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Chapter 1: Reckless Encountering
A Stranded Lombax

Meteors soaring through the night sky, not anywhere near the tall buildings that were seen throughout the cities. The planet Yuton is what it's called. The famous "Planet with floating lights" , home of the Yutopian Galactic Enchanted Tower, known for its close encounters with the meteors above. Over the hills away from the urban areas of the towers,

"Keep carrying those shipments. If one of them, even the tiniest of them gets shattered, I'll make sure you'll meet the same fate. Now keep going maggots!" a pissed off Yutopian commander leads his fellow low-ranked comrades out of the docked air ships.

"Boy looks like someone didn't get lucky last night! Haha" two low ranked Yutopians laughed in secret.

"Oh what's that? Two Yutopian's want to get their first trial being shattered INTO A MLLION PIECES!" the commander shouted. The two continued onward highly intimidated. The shipments of Cyber Crystals were being hauled over to a hidden anonymous tunnel unknown to anybody but them.

From a far distance; "Okay so it looks like they just arrived with the loot. Now what?" The Lombax asked.

"Those ugly fiends! How dare they break into my city and steal those precious artificial jewels! I have the right mind to shove those crystals right up their…".

"Take it easy big guy" Ratchet moved from the edge of the tropical road, removing his high-tech binoculars. "We gotta know where they're taking them first of all" he puts them back on. He sees them hauling them inside a tunnel to his very left.

"Ratchet…" Clank's voice was heard in his transmitter.

"Come in good buddy! Any luck on the coordinate info?" he asked watching the Yutopian's carrying the Cyber Crystals.

"Almost, so far it only shows us that the planet consists of an underground volcano that's hasn't erupted in centuries" the small robot reported. "Looks like that's one thing I don't have to worry about" he said to himself. "But however Ratchet, the planet's core is located near the ranges of the volcanic eruption. Let's just hope nothing goes iffy at your position Ratchet".

Ratchet quickly gets ready for action. He activates his Armor Vending Forearm Pad Watch prepping his body for destruction. "Don't worry Clank. We've been doing this for years" he checked his armor status on his transmitter. "Nothing is going to go wrong!". He walks over back to his ship, but

*Crunch* "ANNNNNNNNNNK* the sound of a snagglebeast in pain after Ratchet steps on its tail. The screaming alerted the Yutopian guards. "Hmm?..." they turned their attention over to Ratchet's position. "Great! Uh…A change in plans Clank." He hops into his ship and blasts into the air.

"Ratchet the Yutopians are aware of your intrusion. Use your newly installed cloaking device in ships panel to maneuver through enemy fire." Clank assisted. "Thanks, but what about the Rangers? Aren't they suppose to drop in as well!?" he asked gaining altitude. "I'm not certain…there's a big delay over at the station.".



"Argh!" he grunts avoiding enemy fire. "Not to worry Ratchet" Qwark began. "Just think of all the times we had in dire straits. I'm sure it will occur to you that you'll survive this deadly situation" he attempted to cheer him up. Barrel rolling from enemy missiles, he begins to stay level and go forward. "Qwark now's not the time for your so called "pep talks" I'm gonna need some backup.." the troubled Lombax attempted to stop Qwark from making things worse.

"Ratchet Incoming Star Cruiser! I repeat incoming Star Cruiser!" Clank warned. Ratchet steered the ship to make a U-turn. "Great! " the sarcasm in his voice was noticeable. Doing his best to avoid hyper blasts, Ratchet tries to find a distraction so he can activate the cloaking device. "Clank! What's a Star Cruiser doing in the Omega Sector?!"

"I'm…I'm not certain" the panicked robot tries to bring his friend to safety. "Ratchet the ship's call signs can't be identified" he warned. Ratchet tries to evade as much enemy fire as possible,

"Meaning?" he asked.

"There's no telling whose side that Cruiser is on".

"Riiight!...Whoa!" he barrel rolled again out of the way of an enemy missile.

"Warning! Warning! Incoming EMP Blast from enemy Star Cruiser. Repeat incoming EMP Blast from enemy Star Cruiser!" Aphelion reported. "Ahh Crap!".

*SShhhhuuuchh* the blast hit Ratchet's ship, disrupting his radio communications and disabling his ship. "Ahh NO! Not good! Aphelion activate Hyper Flaps!" he held on to the steering. "Negative All ships Evasive Maneuver systems are offline! Prepare for crash landing!" she warned.

"How!?" he panicked. The scared Lombax fiddled with his transmitter and to transfer Aphelion form the ship's panel. "Alright where's the ejection lever!" he looks around his seats, finds it, and tries to pull it. "Come on work!" it wouldn't budge.

Ratchet tries to pull it with more strength but ends up breaking the lever. "Ahh Great!". He pulls out his Comic Buster and blasts the windshield. The powerful force of the air causes him to blow him out of his ship and drift with extreme speed in the air.

The hard and painful air resistance brushing against this face, as he tries to…

"Deploying Armor Flaps!.." he manually reaches for his back. Two enemy battle ships head in his direction coming upward. "Huh…uh" he begins to panic. He still tries to reach for his back to activate the flaps. The ships close in on the helpless Lombax. Their lasers begin to charge up to unleash fire. In a clutch moment, he presses his back causing the flaps to activate and pushes him upwards in the sky. The two ships crash into each other,

*BOOOOM* Ratchet safely drifts through the smoke and into the night tropical forest.

He flips and lands onto his feet, deactivating the flaps. He raised his forearm to his face, "Aphelion! Status on armor" he ordered. He looks at what is around him, nothing but the trees and the wet plants. "Armor's defense mechanisms are disabled. Helmet projection has been neutralized. Core upgrading has been permanently disabled." She reported. He stomps onto the soft soil,

"Awh…Great." He changes to his radio transmitter, "Clank this is Ratchet…come in buddy…." He awaits for a response. "…" Nothing but static was heard, he fiddles over to Qwark's communicator. "Qwark..come on in!...Qwark!". "….." Nothing but the static.

He droops his forearm downward, "Communication systems are down too huh?" the discouraged Lombax asked Aphelion. "Affirmative",

He looks up at the tall trees, "I guess I can get a good glimpse on where I'm at". He walks across the soft soil and to a tall tree, climbing his way up to the top, avoiding anything harmful. He pulls out his High-Tech Binoculars, "Hmm….looks like I can use that radio tower over there to regain access to Clank and the others" he continues to look for anything useful. "Problem is…..I probably won't have a good welcome when I get there" he warned himself.

"Aphelion if I access the controls to that radio tower, do you think you can download useful info on my transmitter" Ratchet asked scouting about.

"Affirmative. Warning multiple Yutopians detected, proceed with caution. High-Tech Mechanical war machines are lurking through the forest" she warned the Lombax.

"Hey don't worry I'm used to this. I'm not Clank but I know my ways of accessing through machinery" he confidently jumped down from the tree. He begins to stroll into the trees,

Inside the night rainforest, Ratchet must find his way out of enemy lines. Through the soft fertile soil, the tall shady trees, and the weird looking fly eating plants he steps over, that weird smell as you go deeper inside a forest. He slaps his face often, the annoying presence of fruit flies surround his face. "I hear machines, maybe we're getting near to the tower" he happily commented. "Proceed with caution. Enemy machinery detected in upper area" she warned the anxious Lombax.

"Any sign of the intruder?" a question was asked by a pacing Yutopian guard. "Nope nothing but the delicious flies flying about" he gazes at one and launches its tongue to the fly, eating it. "Stop slacking on the job!" the other guard slaps the back of the first one, releasing the fly. "We have to keep an eye out! I heard the intruder is a Lombax" the guard reported.

The other one took a step back, "A Lombax!? Are you sure? Aren't they extinct?". Ratchet climbing onto the ledge, "No one is hip these days. I guess it's up to me to set'em straight" he climbs all the way up. "Warning! Recommending not to alarm Yutopian troops. Enemy technology is far beyond unrecognized" she warned him. His back to a tree, he listens in on their conversation,

"Are you saying that our atmosphere defense systems were penetrated by a mere Lombax?!"

"Yes Exactly! We have to do something about that new guy we hired. I knew it was a bad idea for the boss to allow his wife's cousin to handle defense systems" . Ratchet peeks his head out,

"So I'm guessing in order for me to gain access to the tower, is by retrieving something from them right?"

"Affirmative" she responded. He reconnects his eyes back to the two guards, "Don't you worry I can handle the boss's decision. Since I'm his all-time favorite" it boasts,

"Get in line. And besides there's no way the boss would ever trade up something like you for a wife that he has!"

"Yea you may be right! But someone needs to replace the new guy" .

"You two! The Commander DeRice needs all infantry in the Bottom Sector on the double!" a guard with a high rank interrupted. "Yes-sir…." one of them ran quickly. "Riii—Right away" the other followed.

The last one was on its way out to, but looked behind him, *sniff sniff*. It picked up an unusual scent, and lurked to the area where Ratchet was. Its nose leads it to the tree where Ratchet was, he looks behind it, nothing but the flies humming around. "This must be going crazy or something" it walks back.

The Lombax jumped from the tree and onto the fertile ground, "That was close…still couldn't find anything useful data for us to gain access" he walked away from the tree looking at the transmitter on his forearm. "This thing looks totally fired" he begins poking at it. But it turns on,

"Hmm?..." he seemed surprised. "How is it transmitting all of a sudden?" he looked so confused. "Radio signals detected from tower. Transmitter responding to incoming waves" she reported.

"So okay which means this radio tower is our ticket back on track. This might be a lot easier than I thought" he brushed the back of his fur. "Aphelion, with the amount of signal strength we have on the transmitter, do you think you can reach Clank and the Galactic Space Rangers?" he asked sparking up a good idea.

"Affirmative. But in order to gain full access with no static interruption, you must access the tower itself" she warned him.

"Alright I guess I have to storm my way inside". He fiddles his transmitter, turning if off and heads down the steep hill.

The revolving doors of the tunnels lead to the starting point of the radio tower. The anxious Lombax, Ratchet spies through the tall plants to scout the area for any threat to himself. Two Yutopian guards, hold off the entrance to the radio tower. He moves out from the bushes and begins his assault. The unprepared guards were taking numerous blasts from Ratchet's Comic Buster, after being destroyed he approaches the large door. He feels onto it,

"Looks like I can't get in without a clearance" he made the conclusion.

"Use the guard's security pin numbers to gain access the doors." He turns around and kneels to a remaining part of a guard. "Let's see…downloading security pin number and…." He waits,

"Done! Now to test this thing" he extends his forearm near the security clearance panel. "Yutopian Trooper Clearance…scanning….Clearance granted welcome Trooper, your presence is most needed" the door opens. He runs inside,

Inside the tunnels of the radio tower,

"Signals strength is growing stronger, current transmitting status" Aphelion reported. "Keep me posted I want to try to patch in as soon as possible".

The tunnels seem highly guarded and full of advanced weaponry, the armored steel doors. The closed in areas being used to go from one place to another, this restricted facility consist of both offensive and defensive system maneuvers that will cause chaos and destruction among any who oppose the Yutopians.

"Ratchet…do you copy?...Ratchet?...Come in Ratchet?" ,

"Clank I'm here….good to hear from ya buddy!" he face lightens up,

"Ratchet …..can you…..hear me?...Ratchet" the signal grows weaker,

"I can hear you. Clank…! You okay?!",

"R…Rat….". , "Transmission lost. Radio Tower located on upper region, though due to architecture purposes, we must go deeply underground to reach the top". "Architecture purposes?" he questioned,

"What kind of space art freak would design something like that?" he walks into the elevator in front of him. He activates the elevator panel, descending him to a lower floor.

"Warning! Multiple Yutopian Troopers detected. Proceed with caution." She warned. He takes out his wrench to prepare for a storming battle.

The elevator stops, the doors spread open. He looks left then right, he sees nothing but red lines going across from wall to wall. Nothing was present, no security guards, no troopers , no traps, just a some security detecting lines, a Lombax and a voiced computer woman. "I guess I better keep a low profile, this place seems harmless. I bet the Thyrranoids would put much of a threat than these guys". He turns to his right and sees a bolt crank that needed to be turned by his wrench. The security lines were rotated into a different direction causing him to move,

"Whoa! This place seems to be heavy on destructive weaponry. I can surely use these for the Apogee Space Station, boy Talwyn is gonna love this" he marches onward. The massive missiles, the armored vehicles, the neutralizing laser beams. A paradise for the fellow Lombax,

"Ratchet…Come…Come in Ratchet?",

"Clank can you hear me…."

"Ratchet?...Is that you?...Ratchet? Ratchet?"

"Yeah it's me! Can you read me buddy?"….

"R….Rat..C…" "Signal lost…." She informed,

"Dang! So close, the signal was better so we must be getting close". Running up the vortex like structure, he makes his way upward with not enemies to fire at. "This can't be this easy. Something's….not right" he stares at the large missile at the center of the whole vortex structure. He continued his way up to the top, he sees another elevator. "Aphelion calculate distance between me and the radio control room" he ordered fiddling with the elevator panel. The elevator activates,

"Calculating…..about when reached at the top about 700ft",

"Great makes my job a lot easier". "Ratchet….Ratchet please C..Come in!",

"Clank I'm here, I'm almost at a nearby radio control room, I'll fill you in on some more info when I get there"

"…O…kay…..hurry". "Transmission is growing stronger, control room is up ahead" they've reached to the top. The elevator doors open,

"Great now let's see what this thing does…" he examines the controls. "How do you work this thing?" he begins fiddling around.

"Welcome! Please send security pin number" the computer required. He extends his forearm to the scanner,

"Transferring pin number and….." he awaits. "Verifying….Access granted #45209-X23, pleased to see you again.".


"Okay Aphelion do your stuff". He allows her to process through the computer satellite signals. "Processing…..". "No fire walls or virus fields detected",

"Great! Now let's try some radio hacking". He fiddles with the buttons, "Inputting coordinate locations, accessing ship's mainframes…..and done and done". Clank appears on the screen,

"Ratchet thank goodness" he sighs with relief. "Sorry I took so long buddy, that EMP blasts whipped out my entire armor arrangements…including the transmitter",

"Not to worry we have the right mechanic to help you with that!" he moves out of the way, revealing,


"Hey Ratchet long time no see eh?",

"Wow All it's been awhile!" he stops his amazement, "What are you doing at the Apogee Space Station?"

"I was selected to be your armor and weapons manager. I was at retirement until Clank filled me in the details".

"Well I'm glad you decided to join us!".

"Is that Ratchet? Oh goody lemme speak to him" the big green muscle man appeared,

"Howya doing old fuzz bucket pal of mine. Why we were worried that you were going to be …well destroyed",

"And wasn't you the one that said that I'm used to "dire straits" situations like this before",

"Well…yes..but not to worry we'll send those Galactic Rangers to your position pronto". Qwark began to show his heroic superstar personality,

"No my location isn't the objective. The Objective is located in Landmire City , where the Yutopians took the Cyber Crystals. Here it is on the map" he displays a map. "Meet me at those exact coordinates",

"Roger that good buddy, now get your furry buttocks out of there.",


"Yeah….I got bored so I decided to take up on British language" he pulls out a book. "See it's all in this book." He puts on his glasses, "Would you care for a spot of milk".

Clank jumps to the screen, "We'll meet you there Ratchet". The transmission was terminated. "Okay now that that's settled, Aphelion can you hack into this radio mainframe and repair my transmitter?",

"Affirmative, please install me to the mother board". He extends his arm to the insertion network and transfers Aphelion into the control panel.

"Control Panel hacked, hook up component to armor transmitter". He does so,

"Acquiring Armor Vending Forearm Pad rebooting sequence. Installing latest defense mechanisms. Repairing permanent wire fractures. Forearm Pad repaired" she reported.

"Awesome". *ARAAORARORAOR* the alarm systems went off. "Alert Intruder located in the facility".

*Patoooww* a laser was shot for Ratchet as he dove forward. The holoscreen was destroyed,

"Okay Aphelion time to go" he transferred her out of the system and into his transmitter. Blasting his way out of trouble, he dives back into the elevator. He fiddles with elevator panel and activates it to descend him back below ground level.

"Warning! Warning! Multiple enemy readings detected on ground floor. Recommend evasive maneuver!",

"This might be what I was waiting for" he pounds his fist, and takes out his wrench and begins twirling it in the air. "Oh yeah. Aphelion check the armor's status",

"Analyzing…..armor's defense mechanisms improved and highly functional. Core electrionically charged to its maximum. Helmet displayer enabled and fully functional." She reported,

"Great now how about a little…" he activates his helmet,

"Head protection".

The elevator comes to a halt, the doors spread open. "There's the intruder!",

"Get the Lombax!",

"I guess this is my warm welcome!" the anxious Lombax allowed his instincts to kick in. Blasting his way out of harm, he tries to fend himself off from the Yutopian force. Enemies coming in left and right as he descended.

Multiple types of Yutopian Troopers ambushed him in all directions, turrets fired from elevated locations. Melee type troopers came to close range as the Lombax continues to wreak havoc among them all. With only his wrench and Comic Buster, he marches onward to bottom of the vortex-like structure. Until he comes to a halt,

"Great the doors are sealed off! Is there another way",

"Electronic scanners indicate another entrance is located where a large amount of heavy mechanical artillery machinery are approaching this area!",

*CRASSSSH* "Annihilate intruder!" it cocked its large cannons and opens fire,

He dives out of the way, and returns fire upon them. "Looks like I'm going to need another route….mind if I take yours?" he continues fire on the large mechs.

He dives his way inside the entrance, "Aphelion show me the next location of an elevator" ,

"Scanning Sector…..elevator located on this exact floor at these coordinates".

"Alright time to show my stuff" he ran onward. Running down a slope and moving with the tunnel that slowly goes to the left, the Lombax followed the path. The path of the tunnel was quiet, no sign of troopers heading in his direction. The storm seemed to be settling for the moment.

"Ratchet the Rangers are in position to follow orders. What's your status over?" , he checked his forearm,

"I'm heading out now Qwark, I have a feeling they won't let me leave without a fight",

"Not to worry you Lombaxes have what it takes to survive dangerous matters",

"Can't argue with that logic. I'll let you in on more details as when I reach the surface",

"Roger that good buddy! Qwark out". In front of him was a laser proof glass, and he sees the troopers getting ready for round two as they head out to confront the intruder.

Continuously blasting through remaining enemy lines, Ratchet marches past heavy artillery, unlocking a huge blast steel door reinforced with more heavy artillery. He crosses a bridge with glass seen on the roof and the sides.

"They're about to begin their assault. Aphelion how far to that elevator?". He sees the ships and the trooper getting ready for takeoff,

"Elevator location 1200ft east from current location",

"Music to my ears. I'll be out of here in no time". Running across the bridge he takes a left, finds the elevator and activates it to go upward to the surface.

Located at the Heliport at the top of the facility,

"There's the intruder!" a guard pointed out. Three more were accompanying the first one. Ratchet prepared himself with his wrench. A Yutopian turned its unseen face,

"You must be the Lombax wreaking mayhem around my facility",

"Yeah, who are you?" he looked determined,

"I am Commander DeRice, commanding officer of the Yutopian Organization of Universal Terror. And you're trespassing in my empire.",

"Look whatever you want with Cyber Crystals, is my concern, so hand them over". ,

"Hmhmm I hate it when the heroes believe that they can get what they want from the villains just by saying to them to hand whatever over! I'm afraid I can't do that! You see our Lord Zyno requires them for his little project he's preparing". He explains,

"And I won't allow a mere Lombax to foil his plans".

Ratchet approaches him, "Not if I do something about it!" he rushes.

"Mhm" the commander laughs. He extends his hand and freezes Ratchet with his power of force,

"Pathetic Lombax it's about time you learned your place" he shoots him backwards to the wall. "Hahaha…you two ready the ship for takeoff! We have an empire to rebuild!" he walks inside along with his troopers, and prepares to takeoff.

The Lombax recovered and stood up and sees them burst off on the highway and fly off to the city,

"Dang! I let'em get away". He stands straight up. Enemy Yutopian ships soared over his head, following the Commander's ship. Large amounts of them flying all at once,

"I better head to the city!" he activates his hover boots and burst off into turbo speed, rides the highway and leaps off to the city.

End of Chapter 1

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