Chapter 1


Lady Blue looked at her daughters while they danced. 'Magical.' Madam Roseheart whispered. 'Thank you.' Lady answered. 'So tell me their names again?' Madam Roseheart asked. Lady pointed at her oldest daughter: 'The one with curly hair and who looks taller is Margo she is 24, a bit old I know, but she is the one holding everybody together. She also has her heart on the right place and I think she really shows that in her dances.' Margo turned around like it was meant to be to show her face to Madam Roseheart. 'Well for someone her age she is perfect! She is pretty too I always wanted curls for myself!' Lady smiled. 'The one who stands in the front with her hair tight in a braid is Olga my second daughter, she loves ballet but she loves music more, she is 23. Most people think she looks like me the only differences are our hair color.' Lady Roseheart nodded, paying attention to Olga's feet. 'She needs a bit more training.' She suggested. Lady nodded. She understood the hint. 'My third daughter is Tatiana; she looks the most like her dad, she loves singing and ballet. She is 21. Tatiana is the one with brown hair and blonde highlights.' 'I can see her father in her eyes...sweet and innocent.' 'There you have my Anastasia, 18 years old, she always wanted to grow up to be me!' Lady smiled with this thought. She remembered how Anastasia always asked when she was good enough. Anastasia spun around her second sister so her dark brown hair waved along her face. 'And that one over there with wavy light brown hair is Maria, 19 years old, elegant as I might say myself.' Maria made the perfect pirouette. 'So your youngest daughter is Alexandra?' 'Yes Madam , Alexandra is 16, a real rebel! She dyed her hair blonde at this moment.' Lady was very proud of her children and everybody knew that. 'And they all dance and play music?' Lady Roseheart sounded impressed. 'Yes , yes they do! Margo and Tatiana play the piano, Olga plays the harp, Alexandra is my little Mozart, she plays wonderfully on the violin and then we have Maria who plays Cello and Anastasia can do everything a little bit, it's just where her heart lies on that very moment.' When the girls made their final dance move the music stopped and Lady applauded them. 'Well done girls, go change yourselves!' She called to them. The girls bowed and walked away. 'They are like little swans but prettier.' Madam Roseheart said. 'Your reputation does you good; I can see it in their dances.' She continued. 'But are they good enough?' Lady asked.

Anastasia laughed. Her pretty blue eyes sparkled and she brushed her wavy dark, brown, locks. 'You did great Alexandra! She couldn't say no!' She said. Alexandra pulled her long blonde locks out of her knot. 'I cannot remember to be this nervous' She mumbled and grabbed a cleaning wipe for her make-up. All the sisters looked pretty on their own way. Margo was tall and had dark, brown, curly hair that reached her shoulders. Her eyes were just as brown as her hair and they mostly told her she looked like her mother. Olga had long, straight, dark brown hair. Her eyes were brown too but her smile was like her father. Most people called her a Greek goddess and when she danced they were mesmerized. Tatiana looked like her dad. With her pale skin and brown hair. Her eyes were hazel brown and a lot of men loved her for this trait. Yesterday her hairdresser put some highlights in her hair and she loved it! Maria had brown eyes and light brown wavy hair. She looked elegant in her movements as in her talking. She brushed her hair and braided it. Anastasia had dark brown hair and in sunlight it sometimes looked like it had a red glow. Her eyes were blue just like her fathers. Alexandra actually had brown hair but she wanted to be blonde. So the hairdresser did the best she could by dying it honey blonde. Her eyes were like Anastasia's blue. She was the youngest and most rebellious of the 6. When they were dressed and put off their make-up and brushed their hair they walked out of the dressing room to the limousine.

2 weeks later Lady opened a letter that just had been delivered. 'Girls! I have some good news' She yelled excited. The sisters came from everywhere: library, living room, bathroom and their bedroom. 'What is it mother?' Margo asked. Dramatically Lady started: 'Margo Blue: Accepted, Tatiana Blue: Accepted, Anastasia Blue: Accepted, Olga Blue: Accepted, Maria Blue: Accepted and Alexandra Blue: Accepted! I think we should celebrate this!' The girls screamed and hugged each other.

This was going to be their new start!