Gwendal massaged his temples as his conversation with Günter and Conrad progressed. "How can you prove that he is indeed our new maou?" He focused at Conrad who was standing in front of him. Günter was standing beside the bookshelves. Wolfram was in the room as well, but he was not participating in the conversation. He was reading a book about the economics of war.

"Give him more time, Gwendal. He just arrived. He probably doesn't even know how to use his magic." said Günter. Gwendal shifted his gaze to Günter. His eyebrows furrowed and his mouth turned into an even straighter line. "And how are we going to find out if he indeed has magic?"

"He has, trust me." Wolfram commented; his nose still buried in his book.

The three turned to face Wolfram. Conrad was the first to speak. "How do you know this, Wolfram?"

Wolfram shut his book and placed it on the table. "I just know." He stood from his seat. "I can't explain it. He'll probably get a chance in the future."

"And what makes you say that?" said Gwendal. He had already stopped massaging his temples. Conrad and Günter stared at Wolfram. The Little Lord Brat expressed his dislike for him last night, but was now defending him.

Wolfram placed a hand on his hip, and moved his other hand as he spoke. "Well, the humans around the border are restless, right? There's bound to be something soon."

Günter turned to Gwendal. "He's right. But I don't see how he's going to get a chance."

"Would you like me to test him later today? Or right now?" Wolfram dropped his hands to his sides. "I can do that."

Conrad stepped toward Wolfram. "What are you going to do?"

"Don't worry, Conrad. I'm not going to hurt him...", Wolfram smirked and pushed his bangs back, "...much". He turned to face the door, and opened it. He stepped out. As he walked through the halls, thinking of what he would do to enrage Yuuri, he heard a distinct voice call out to him.

"Hey, Wolfram!" Yuuri shouted as he waved his hands. "Where are you going?"

Wolfram stopped 6 paces away from him and said, "That's none of your business." He stepped to the side and continued to walk. He stopped again when he was parallel to Yuuri. "Can you use your magic?"

Yuuri stared at Wolfram. 'Why would Wolfram be asking me? I'm just a newbie, I'm part human, and I just got here. He should be assuming that I don't know anything.' he thought to himself. "Well?" he heard the blond say. "Ah, well, magic? You can use magic? Really? I, uh, am shocked!" Yuuri scratched his head as he replied. "I wonder if I could use magic, too."

Wolfram stared back at Yuuri. "Are you acting or something? I've never heard anyone speak that way unless they were spontaneously making up some sort of lie." He removed a strand of hair from his shirt and blew it away. "So, can you or can't you?"

Yuuri gaped. "I...don't know. I just got here." He turned to properly face Wolfram. "Why?"

Wolfram turned to face Yuuri. "Nobody trusts your credentials. Prove how powerful you actually are. Let's fight. I'm sure you can use a sword at least." Wolfram turned and started walking again. "I plan on telling them that we're going to have a duel after noon."

Yuuri turned and followed Wolfram. "What?! Why do we have to fight?" He tugged at his hair and murmured, "I avoided angering you last night so that we wouldn't end up dueling. I don't want to sleep for 3 days again."

Wolfram's eyes widened as he turned to face Yuuri. "What did you say?" he whispered to himself. "I already told you, we are going to duel so that Gwendal and the others stop doubting you. Just don't pull another—never mind. Just fight me, will you?"

"Fine. Why don't we make it earlier? A spectacle before lunch."

Gwendal, Conrad, and Günter gathered at the courtyard. Celi stayed inside the castle, watching from a balcony. Yuuri and Wolfram stood in the middle of the area. Both were holding swords.

"I'll let you decide how we are going to battle." said Wolfram as he pointed his sheathed sword at Yuuri.

Yuuri unsheathed his sword gracefully. "A sworfight", he answered. He readied himself, executing a proper fighting stance. Wolfram swiftly unsheathed his own sword and rushed at Yuuri. He thrusted his sword forward, aiming for the other's chest. Yuuri blocked the attack and attempted to strike Wolfram as well. Wolfram parried the attack and repeatedly tried striking Yuuri, making sure to miss on purpose. Yuuri remembered what he did the last time to win. He swung his sword like a baseball bat as Wolfram thrust his sword toward him. Wolfram's sword flew to the castle at the impact.

"I won." said Yuuri as he sheathed his sword and handed it to Conrad.

Wolfram raised his hand enthusiastically, a devilish smile plastered on his face. "All the beings that..." he chanted. A fireball the size of a baseball formed above his palm. He threw the fireball at Yuuri who made sure to dodge it. He created five more fireballs and, again, threw them to the soon-to-be monarch. As Yuuri dodged the last fireball, Wolfram created a lion made of fire and made it chase Yuuri who ducked as the lion pounced toward him.

The lion continued charging, heading for a girl passing through the corridor. The girl screamed, then fainted as the lion hit the wall beside her. Yuuri, who watched the lion charge away from him, looked at Wolfram who sneered at him. Anger stirred inside him and dark clouds suddenly formed in the sky. Rain poured down in torrents. Two dragons made of water jumped out of a puddle forming behind Yuuri, and wrapped themselves around Wolfram, tightening their grip with each twist.

Wolfram could feel his arms press tightly against his chest and the dragons grip on him tighten even more. His vision started blurring as the air in his lungs were forced out of his body.

"Insolent prince!" Yuuri shouted from below. Wolfram was now hovering over two storeys high. "How dare you—"

Wolfram tried to take a deep breath in. "She's not hurt!" His breathing turned more laborious with every word. "I...made...sure!"

Yuuri looked over at Conrad, who was standing just below where Wolfram was. "She's fine!" Gwendal shouted from behind. He and Günter ran to the girl after the lion hit the wall. "She's been taken to the infirmary." said Günter.

"Be grateful she is unharmed!" Yuuri shouted to Wolfram, and gently lowered him beside Conrad. He gripped his head as the water dragons disappeared and he fell to the ground. Conrad ran to him, shouting "Yuuri!" as he did so. Wolfram sat on the ground, catching his breath and staring worriedly at Yuuri.

"What..." Wolfram huffed, " you say to that, Brother?" He took another deep breath in. "Do you believe me now?"

Gwendal kept quiet. He walked over to Conrad and spoke. "Take him to his room. You," he looked at Wolfram and frowned. "Go to the infirmary. You might have broken a rib."

Wolfram walked away and headed away from the infirmary. He went to his own room. Gwendal watched him walk in the 'wrong direction' and sighed to himself. When Wolfram got to his room, he walked to his mirror and removed his shirt and his undershirt. He checked if any part of his body started changing color. Everything seemed normal. He pressed different areas on his chest to check if there was pain anywhere. None. He wore his undershirt again and lay on his bed. He took a quick nap and only awoke when Conrad entered the room.

Conrad saw Wolfram blink his eyes open. "Wolf," said Conrad, concern distinguishable in his voice. "Are you alright?"

"Of course, I'm alright. I'm a soldier. Getting squeezed like that is not that big a problem." He took a deep breath and quickly released it. "I'm just a little bit dizzy."

Conrad sighed. His little brother could be very stubborn at times. "Just rest for today. Gwendal, Günter, the others and myself will be going to the borders after lunch. You were right in assuming that they would rile up soon enough. Yozak sent Gwendal a note, telling him how there were humans getting ready to attack the village on our side."

Wolfram rested his arm over his forehead. "What do you want me to do?"

"Take care of Yuuri while we're gone." Conrad turned around and opened the large door. "Be nice to him, Wolfram."

"Whatever," Wolfram answered hoarsely as Conrad left his room. He turned around on his bed and attempted to go back to sleep. He heard a knock on his door. "Come in," he said.

Gisela entered his room with a maid behind her, carrying a tray of food. "It's time for you to eat. Conrad told me you were dizzy, and that you were saying that you were alright." She went over to Wolfram and motioned the girl beside her to set the tray in front of him. She touched Wolfram's forehead to see if he had a fever. She poked around his ribs. Wolfram let out a small cry. "You are to stay here the whole day. Drink this," she pointed to a small bowl of gruel. "And if you think you need more, you know where the infirmary is."

Wolfram quietly ate his lunch as Gisela left his room, nagging about taking better care of himself and stopping his habit of denying sickness. Wolfram rolled his eyes, and gulped the bitter gruel down his throat. When he had finished eating, he set the tray outside his door and headed straight for Yuuri's room. He entered the room, and sat by the window, watching the others leave. When they had already left, Wolfram turned and faced the sleeping soon-to-be monarch.

Yuuri stirred awake. He opened his eyes. He saw Wolfram watching him from the window. He saw Wolfram's eyebrows furrow. "What's wrong? Uh..." he scratched his head as he sat up. "How long have I been asleep?"

Wolfram walked to Yuuri. "Conrad and the others went to the village in the border. You've been asleep for roughly three..." he took a short pause and watched Yuuri's reaction. The other boy was disappointed. "Hours. You've only missed lunch. We're not allowed to leave." He cleared his throat and corrected himself. "More like, I'm not allowed to leave and chaperone you to the border."

Yuuri cocked his head to the side. "Just three hours?"

Wolfram nodded. "What were you expecting, three years?" He sneered as a thought entered his head. "Really, three hours is more important? Is this really you?" He laughed to himself but Yuuri did not miss the comment. "What did you say, Wolf?"

"I said..." Wolfram's smile faded. "The three hour thing seems quite important to you. You don't seem the type to think that that is more important." He crossed his arms over his chest and harrumphed, turning his face away from Yuuri.

"You know, Wolf, you've been acting kind of weird ever since I got here. I thought you hated humans. But, you never flick Conrad away anymore."

Wolfram turned to face him and glared. "What would you know about me?"

Yuuri stood and walked to Wolfram. He stood still with his arms akimbo, then spoke, "I'll be honest with you. I think I've been sent back in time. And from what I remember of my original timeline, you hate humans. You wouldn't even let Conrad touch you. You would never have helped me get up."

Wolfram arched an eyebrow and moved even closer to Yuuri. The latter flinched. They were too close to each other. Yuuri stepped back. Wolfram moved even closer. Yuuri felt the bed right behind him and stopped. Wolfram lifted his hands to Yuuri's chest and pushed. Yuuri fell onto his bed. Wolfram crawled on top of him and pinned him to the bed. He smirked. "Yes, that's right. I would never have helped you get up. But people change, Your Majesty."

He inched his face closer to Yuuri when someone knocked on the door. Yuuri let out a sigh of relief. "C—come in!" he croaked. As the door creaked open, Yuuri whispered to Wolfram, "Please get off of me."

Wolfram stood straight and dusted his white shirt. A girl peeped through the door and saw Wolfram standing in front of the bed. "Excuse me, Your Excellency, is His Majesty here?" Wolfram looked at the lump curled up on the bed. The girl followed his gaze and bowed. "Thank you very much, Your Excellency. I was asked to bring this over." She entered with the tray in her hands and set it on the table in the middle of the room. She approached the door and bowed to Wolfram, then left.

Yuuri, still curled up on the bed, grabbed his hair and started twisting and turning.

"Stop exaggerating, you wimp." Wolfram walked away from the bed and sat on one of the chairs. Yuuri sat up, his eyes wide and his mouth agape, and walked to his food. He stared at Wolfram and studied the blond. He looked exactly like he did, when they first met, but he acted very differently. "Honey-chan?" said Yuuri. Wolfram kept quiet, his eyes cast downward. "Wolfram, is that really you?"

Wolfram looked at Yuuri. Their eyes locked. His mouth formed a thin line.

A/N: Regarding the Honey-chan bit: there was this short story posted in LJ where Wolfram tells Yuuri (who is answering a crossword puzzle) that his mom used to call him Honey(-chan).