Yuuri's eyes widened as the girl in front of him grabbed the knife on the table. His hands were tied behind him, as were his feet. A rag was stuffed into his mouth and covered with a cloth carefully knotted behind his head. His back was resting on a wooden post. He tugged at the rope binding his hands.

"That's useless, Shibuya-kun," the girl walked toward him, the knife gleaming in her hands. She pointed the knife at Yuuri's throat, it's tip pressing into his skin. She grabbed his chin and forced him to face her. She stroked his cheek and twirled a lock of hair near his ear between her fingers. She tucked the lock behind his ear and trailed her fingers around his hair.

Yuuri sat still as the girl played with his hair, his throat still being threatened with the knife. The girl continued and stopped when her hand reached the knot on the cloth. She smiled at him and kissed his cheek. Yuuri flinched back but her arm kept him from moving away more than a centimeter.

She brought her mouth close to his ear and whispered softly, "I love you, Yuuri. Maybe this way, you'll love me, too." She lowered the knife and bit his ear. Yuuri let out a scream, muffled by the rag in his mouth. The girl moved closer to Yuuri, pressing her body against his as she licked his ear. Yuuri cringed inwardly and shut his eyes.

The girl stood up and walked over to a cage in the corner of the room. Yuuri stared at her as she took a helpless creature from the cage and stabbed it. She squeezed the creature until a lot of blood fell on to the floor. The blood flowed on the floor, following a path that Yuuri could not understand.

The girl walked back to Yuuri, and removed the cloth around his mouth. She took a vial from her pocket and opened it. She put it to her mouth and poured the liquid in. Yuuri saw that she did not drink the liquid. She removed the rag from Yuuri's mouth and quickly pressed her lips against his. She grabbed his face and squeezed his cheeks, parting his lips slightly. She tilted his head and allowed the liquid to spill into his mouth.

"Let's re-write your past so that you could be mine."

The girl stood up and turned away from Yuuri. "I'll make sure that blond is out of the picture."

"Regardless," Yuuri hunched forward, his body suddenly feeling heavy with fatigue.

"If you weren't engaged to him," she turned her head to Yuuri, "you wouldn't be as attached."

"What...would...you kn..." Yuuri took a deep breath. Whatever it was that she made him drink was beginning to give him a negative effect. "Even if we weren't engaged," he took another deep breath. The girl kneeled in front of Yuuri and slapped him. Yuuri bowed his head.

"In your Shin Makoku," she started, "that means we're engaged, right?"

Yuuri's body trembled, the pain was already becoming excessive. He looked up and glared at the girl, his eyes locking with hers.

"I would still care for Wolfram."

Yuuri blinked his eyes. The sun was shining bright overhead. He sat up and surveyed the area. It looked familiar to him but he wasn't exactly sure. Was he in Shin Makoku again? Did he really get kidnapped? Is what he's seeing real?

A woman screamed from behind him, her eyes looking directly at Yuuri. She turned around and screamed 'double black' as a stone came flying toward Yuuri. More villagers came forward, some of them carrying pitchforks. They shouted at each other about how terribly unlucky it was to see a double black.

As he tried covering himself from their attacks, he heard a familiar voice telling the villagers to stop. He looked up at the man. "Adalbert,"

Adalbert looked at Yuuri, surveying him from head to toe. "I didn't think you'd know me." His eyes rested on Yuuri's face. "I didn't think you'd know anything about this place."

Yuuri stood up and dusted his pants. "Of course I'd know this place, I'm the Maou."

Adalbert sneered at him, his chin propped upward. "You're not the Maou...yet." He looked to his side. The hooves of horses against the soil could be heard from a distance. "You're well-informed." He looked back. The horses were already quite near. He shot Yuuri one last look and rode away.

Yuuri looked at the figure sitting on the white horse. "Conrad!"

Conrad stopped in front of Yuuri, his eyes on the figure of Adalbert disappearing into the forest. He turned his eyes to Yuuri and got off his horse. "Yuuri, are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm alright." Yuuri stared at Conrad, thoughts filled his head. "Conrad, why did Adalbert say I'm not the Maou yet?" He looked at the men following behind Conrad. "Where's Günter? Where's...Wolfram?" He suddenly remembered his last conversation with his kidnapper. "I would still care for Wolfram."

Conrad blinked as he got down from his horse. He wasn't quite sure which question he should answer first. "Günter's waiting for you in a cottage nearby," he paused. "Wolfram is in the castle."

"Is he alright?" asked Yuuri.

"Yes," Conrad stood in front of Yuuri, the reins in his hand. "Quite."

Yuuri let out a sigh of relief. The last time he saw Wolfram, he was lying on the floor, in a pool of his own blood. He walked over to the horse and hoisted himself on it. Conrad looked at him, bewildered.

"How do you..." Conrad paused, his eyes filled with questions, "...know them?"

Yuuri stared at Conrad. "How can I not know them? I've been spending part of my life with them."

Conrad kept a straight face. "How did you spend part of your life with them...when you've never been here?"