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It has been a month since Andrea's fateful encounter with Michonne.

One month they have been traveling companions.

One month of Michonne getting on Andrea's every nerve.

Michonne was coddling her.

Andrea is the kind of person who needs to feel like she is of assistance and of use. She was a doer; not a don't-er or even a do as little as possible-er. Michonne was literally forcing her to not work to her fullest potential.

Andrea was never out of Michonne's line of sight. That woman kept a bead on her at all times it feels.

Now, this did not bother the blonde because the treatment was mutual. Andrea did not want to be left alone for more than a few minutes and she did not want Michonne to be left alone that long either, no matter how capable the enigma was with a sword. Andrea felt a fierce need to protect Michonne.

They were a duo; a partnership.

The blonde was alone with the sentiment because Michonne would not allow her participate in anything beyond setting up camp. Andrea helped with menial tasks, nothing that would insure that Michonne would want to keep her around. Andrea still fears that the next time she takes a short rest period to sleep, she will awaken abandoned and alone. The idea haunts her.

Michonne was set in her ways. The woman obviously only ever had to answer to herself because she wouldn't only let herself do the important things. If a walker suddenly appeared the only way Andrea knew that Michonne acknowledged she was even there was by signaling the blonde to hault and then the warrior was gone in a swift flash.

Andrea gets it. Michonnes methods are superior to hers. Michonne had a sword and Andrea had a knife. The blonde got it. What she did not understand was why Michonne was so presumptuous. Did she assume that Andrea was incapable of defending herself because she had to save to blonde the very moment before they met? Andrea felt if the struggle before she went down should have proven some worth in her.

Having once been a lawyer; a person of law, reasoning, and compromise; Andrea would have dealt with this issue a much sooner. She would have applied diplomacy if she actually thought it would work.

And that line of thought leads to another issue Andrea has with her travel companion; absent amount of communication between her and this still stranger.

It just seemed disconcerting that Michonne would not even share something aside from her name with Andrea. Andrea had already shared so much. She had ramble on about this or that; who she was before this new Hell; A summarized version of the events that led up to Michonne's dramatic introduction into her life. The sword wielding survivor did not give any of herself away in return, though.

Andrea supposed it was really her own fault for expecting that of the woman. Michonne did not owe her a damn thing. Maybe that really all one has left in the crazy fucked up world is one's sense of self, and it should not be compromised easily.

Who knows?

'I sure as hell don't.' Andrea mused with a sigh.

A day ago, Andrea discovered a deer stand around the time they were preparing to find another tree to climb. It had been a week since the last not-tree shelter. The moment Andrea saw the deer stand she took it as the blessing it was. Not a tree.

It was about fifteen feet in the air, looking like it had been the product of inspiration fueled by a grown man's crushed childhood dreams of having the coolest tree house ever.

Andrea had pointed it out to Michonne, who looked wary of it. The blonde knew it was because of the stair case leading upward into it. It gave walker liberties. It took a couple of minutes of coaxing; which was actually Andrea listing of the possible goodies hidden inside, like beef jerky. Once Michonne unsheathed her sword, the blonde felt triumphant. No tree tonight!

Andrea unsheathed her knife; Michonne was already too far away for her to feel comfortable. She kept a keen eye on the warrior, but aware of the pet walkers in her peripheral vision.

Michonne methodically opened the door to the deer stand and peeked her blade in. After a moment Michonne jerked the door open then immediately stepped back to cover her nose.

Dead body.

Andrea began to chain the walkers up to one of the pillars holding the deer stand up. The walkers still bothered her but they were becoming background noise to her. She climbed the stairs and was welcomed by the vision of Michonne leaning over the corpse of a man who shot himself in the head. There were two trunks against the wall; a coat rack with a hat and a heavy coat hanging from; and a stack of brown boxes.

"I tied the walkers up for you." Andrea grunted as she sat down.

Michonne turned around, tossing a pistol to Andrea. The blonde caught it fluidly, ignoring that this was looted off a dead man.

"Got to love the second amendment. Who goes hunting with a pistol?" Andrea pondered out loud. She then spied a stack of ammo clips. Jackpot.

They spent the next half hour digging through the trunks. They found: a first aid kit, a large wool blanket, a map, a compass, a flash light, a couple battery packets, matches, a hammer, the large stack of boxes were actually filled with MRE's. Andrea now has her own canteen!

They had decided to leave corpse wear it was. It could attract unwanted attention if they toss it out into the wild.

The terrible odor aside, Andrea felt so elated and happy by with this find that she still couldn't wipe the smile of her face a day later.

Michonne was resting in the corner that was furthest away from the deer stands threshold. The dark woman was wrapped around her katana. She had been sleeping soundly for an hour now; the only movements detectable where the slight flex of her forearms and her slowed breathing.

Andrea gazed at Michonne's right arm for some indiscernible amount of time.

Snatching her azure eyes away, Andrea turned her attention to the growth below and around. She only peaked, hoping that if a walked did come by it would just go its merry way not even noticing her. Everything thin so still and absent of activity. The wind was absent; as was the sound of forest life. The world around seemed petrified.


A melancholy began to take Andrea's thoughts. Before she felt the grip of maudlin woe, a flock of birds burst from the treetops. The blonde immediately stiffened then trained her gun over the lip of the window that faced the sudden activity.

The world returned to its remote state once again.

Andrea's heart pounded inside her chests, deafening her ears. She remained still, staunch without flinching, hoping her heart would calm down.

Once having caught her breath, Andrea turned to check on Michonne. The woman astoundingly remained asleep. Andrea had been sure the slightest activity would have startled Michonne awake.

Then the question hit Andrea.

'How often did Michonne really sleep before I tagged along?'

The blonde assumed that the answer was Michonne did not sleep very often and when she did, she did so fitfully. The woman with the wild hair clung to her sword as if it were a life line. Andrea knew that that is what it was. That blade has been Michonne's protection and companion.

You know the world is fucked up when a sword becomes not only a weapon but a security blanket.

Andrea suddenly felt a deep pain in her heart for this woman. The blonde felt her body flush and her eyes began to water.

Now, Andrea had always been thankful of the fact that she did not have to go through this hell alone. She had her sister and then there were others that became more that became a group. There had always been someone there. It may not have all been perfect but she was not going to complain. Andrea had not had to face the world without someone there with her.

But Michonne had been alone.

All she seemed to have were these walkers, whoever they once were. Andrea wondered if she had been the first person Michonne has actually encountered since the very beginning. Did Michonne think she was only one left until Andrea?

Andrea was overcome with admiration for the slumbering woman across from her. She began to weep from the plethora of emotion gnawing at her from the inside out. It was truly an honor to be able to travel with someone who survived trial by fire and emerged from the ashes the most explicit survivor Andrea had ever met.

Michonne appeared to do it all alone.

'And she trusts me enough to watch over her so that she can recharge.'

It took quite a lot of restraint for Andrea not to scramble across the short margin and embrace the slumbering warrior.

By the time Michonne finally stirred from her heavy sleep, it was nightfall. Andrea watched from the shadows, as her companion began to come back to Earth.

"Good morning."

The moonlight clearly illuminated Michonne enough that Andrea watched with delight as the dark skinned beauty began to scowl.

"You let me sleep too long." Michonne growled. She glared at Andrea just to let her know how displeased she was with the light skinned woman. What dark woman did not know was that Andrea had begun to categorize that expression as Michonne's "pouty face".

"I wanted to surprise you with dinner." Andrea stretched her arm out from the darkness into the moonlight, baring a ripped open MRE packet; a plastic spork, entrenched in it.

"It is beef stew. I labored over it all day so you better eat it." Andrea chuckled. Michonne swiped it from her grasp. Andrea had already eaten and was nibbling on some of the crackers she found in the package. There were plenty of goodies in these MRE's.

Remaining in the shadows, Andrea was quietly enraptured with the site of Michonne eating. The black woman tipped her head back and began to scrape the contents of the packet into her mouth, pausing to chew and swallow then repeat, till there was nothing left. Andrea wondered if she even tasted the food. Beef stew is one of the better MRE's, Andrea thought enviously.

And then Michonne grabbed her canteen.

Andrea remained vigilant of the muscles contracting in Michonne's strong neck and arm, as the dark skinned woman became engrossed in drinking water. Soon enough, the warrior had her fill and pulled the bottle away from her lips, wiping the any excess water off, breathing through her nose. The moment passed leaving a Andrea very uncomfortable with a clueless Michonne. Thankfully it did not last long.

Michonne's obsidian eyes pierced through the dark veil strait into Andrea's blue eyes.

"Go to sleep. We have an early morning."

Michonne kicked the wool blanket over to Andrea. The blonde took a swig of water from her newly scavenged canteen then rolled up in the blanket.

"Goodnight, Michonne."


Andrea closed her eyes, feeling the exhausted. Andrea cracked her eyes open. She has an issue with going to sleep sometimes. When her eyes are closed all she can see people's faces, bad memories, good memories, and scenarios. Not being able to rest is a serious problem. To survive in this damned world your senses need to be at their best. This issue has plagued Andrea time and time again since the walker shit hit the fan. Recently, though, Andrea has found the solution in Michonne's strange behavior when she thinks Andrea is asleep.

It took two weeks for Andrea to notice what Michonne was actually doing.

When it was Andrea's time to rest and sleep Michonne would watch her. It was a crushing heedful stare. It never felt threatening, but it did startle Andrea when she first noticed it. The blonde would fall asleep with dark haired woman staring at her and then wake up to the dark woman still staring at her or turning away from her.

Andrea considered that maybe Michonne still has not adjusted to the fact that there is another person around aside from herself. Well whatever reason Michonne may have, Andrea did not wish much to hear.

She just knew how it made her feel: safe, protected, and maybe sometimes . . . important.

Andrea found she fell asleep much better if she was absolutely sure Michonne was watching over her. Sometimes calmly lying against the other woman was more than enough to permit Andrea to finally catch some shut eye. Bored one night, she began to stare back at Michonne. This did not hinder Michonne's vigilance over Andrea. Some nights Andrea would just stare at her companion until her eyes began to close of their own volition.

It was very effective for Andrea, so she returned the favor and watched over Michonne while the warrior slept. The blonde did not find the task difficult because Michonne was not hard woman to look at.

A drowsy fog began to seep into Andrea's tired form whilst she watched Michonne watch her.

Tonight, the blue eyed blonde absolved herself of all her personal issues with Michonne. She was not going to blame Michonne for not wanting to share herself with Andrea, yet, if at all, ever. Something had happened to everyone who has so far survived this catastrophe. Whatever it had done to change Michonne; good or bad; it kept the woman thriving.

Andrea was not going to push anymore and she was okay with that for now. Andrea is starting to see that she is becoming a slightly vital to Michonne. Providing this beautiful woman with enough security and comfort that she may sleep enough to recuperate from the day to day strain of this apocalypse was enough for the blonde.

Suddenly the toe of a boot tapped her ankle.

"Sleep, Andrea."

The blonde woman yawned in response. She began to doze off, thoughts of her epiphany and how it will affect her future interactions with Michonne.

'One thing is for sure. Just because she won't talk to me about anything doesn't mean I wont talk to her about everything.'




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