." Brittany nearly jumped out of her own skin at the sound of the voice. She had completely forgotten Quinn, along with the entire varsity cheer squad, was standing right next to her. "Signed, Your Secret Admirer. Oh my god, Britt! That's so romantic! You have to meet this guy!"

The rest of the cheer squad erupted in a fit of giggles and excited squeals, followed by a chorus of 'yeah, totally'. Brittany ignored the fawning of the other girls as she set the bracelet around her wrist with great care, a soft pink flush seeping across her cheeks and a bashful smile playing at her lips. She let her fingertips trail over the little charm, completely ignorant of Quinn's continued gushing or the small crowd of students that'd taken interest upon the head cheerleader's rather loud proclamation.

From the end of the crowded hallway Santana Lopez, resident badass, watched the scene unfold. On the outside she exuded her usual 'I'll tear you apart if you so much as look in my direction' demeanor. Her pretty features set in an angered scowl and dark eyes sharp as she leaned nonchalantly against her own locker. On the inside, Santana was a mess. Like, a legit fucking mess. Her heart was hammering so hard she was sure she was going to throw it up and she could barely hear the annoying girly squeals of those vapid little Cheerios past the rushing of blood in her ears. She felt like she was going to pass out. From anxiety or pure mortification she wasn't sure. All Santana knew was that Brittany Pierce had read her note, had accepted her gift, and had smiled a smile that'd made Santana want to find the cure for cancer. It scared her, excited her. Because seeing Brittany smile just did things to her. And at the end of the school day, away from the prying eyes of her peers, Santana was finally going to tell Brittany how she felt about her.

If she didn't die from nervousness first…

The school day passed in a blur and the news about Brittany Pierce's Secret Admirer spread like a highly infectious disease. The entire school was practically bursting with anticipation. Even the most stoic of students were heatedly debating the identity of the mysterious Secret Admirer. Jacob Ben Israel's blog even had a poll going. Half of the faculty were taking bets on who the kid was, even Principal Figgin's had been enticed by the excitement of it all.

Santana, overwrought by her anxiousness over the big reveal, hadn't heard the retelling of her romantic gesture being broadcasted all over the school. She was far too busy trying to avoid Brittany in a desperate attempt not to blow her cover prematurely or, you know, have a bad… reaction to being in the blonde's presence, as she often tended to. It was no secret that Santana Lopez was a bitch. It was a well known fact that she'd had it out for Brittany Pierce for over a decade. And ok, yeah, maybe she had a habit of picking on Brittany. She never meant to bully the girl. She just… every time she was near the pretty blonde she couldn't help herself. Her insides went all crazy and Brittany would, like, give her this adorable smile and Santana simply didn't know how to deal with all the feelings so she lashed out in the only way that made sense.

After years of soul searching, and puberty, Santana finally realized what she was feeling and why she was feeling it. She realized she was in major like with Brittany Pierce. That she had a huge crush on the girl and hey! Guess what? She was also a mega lesbian. Nevertheless by the time the brunette had made peace with herself she'd already gained a reputation for being a bad girl. A bully. A rebel. A bitch you didn't want to fuck with. The reputation and her history with Brittany made it near impossible to confess her feelings to the girl. It sure didn't help that every time Santana tried to admit how she felt she ended up chickening out and defaulting to bullying her crush.

Really, it didn't help that Brittany never once retaliated even though it was obvious the teasing affected her. Never so much as got angry with Santana or sunk to the brunette's level. The only negative emotion she ever expressed toward the dark haired girl was mild annoyance and even that was rare. On the few occasions that Brittany was annoyed enough to attempt to stand up for herself the reaction only seemed to further spur Santana's mean streak. The brunette hated to admit it, but she craved Brittany's attention in a way that was sure as hell not healthy. The whole Secret Admirer thing was supposed to put an end to it all. Brittany was a good person and maybe, just maybe, if Santana came clean about her feelings the cheerleader might give her a chance to at least redeem herself. Though a part of her (the ridiculous hopeless romantic school girl fairytale part of her) was hoping Brittany would accept her confession with one of those big screen romantic movie ending kind of kisses and they'd ride off into the sunset together and… yeah. If Santana ever admitted that to anyone she would have to kill them and dump their body in a river to keep them from blabbing about it.

Her thoughts were filled with such panic and romantic fantasies that she failed to notice the school bustling with gossip. Yep. Santana Lopez was completely clueless until she overheard two freshmen talking about it on her way to meeting Brittany. Apparently, word had spread about Brittany's admirer and the meeting under the bleachers. No one knew who the knight in shining armor was and a bunch of students had decided to crash the big reveal. Santana literally froze mid step upon hearing the little tidbit. She was Santana fucking Lopez. She was a self asserted badass. People were scared of her, people feared her. She couldn't have everyone and their mothers knowing she was mush for Brittany Pierce. It would ruin her image. An image she spent years building so people would leave her the fuck alone.

'Relax, Lopez.' She took a deep, calming breath. Shaking herself out of her stupor and continuing her trek toward the designated meeting place. 'So a few losers wanna crash your party. It can't be too bad.' She reasoned with herself, nodding in reassurance. 'Just scare the fuckers off and you'll be fine.'

By the time she arrived at the meeting place she was hardcore freaking the fuck out. She cursed her damned voice of reason, can't be too bad her ass! There was a large crowd of students camped out and waiting like it was opening night of the new Twilight movie. It was insanity. Santana didn't even know so many people could fit under the bleachers and many referred to the damn spot as Lopez's Lair. Santana cursed her luck, shoving some random kid out of the way and concealing herself behind a pillar. Her brown eyes surveyed the still growing crowd before landing on an annoyed looking Brittany Pierce. It was exceedingly obvious that the blonde hadn't wanted nearly half the school intruding on her Secret Admirer meet and greet. The entire varsity cheer squad, as per usual, surrounded Brittany. A few of the little cheer bitches were hanging off of some football meatheads.

Almost half an hour passed before people started leaving. Santana was intent on waiting them out. When a full thirty five minutes passed without the Secret Admirer stepping forward one of the jocks, Santana recognized him as one of Fabray's ex man bitches, spoke up. "Let's get out of here, guys. The dude obviously wussed out."

"It was probably some stupid prank." Another meathead joined in.

"Either way," Noah Puckerman chimed in next to Quinn Fabray. If the way his arm was slung around the blonde's shoulders was any indication, it looked like their recent break up had turned into a more recent make up. "The guy isn't showing. I vote we bail."

Brittany's face fell at the suggestions and Santana wasn't prepared for the way her heart ached at the sight. The feeling made her want to punch Puckerman square in the face. Made her want to go all Lima Heights on all their little party crashing asses. "You guys can go. I'm just going to stay here a little longer."

The group dispersed fairly quickly. Santana scowled as Quinn hung back with Brittany. The head cheerleader's hazel eyes softened with a rare display of concern. "Britt, you should come with us. I know you want to believe this guy is for real but maybe you should accept the possibility-"

"I'm fine, Q." Brittany gave the other blonde a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. "I'll see you tomorrow at practice."

Quinn begrudgingly accepted the response, sparing one last concerned glance in Brittany's direction before leaving. Brittany looked around the emptied area before dejectedly slumping down onto the beat up old couch in the center with an audible sniffle. The sight was killing Santana. She hadn't meant to hurt the blonde's feelings. She continued to watch Brittany, unsure whether she should just leave or use the opportunity to show herself. Santana's heart was practically ripping itself into teeny tiny shreds at that point so when Brittany moved to unclasp the charm bracelet from her wrist the brunette sprang into action. Defaulting to her only method of interaction with her crush.

"Who said you could sulk on my couch, Pierce?"

Brittany, who was used to Santana's absolute bitchiness, simply let the comment roll off of her as usual. "Did you come here to gloat, Santana? Because I would appreciate it if you didn't just this once."

The comment stunned Santana silent, Brittany had never sounded so cold to her. She inched closer to the blonde, swallowing down her nerves and taking a seat on the armrest of the couch a pretty good distance out of Brittany's personal space. Truthfully she wanted to kiss the blonde silly. Sadly she only had the courage to utter out another bitchy comment. "You all upset because Prince Charming didn't show?"

Brittany's face only slipped further into desolation at the reply. "Please just leave me alone."

Santana seriously felt like a Grade A Bitch for what she was doing but she couldn't help herself. She always pussied out when the big moment came. Her biggest fear was Brittany's rejection because she knew she'd been an unreasonable uber bitch to the blonde for years. "Maybe your little Secret Admirer didn't show because they didn't want the whole school in their business. Some people like their privacy."

Brittany gave the brunette a strange look, her brows furrowed. The look passed with a shake of the blonde's head. "Are you trying to say it's my fault she didn't show up?"

Santana shrugged. She was realized she was using the conversation to express her discontent with the whole botched meeting ordeal but she was already in too deep to suddenly confess her undying affection for the girl in the middle of their conversation. "Well you and your little pep squad practically invited the whole... Wait. Did you say she?"

Brittany instantly flushed at the question, stumbling so cutely over her words that Santana had to fight the monster of an adoring smile tugging at her full lips. "I-I... the, um, yeah. She. The note… It had, erm, perfume on it."

Santana internally cursed that stupid bitch ass part of her that decided to go ahead with the dumb perfume thing. She wasn't going to spray her perfume on it because it was really fucking cheesy and cliché but then she rationalized that the whole scenario was cheesy and cliché so she might as well. "Huh. So some chick has a big lezzy crush on you. Wonder if she's got a screw loose or something."

"Well." Brittany stood abruptly, obviously fed up with Santana's cattiness for the day. "As much as I enjoyed our usual conversation I'm going to leave before you cut off my hair or pants me or make me cry again."

"Hey!" Santana called out with false bravado as Brittany walked away from her. "I haven't made you cry since freshman year!" Brittany kept walking, ignoring Santana, which only served to make the brunette crave her attention even more. "And, for the last fucking time, Fabitch was the one who cut your pony tail off in fifth grade! That cunt made me take the fall!"

By the time Santana finished, Brittany was already halfway across the field. Still ignoring her. The brunette sighed heavily, falling over onto the couch. She was pissed off at herself for being a coward yet again. She was so fucking hopeless. 'Way to go, Lopez. You really know how to treat the girl of your dreams.'