The Holy Blood

The stars shone like diamonds in that divine night,Miyu with your partner Larva and your pet Shiina in the top of a temple were watching the silence and the empytness of the city of Tokyo,this was the perfect moment for them.

Miyu- This is the only moment we can be ourselves,the only moment we don't have to hide our true identities

Larva: The city it's so in peace without the disturbance of the humans,I'd like that would always be like this.

Then Larva hold miyu's hands,but suddenly they hear a scream of horror in the night,Miyu stars to jump across the rooftops,going in the direction of the scream,she sights a beautiful white wolf with its bloodied teeth and a schoolgirl laid down with dentates in the neck.

Miyu thinks quickly:

What a white wolf would be doing at that time of the night in the middle of the city?

Miyu: It's just can be a Shinma

só she gets in front of the wolf,casting a magic.

Miyu: Fireball!you fugitive shenma!go back to the darkness!

However the white wolf can run away, and in this exactly moment Miyu and her partners hear a police ,to not be seen,disappear,teleporting.

In the next morning,in the break of the classes, all the students of the school, such Miyu's friends,comment about the strange and scary murdering that it's happening in the Tokyo's city.

Chisae: Have you heard guys?about the weird murdering it's happening?

Yukari:it's said this time the victim was a girl of 14 years old that used to study in a school near of us, she was considered one of the best students of that school.

Miyu:Really?Strange..why the best of students?

Hisae: The police tried to hush up the case,to not cause histeria in the neighborhood and keep the students going to school.

Chisae: só scary!Just to think about this story gimme chillings,please,let's stop talking about this!

Hisae put a candy on the mouth, and say:

Hisae: ok!let's stop talking about it,'cause I'm already getting worried.

After class,Miyu thinks about the mysterious case and when the nights falls down,she and her partners solve to use their powers to find the white wolf,Sheena use its power of see for long distance,Miyu play its flute to lure the wolf,in this moment it's heard a barking.

The group see,then,a wolf which shine in the middle of the darkness,it was looking at the moon,Miyu casts again her power of fire,this time the wolf is hit,when the wolf falls in the ground it becomes a beautiful girl,of dark and short hair,with blues eyes,her skin is pale like the moon.

Miyu realizes,maybe she is not a real Shinma,but a human who was transformed in Shinma,Larva pick the wounded girl with his arms,till a safe use a healing power,just to soften the pain of the then starts to talk to her.

Yukiko:My name's Yukiko,I came from the past in search of a só pure blood that could undone my sins and undone this spell.

Miyu: What spell?

Yukiko: The spell that the medium from the Japanese Royal put on me.

Yukiko was member of family coming from the Emperor,she in her life had committed many crimes,she used to live a life of sins,full of lust and a certainly night,when she was sat in the garden, a misterious old appeared,saying that she had made many souls to suffer and because of this,she would be old witch said that yukiko would be transformed in a white wolf and she would have to live of human's blood for all the the spell could be broken if someone offer it's own blood for love,unconditionally,someone that for love would sacrifice itself for will take a long ,long time.,especially the kind of person that Yukiko was,who could love a monster?who could love a murder?...Till this happen someday,Yukiko would remain in this curse, of the lonely white wolf.

To be Continue...