Hello, dear friends and fellow writers! I, Chaotic hedgehog, have decided to take up with a few others in my family, and writer a series of shorts. Some may be crossovers, all will contain OCs and the characters you know and love. As I said, here is number one

Summary: Kelly the echidna had two secrets. One to do with her life, the other to do with her friend, Xsus. But when one secret is costing the echidna, both of them are revealed to Xsus.

Xsus- 15

Kelly- 15

Chaos- ageless

Sonic- 26

Robyn Prower- ageless

Cream- 15

Shawn- unknown

Everyone else- 5 years older than they are currently

Note: this is AU to the original storyline

DISCLAIMER: I only own Chaos the hedgehog and Nightshade the Chao. Robyn, the Prower family (bar Tails) Kelly the echidna and Shawn the echidna belong to BlackStormNomad. Xsus belongs to BlackSandHeart, and the Sonic team belong to SEGA. Thanks also goes to Strife the Dark 152 for giving me the inspiration

Chaos couldn't believe the news. Well, he could, but he refused to. He practically flew into the hospital, and looked around wildly, before sensing a certain energy, and Chaos Controlling to that place. He turned to see Xsus, Robyn Prower, and Sonic the hedgehog, the last two crying, and while the former stared at everyone, confused "wha- can someone tell me…?" Chaos started to speak, but the doctor took over "allow me." He took a second to stare at Xsus "your friend, Kelly, had quite an illness. I'm afraid she's dying."

Xsus paled "what?" Cream appeared, flying through a window using her ears. She looked "oh… this is about…?" Chaos nodded, his throat dry "yeah…" Xsus stared at them, like he was trying to do a massive 'connect-the-dots' puzzle "you all knew…?" the doctor continued "it seems to have flared up, and nothing we have tried will work. And we have tried everything."

Xsus gulped "can I… go see her? Cream started forward, but Nightshade beat her to it, wriggling through just as the cat shut the door behind him. He found a blue echidna, looking older than she should, and too sick. It didn't match her cheerful personality. Xsus gulped, and Nightshade flew up next to him, looking at him, concerned. She muttered something in her language, which Xsus translated in his mind, and smiled weakly "thanks, Nightshade…" he turned his attention to the echidna.

Xsus spoke, his voice heavy "Kelly." The blue echidna coughed, before saying weakly "Xsus… Nightshade, too." The girl coughed again, then tried to sit up, but she was too weak. A muffin sat uneaten on the bedside table. Xsus noticed that she still had her bracelet, a gift from her brother, on, and a pair of blue earrings, shaped like fire. Xsus himself had given those to her for her birthday. Xsus tried not to cry at that fact, and said "why? Why didn't you tell me?"

Kelly shook her head "I- I didn't want to believe it myself. I thought if I didn't say anything about it, it would go away. And…" she went for his hand, but decided against it, as if touching him was cause her time to come even sooner "I didn't want to see you like this, Xsus."

While this conversation was going on, Chaos started pacing, in an effort to try and calm himself. It had no effect. Chaos cursed "I could've helped. I should've helped. I thought it wouldn't come to this so quickly…" his eyes teared up "she's my friend as much as she is Xsus'. It's killing him, I'm betting…"

Xsus frowned "y-you what?" Kelly gestured for him to come closer, and she kissed him on the cheek. His eyes welled up, and he blushed. Kelly whispered "I love you. I knew you loved Cream, and I wanted the best for you. I didn't mind keeping my feelings hidden, as long as you were happy…" Xsus started crying, and he hugged Kelly "by the Light Givers…! This… this can't be goodbye… you're like the sister I never had, Kelly!" his eyes started gleaming with a hope "Chaos is here, we can use his Chaos regeneration…"

Kelly held up a hand, and Xsus went quiet, and started crying again "I- I told Chaos after I found out he could help me through that exact way… I begged him not to… and in my mind… it would be better with me dead, than to have me alive, but know that I was on my deathbed…" she broke into a coughing fit. Xsus seemed to accept the fact that Kelly would die soon "does… does it hurt?"

Kelly shook her head "I just feel tired… really tired…" she looked somewhat happy "fifteen years… I've done a lot in those years… its not what I've expected to do, but I won't complain…" she coughed again, then took off her bracelet "its yours…" Xsus seemed horrified "I can't… I can't have this!"

Kelly was tired, but she put on a face that said 'do not argue, I'm too tried.' "it'll gather dust if I keep it with me, you can have it… and Xsus? Here's a request for everyone…" Xsus smiled sadly "what?" Kelly tried to smile "if you see my brother Shawn, kick his butt for me…"

She coughed, and Xsus could see she was going. His eyes filled with tears, but her remained calm "I'll never forget you, Kelly." Kelly smiled tiredly "nor will I, you." Xsus pulled her in for a hug, and tears started rolling down his face. He heard Kelly mutter two words, then her final breath passed through her body. Xsus laid her down, and stared at her. Her face was calm, peaceful. She had died knowing she'd admitted her love. Xsus smiled, fresh tears dropped down from his cheeks, onto Kelly face. He said in a gravelly voice "farewell, Kelly."

Chaos was still pacing when the door opened. Nightshade flew out, perching herself on the hedgehog's shoulder. Xsus walked out, head down, fists clenched, and he was wearing Kelly's bracelet. Chaos gulped "is she…?" Xsus looked up, and his eyes, bloodshot from crying, told them all they needed to know. Cream went up and hugged Xsus, while Sonic hugged Robyn, even though he knew Shadow would probably kill him later. Chaos stared at them. He, after experiencing the death of Maria, had learned to keep his emotions to himself. But even his barriers on his emotions cracked, a single tear sliding down his face.

The place was pretty much full. Team Heroes, the Dimension Jumpers- including Sierra- and the Prower family were all there. An old dog droned on "we are here today to celebrate the life, and mourn the loss, of Kelly the echidna. She was a lively personality, and was only fifteen when she passed." The service went on, and Xsus had a part.

He began "I knew Kelly for five years of my life… those five… they were probably the best five in my life. Kelly was like the sister I never had. And to see her the way I did… it almost killed me. Before she died, she admitted… that she loved me. More than a friend, more than a brother. She knew that would be impossible, but she held onto her feelings, right to the end. She was a great friend, a brave fighter, and a good listener… if you could catch her."

He sat down to applause, and the service went on. Eventually it was over, and everyone went to see her. Xsus gently stroked her cheek. Cream handed him the flowers she'd been keeping. He placed them next to her gently "I hope you're happy… wherever you are… I hope the Council of death gives you a fair treatment… forever and always, Kelly."

Chaos stepped forward next, Nightshade with him. The red hedgehog knelt down next to her, and placed a hand on her forehead, as if giving her a blessing. He whispered "may you be happy wherever you may be. Don't ever forget us…" Nightshade sat on her head, for the last time, and said something in her language. Chaos started to translate, but choked up halfway "for a good friend, and an excellent play mate. On behalf of every Chao you met… farewell, and never forget, Kelly the echidna." Chaos stepped away, and everything went into blur. Xsus barely remembered the coffin being laid in the grave.

The wake was held at the Prower household. Xsus smiled at Robyn "Robyn… thanks." The grey fox smiled "no problems." The party started, everyone talking about their memories with Kelly. Chaos frowned. His sense of danger was acting up, like something very unpleasant was near.

A few hours into the party, someone knocked on the door. Xsus frowned "I got it." He opened it, and a grey echidna was standing there. He walked in, pushing past Xsus. The cat frowned, shutting the door. The party died down the moment the echidna stepped into the main room "well, this is weird. All these people for that brat." Knuckles growled "you've got some nerve, coming here!"

The grey echidna chuckled "ah, Knuckles, Knuckles. We all know I'm the better out of the two of us." Xsus frowned "who are you?" the grey echidna turned, and Xsus noticed some similarities with another echidna "I am Shawn the echidna. I am, or was, the brother of your recently deceased friend, Kelly. Though why you called her a friend, I have no clue."

Knuckles frowned "we all know you are jealous of her! She got the right to the Artic Fire. It sensed your lust for power, and that's why it rejected you!" Shawn moved faster than they could comprehend. He slammed his fist into Knuckles face, and he echidna fell over, knocked out in one. Xsus growled, and a wave of water-that came from Light knows where- slammed into Shawn. A Chaos spear hit its mark at the same time, and Shawn hit the floor.

Shawn chuckled as he got up "I don't see why you're all getting so worked up about it. Kelly deserved to get that illness. She deserved to die. She deserved all the things that came to her." Chaos growled, hands on blades "like you, abusing her? You, Aero, and all your friends scarring her in that way? You're sicker than your lust for power!"

Shawn laughed "again, no need for being so worked up. I'm saying my mind, because its true." Xsus frowned, then stared at Chaos "I'm getting tired of this guy's attitude." Chaos sighed "I hate trolls." With that, the two charged, and all Light and Dark broke loose inside the Prower mansion.

Xsus yelped as a fist almost made contact with his skull. Chaos flashed over, and sucker-punched Shawn, so the shot went wild. Chaos grinned at the cat "keep your guard up!" Chaos prepared himself, and skidded away when Shawn barrelled into him. The two went through the doors and outside the mansion. The fight went hand to hand.

Xsus charged, using the gauntlet method again to cover distance. Having trained more and more seriously, Xsus had become expert with hand-to-hand-combat. Chaos ran alongside him, and gave him a hand when Shawn decided it would be good to start attacking trees, knocking them down to impede the two's progress.

Xsus went through everything, and aimed a kick at Shawn. The echidna turned, apparently thinking he was triumphant, and got a kick in the chest for his troubles. He fell over, winded. Xsus frowned "some brother you are. You diss Kelly again, you'll have me to answer to."

Shawn frowned "I'm sorry, I don't like that option." Xsus started to speak, but Shawn spun his foot around, tripping Xsus. The cat fell over, his jaw snapping closed with a sickening 'CRACK!' Chaos ran up, glanced at Xsus, and picked him up, placing him in a piggy-back position before carrying on.

Shawn burst out of the forest, in time to see a cliff edge. He cursed and looked around. A voice said "one exit: down." Shawn turned to see Chaos, a blade in one hand, the other supporting Xsus. Chaos levelled his blade "if you act like such a prat all the time, I can see why the Artic Fire chose Kelly over you.

Xsus groaned, standing up. He immediately got into a stance, an ice blade forming in his hand. Shawn laughed "with a single punch, I knocked that echidna out. What's saying I can't do that to you?" Chaos shot back with "what's saying we can't cut your head off?" Xsus stepped forward, and the penny dropped for Shawn. He was the one trapped, and he was the one slowly back away towards the cliff edge.

Xsus kept walking, raising his blade. He stared at Shawn "if you see Kelly again, wherever you go, you better apologise, or I'll come down there, and I'll make you apologise." Shawn's look of panic turned to one of desperation. He charged Xsus, but found himself almost running into the wicked sharp ice blade. He aimed a punch, but Xsus blocked the move, and elbowed Shawn in the gut, and kicked him where it hurts. Shawn stumbled back.

Shawn was near falling, he was flailing his arms, trying to gain balance. Xsus looked at Chaos "may I?" Chaos shrugged, and Xsus stepped forward "say hi to Kelly for me, after you apologise." The boy lightly tapped Shawn on the chest with his foot. Shawn fell. As he watched, Xsus thought "I did it, Kelly. I did what you wanted me to do." He yelled "that one was for Kelly! And as payback for all the things you did to her!"

He turned to Chaos, who smiled, and offered a brotherly hug. Xsus accepted, and started tearing up. Chaos frowned "Xsus, what's up?" Xsus looked down "Shawn, that look he had when he fell," he said quietly, "he looked like Kelly."

*three years later*

Sonic smirked as he and Sierra sat next to each other, across from Chaos and Maria. Xsus and Cream were in the seats across from them, and Shadow and Robyn were there too. Most of the gang had come. The mood was slightly upbeat, but the hint of sadness was still there.

When they reached the cemetery, Xsus frowned "guys? Can I go in first? Just by myself?" they shrugged, and Chaos said "sure, go ahead, pal." Xsus grinned. He walked in, looking for the grave. It was one of the fresher ones, and he found it quickly.

He crouched down "hey Kelly. We're doing okay. I- I did what you asked me to. No one will worry about Shawn ever again." He gently kissed the headstone, and walked back, finding the others halfway. Most people wondered why he'd asked, but Xsus locked eyes with Chaos, and the hedgehog nodded. He mouthed "you did good, pal."

Xsus nodded, and looked up, seeing the cloud break. For a second- only a second- Xsus thought he saw Kelly's face, smiling down at him. Xsus smiled to himself, doubling his promise never to forget her. The promise was kept in mind for the rest of his life.

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