"Oh my god, Sumire. You have those boys staring at you again." Mikan whispered, giggling.

True enough, four guys were looking at me as it I'm a piece of meat. "That's disgusting." I muttered in disgust, shaking my head.

Anna added in, "If you were to compare to Luna, there will be a draw."

"Popularity was a game for Luna," I said. "And so far, it had been far too easy to win."

"I agree," Nonoko butted in. "I mean, admit it. You have a far better body then that bitch."

"Oh goodie, speak of the devil." Mikan sighed. Luna approached us with her signature smirked with her two other whores behind her.

"Oh, look," one of her girlfriends exclaimed, "It's the group of losers!" By that, she was referring to us.

Hotaru said, "Get lost, Koizumi. You don't belong here."

"I know, I'm not a loser like you."

"That's not what I -." I interrupted Hotaru with a wave.

"At least we don't belong in a group full of slugs." I added with a smile.

I would have laugh. Luna's face was priceless. She was staring at me with her eyes widened and mouth gaping like a goldfish.

"What's wrong, Luna?" I gave an innocent face. "Cat got your tongue?"

Her face grew red with fury. Everything had happened so fast.

She pulled my hair and screamed, "Shut up!" she looked back at her other two friends, "Get them."

The two minions dashed towards my friends, as Luna continued to pull my hair.

Mikan shrieked when one of Luna's friend grabbed her arm as she was trying to run away. Anna and Nonoko have been knocked out and was now MIA. Hotaru was dealing with the other girl. I thought all hope was gone.

Suddenly, a miracle appeared. Natsume, Ruka and Koko was walking past when they saw what was happening. Natsume and Ruka immediately dashed forward to help their girlfriends while Koko went to help me. With the three girls overpowered, Luna and her gang ran away.

Mikan had a few scratches on her arm while Hotaru had some bruises on her face. Natsume and Ruka were definetly angered by this problem and they swear to avenge for them. Pretty ironic, right?

But for me, my condition was a little be worst then both of them. My nose was broken and my hair was all messed up. Koko hurriedly ran towards me and helped me up. He was worried and the usual grin on his face was replaced with a frown. I couldn't help but feel happy that he was caring for me and only me.

"Koko," I said without thinking. "I like you."

He was flabbergasted. "S-Sumire?"

I grinned back and nodded, "Yep, you heard it right. I like you." and my face turned red.

He was smiling, definition is happy that I have confessed.

"I like you too, Sumire."

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