Chapter 1 Acceptance

'They are magical' Madam Roseheart answered. 'Thank you, madam' Lady Blue said. Her 6 daughters made a perfect ending of their ballet and all 6 smiled towards their mother and Madam Roseheart. 'Brava, I really enjoyed your dancing, my dear little doves, now let me hear your voices and instruments' They walked towards a other room full of instruments. Anastasia stood in the middle. She was one of the middle daughters. Margo and Tatjana took a seat behind the piano while Olga took the Harp. Alexandra grabbed her favorite violin and Maria her cello. They started to play White Swan, a beautiful song of Lolly Jane Blue.

2 Weeks later Lady Blue opened the letter she got from Roseheart's school. 'Margo Blue: Accepted, Tatjana Blue: Accepted, Anastasia Blue: Accepted, Olga Blue: Accepted, Alexandra Blue: Accepted, Maria Blue: Accepted! Children I have great news!' She called and walked out of her study.