Squishy/Beir – En route to Palaven.

The ship we're taking to join in the reaper war is big, packed to capacity with marines and other military staff and cramped. But all our ships are like this, so we're used to it. Not everyone is going to Palaven, that's only a small crew that Reegar's leading, everyone else is going to various other places. I think some are going to fight against Cerberus, or work on something I heard called the Crucible. Some higher ranking people are going to manage logistics with the other races, particularly helping the geth integrate (or more, help the other races to not shoot them on sight.)

Still, I have a room to myself at the moment. A small room that I share with another man (we alternate our shifts so only one person is using it at once), but it's still a room that's private and I'll take what I can get.

I should sleep soon, I'm technically on my sleeping downtime, but I'll do it in a little bit. Right now, I have work to do. Nothing really demanding, but there's a few reports I should file before I forget. And yet my thoughts are drifting. Damn Reegar, but they always land on him. I haven't seen him that much since we were stationed on this ship, not because we're avoiding each other, but I'm helping out in engineering and he's doing something else with the other marines.

I passed him the other day in the corridor though, and the memory of what he looks like floated back not for the first time since leaving Rannoch. I think he was smiling at me under his mask in that corridor, but I can never be sure. It wasn't a long conversation before he was dragged off to do something for someone else.

But it was enough to remind me that nothing has changed between us, and whatever this is is still there simmering under the surface, waiting for the opportunity to leap out and remind me of how I feel for him.

Squishy/Beir – present.

Perhaps we were lucky when we stormed the radio tower and there was only a token force of reapers there, because the ones we defeated easily upon landing were soon replaced. It didn't take long for reinforcements to flood in and the real fight to break out. There isn't even much cover here, the radio tower is just one large room and everyone else is stationed on the exits trying to fend off the reapers while I fix the comms. Surprisingly, it's not that difficult. The reapers didn't smash it into tiny pieces, they just hacked or deactivated it somehow. I have no idea how, and I'm playing it by ear how I fix this because I've never seen something in this condition before, but it's not as hard as I thought it would be.

Perhaps because I'm so consumed in fixing this stupid thing is why I'm missing the bigger picture of what's going on. It's only when I hear a curse to the left of me that I blink and look up. Reegar's positioned himself in the doorway of the exit at that end of the room, taking shots at the reapers when he can and using the entrance as cover in between. Just outside a little I remember is Lirin, there was a small ledge on the top of the ramp there that he ducked into. It let him snipe surprisingly well, but I remember Trin mentioning it wasn't the best place from a cover point of view and he'd probably get shot easily, but Lirin didn't care.

I glance at Reegar and realise he's the one that cursed, judging by the fresh blood staining his shoulder and the way he's wincing. Worry floods me and I forget momentarily what it is I'm here and meant to be doing.

"Reegar," I call his name as I make a move to reach him but stop in my tracks as he replies.

"I'm fine." He's grumpy and rude, the man I love hidden temporarily by the soldier that's required at the moment. I won't take it personally. "Fix the comms relay."

I hesitate, glance back at the machine then at him. It's enough of a pause to really piss Reegar off.

"I said fix that fucking relay!"

He's never shouted at me before, not like that but it only makes me remember – and realise – really how important this thing is. If we fail, hundreds of turians will die.

As I head back to the comms I'm telling myself that I won't let that happen, not so long as I'm breathing still.

Kal'Reegar – present.


The voice is patchy and I'm honestly surprised I'm hearing it, but quickly figure Squishy's managed to partially restore the comms and that's why I'm hearing General Kineka's voice in my earpiece. I'm guessing by the quality of his speech and the way he's cutting out now and then that Squishy's not completely done yet.

"General," I reply to acknowledge I've heard him and grunt from the ache in my shoulder.

"Our scanners are reporting a huge presence of reapers in your area, but the communications are improving." He doesn't need to tell me there's a fuckload of reapers here given I'm in the middle of it all, but I'll let it slide. "We're sending a team of krogan's in to hold the position once it's fixed."

I shrug. If that's what he thinks is best, then fine. I don't really care who comes along and makes sure the reapers don't destroy this damn thing again.

"Do you require extraction?"

I pause and frown. Technically, we would, but I find myself wondering if there's any point. I'm wounded and I know Lirin is, he was shot early on and is slumped against the ledge he was using as cover. I think I can still hear him breathing. Barely.

I don't know how Trin and Gabi are doing because they're on the other exit, but if they're alive they're probably injured at least superficially. And we're quarians.

It's a difficult decision to make, but it's mine to do and I won't have the blood of more turians on my hands wasted on extracting a bunch of quarians who'd probably die anyway.

"No," I reply.

"Kal'Reegar?" Kineka asks, almost hesitantly.

"We're all dead anyway," I tell him. "Just make them pay."

And he can be damn sure we'll hold this bleeding place until reinforcements arrive.

I'm sorry but I'm taking Reegar's fate as they state it in Mass Effect 3 on the news report thingy sent to Shepard's email :s