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The walker's head fell to the ground with its motionless corps following, but that was not what captured Andrea's attention. Standing above her was a lithe woman in a cloak, blade drawn and dragging two walkers along with chains. The blonde wondered, briefly, if she was dead or hallucinating because this stranger appeared to have charged right out of Andrea's wild imagination.

"Where the hell did you come from?" Andrea blurted.

The cloaked woman gestured at the woods around them. Quickly getting to her feet, Andrea moved towards to walker with her knife lodged into its face. Her hands were shaking from the adrenaline rush. She picked up her discarded pistol on the way.

"Are you alright?"

It was surreal hearing another human's voice again. Andrea had not gone very long without hearing one. A short period of time with nothing but the cries of walkers and the sound of one's own desperation can be isolating.

This woman's voice did not even sound of this world.

Andrea scrambled for a response.

"Uh. . . Yeah. I'm okay. Thanks." The blonde felt awkward trying to communicate to this shrouded warrior.

'Get a grip, Andrea!' On that thought, Andrea gripped the knife firmly stuck in the walker face and dislodged it. Wiping the blood of on her pants legs, she began to feel empowered again. Without the knife at hand Andrea felt naked, more so in front of this katana wielding enigma.

It may not be a sword but it did not need to be.

She could feel the stranger's gaze burning into her.

"You dispatched those two well." The woman spoke quietly; her voice was gravely as if she hadn't spoken in a long time.

Andrea laughed nervously.

"Well it wouldn't have mattered how well I took those two out if you hadn't suddenly appeared to save my skin."

The blonde turned to look at her savior better as the silence between them grew in birth, with only the sound of the strange woman's walker pets gurgling. Andrea was unsure on how to proceed. If they were having a staring contest, she was sure the stoic woman would win.

Andrea sighed and put a genuine smile on her face.

"I'm Andrea."

The woman didn't move to shake the strangers hands. Andrea already sensed this was a lady with boundaries.


"Michonne."Andrea repeated immediately.

The name was exotic and she knew that if she spent too much time thinking about how it works she would forget how to say it right. Andrea did not think this serious woman would repeat herself.

Warmth grew in Andrea's heart for this new person.

This "Michonne".

By sharing names, Andrea felt a certain camaraderie towards this dark skinned woman. She always felt it among other survivors, but even those feelings took some time to settle in her. Not this time though. Andrea already felt fond of this eccentric looking woman.

Michonne pulled back the hood of her poncho, revealing her face to Andrea.

Andrea felt her heart skip, momentarily. This woman was beautiful. The dread locks made Michonne look wild while the headband holding them from her face made her look severe. Though Michonne's face was incredibly serious, her eyes spoke volumes of emotions.

This was a woman of action and not words.

Andrea stared into her eyes longer then was appropriate and not before too long Michonne shifted her body and looked away.

"Are you coming or not?" Michonne asked her brusquley.

The blonde snapped out of her gaze.

"Yes or no?" the woman grunted irritably.

"Uh... Yeah! Yes." Andrea guiltily assumed she was going to be traveling with Michonne before the dark skinned woman asked. She trotted across the short distance between Michonne and herself.

Andrea took her place at Michonne's side.

That was the last they had spoken to each other in hours. It would be night fall soon. The duo shuffled through the woods at a slow pace. Andrea tried not to be bothered by Michonne's pet walkers. She did not feel it was appropriate yet to ask about them. They made her anxious.

Andrea knew that Michonne, smartly, keeps them around to mask her odor. The pet walkers were pretty much harmless. They had no arms, no jaw, and not teeth. They just hissed and gurgled now and again.

These walkers were special. Why keep two? Though it was difficult to tell these walkers looked African American like Michonne. Maybe they were her brothers. Or maybe one of them was a lover. Andrea kept herself preoccupied with these thoughts for some time till Michonne decided to speak.

"Can you climb a tree?"

To Andrea the question came all the way from the left field. She shot Michonne an inquisitive look before nodding.

"I sleep in the trees if I can't find any reasonable shelter." Michonne explained in a hushed whisper.

Andrea already began look for a good tree that she could spend a night in. After a moment her blue eyes landed on a very old looking oak tree. She would have liked to get a closer look but she was reluctant to stray too far from Michonne.

"Hey Michonne…" Andrea called out to the other woman. She felt awkward saying Michonne's name out loud. The blonde hoped that she would be around the woman long enough to get used to saying it. Michonne was at her side immediately, looking around energetically. Andrea quirked a smile at the strange woman's enthusiasm to defend.

"It's nothing like that." The blue eyed blonde whispered to Michonne, patting her arm reflexively.

Michonne flinched at the contact and took a step back. Andrea, realizing her error decided to skip right to the point.

"This looks like a good tree, doesn't it?" Andrea stated, pointing to the tree in question.

Michonne grunted in response, walking to the tree. Andre followed a safe distance behind her.

"This will do fine." The woman glared at Andrea.

'Crap' is all Andre could think. She had pissed off this new companion already. Andrea looked away from the woman, suddenly very uncomfortable under such an intense look.

"I'll climb up the tree first. You can toss me your stuff once I am up." Andrea walked briskly past Michonne. Andrea surveyed the tree for a moment, trying to ignoring the prickly feeling on the back of her neck. Michonne was staring at her.

"I'll help you up." Suddenly whispered into her hair.

The warmth of Michonne's breath tickled Andrea's ear. Andrea jumped right out of her skin, but she knew better not to make a sound. She caught herself on the tree trunk.

Andrea whipped around, feeling vaguely annoyed at Michonne and significantly irate with herself. Her heart was still racing and it wasn't from being spooked. The other woman's voice was quite sensual.

"Jesus Christ! You scared the crap out of me!" the blonde hissed at the dark woman. Her anger left her quickly and was replaced with mirth once she saw a vague smile at the corner of Michonne's delightful lips. Those dark brown eyes were laughing. Andrea knew hers were too and there was a nice blush to accompany it.

Michonne got down on one knee and held her hands out, cupped.

Andrea placed one foot in, wondering if she might be too heavy. The hesitation almost broke her neck because Michonne practically launched her into the branches above. The blonde reached out for purchase and grabbed hold, pulling her entire body upwards. Well she now knew her weight was not a problem.

Andrea crawled along the large branch into the dip where all the major branches met. It was pretty large. A person could sit comfortably there. The blonde spied the dark woman below looking up at her expectantly. Michonne was tying her walker's to the tree.

"Alright you can toss your stuff up." Michonne hurled the duffel bag at her, but Andrea caught it easily. Andrea looked around for some branches to wedge it in between. Cramming the bag in its permanent place for the night, Andrea took a moment to breath. The blonde turned to assist Michonne up into the tree but said woman almost knocked her out of it. Andrea stumbled for a moment before Michonne caught her.

"Why didn't you wait for me to pull you up?" Andrea asked bewildered. Michonne never replied, instead she began to search through her duffel bag.

Andrea gently sat down, leaning against a branch. Suddenly she felt the physical exertion of the past day or so catch up to her. Soon enough the exhaustion brought on tears. The blonde cried silently turning away from Michonne, not wanting the woman to see her so fragile.

Michonne really did not strike Andrea as the type to pass out hugs or physically comfort anyone.


The blonde heard the dark woman whisper to her softly. Andrea chose to ignore it the first time, immaturely hoping Michonne would try to call her attention again. Michonne's warm hand softly grasped her shoulder, jostling Andrea.

"You need to eat."

Michonne presented Andrea with an open can of something; a spoon was sticking out of it. Andrea could not see the contents with the lack of illumination. She could not really smell it either. It did not matter though. Andrea's stomach roared with the knowledge that there was food bestowed to her. Andrea took hold of the can and took a spoonful into her mouth.

The blonde inadvertently moaned. It was red beans but it tasted like pure ecstasy.

Before she took another bite, Michonne wrapped her poncho around both Andrea and herself. She smoothly slid her around the blonde pulling the startled woman closer. The blue eyed woman tried to pretend that this was not strange feeling. It was normal, in a survival crisis for people to huddle up and share body heat.

Andrea inhaled the smell of Michonne. They both probably smelled terrible but one gets use to it, like it even; and Andrea did like Michonne's smell, she decided.

Michonne whipped out a spoon of her own and began to share the beans with Andrea. The two remained content with not speaking as they ate. The spoon scraping the inside of the can was the only noise shared between them. Once the meal was finished Michonne disposed of the can. Her body began to settle against Andrea's and relax.

As the blonde began to drift off into sleep, she felt gratefulness towards Michonne. This hardened woman saved her life and then kindly took her in. Underneath the stars above, Andrea ached to tell Michonne everything about herself; her plights, her joys, her life. But Andrea knew better. Now was not the time or place… when that will be she was not sure. Michonne was silent and guarded. Andrea already inherently trusted the woman but she had yet to gain Michonne's trust.

Andrea was too tired at the moment to let her mind keep buzzing. She laid her head on her savior's shoulder and let the heartbeat of another human being lulled her into a deep rest.




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