Chapter 7 feelings

'I saved the notorious Anastasia' Anya took a seat on a bench. 'W-what? please tell me what happened' She asked. 'I saw you running into my street, you were scared. Then a blonde girl, round your age, came by and she smacked your head against the ground..'

'I..WILL...HAVE..THIS..ROLE' Anya saw the flashback of Nancy. How she ran away in panic, and that she thought she was save...'I walked to you when they left and checked your pols, after that I brought you to the hospital...but never saw you again' He whispered. 'I- I , I remember...' She mumbled. She remembered how he lifted her and putted her carefully in his car. He was saying things..What was he saying? 'If you can hear name is Dimitri..I don't want to hurt you, I am bringing you to the hospital...Are you okay?' 'You drove very fast' He nodded. 'Where is Nancy now?' She asked louder. 'I she got a role in the swan lake, after that she became famous, but nobody ever linked your case with her' He explained. 'W-w-we have to meet my fast can we..' John walked towards them and told them the dress was already made and that they were waiting for the lady. 'Thank you John' She said.

Dimitri and John waited downstairs of the hotel. When Anastasia walked down the stairs they could see everything had changed. He beautiful long hair was braided and raised. The white dress with small diamonds made her eyes twinkle. She wore make-up what made her more female then before. 'What is it, gentleman?' She asked polite and received her coat from the porter. 'N-Nothing' Dimitri said. She smiled. His heart started to beat faster, and he couldn't place the warm feeling he got from it. 'Are you both ready?' John asked after a while. They nodded and walked with him to the limousine.

'There, they have a seat on the balcony' Tatjana pointed carefully through the curtains. Margo smiled. 'Maybe when we dance she will remember' She suggested. They all nodded. When the curtains lifted they knew the show had begun.

'Lady Blue will accept you after the show' The guard said to Dimitri. 'Thank you very much' He said and went back to his balcony. 'I am so nervous' Anastasia said and tor her paper apart. 'Don't be, I mean you know your mother..right' He smiled and she felt herself calming down. He grabbed her hand and kissed it lightly.

'Look they are going' Olga whispered. Her sisters looked to Dimitri and Anastasia walking away. One by one they took farewell of their crowd and ran to the dressing room. 'If we are fast maybe we can hear one and other' Alexandra suggested.

'Who are you?' Lady Blue asked. 'Dimitri Warzyck' He answered. 'What brings you here..' She asked skeptical. 'I found Anastasia, your daughter' She sighted. 'Anastasia is death, good sir, and you are again one of those Phonies...' 'No please listen..' 'NO MORE, NOW LEAVE' She said angry. He tried a couple more times, but she didn't listen. The guard already came and pushed him away. 'S-S-She didn't even want to' A tear found his way on her cheek. Dropping down to her chin. Nobody ever made her feel like this! 'Anastasia, don't...' But she already walked away, with bigger and more tears rolling over her face.

'And mother, have you seen her?' Maria asked. 'Who , my dear?' 'Anastasia!' Margo answered. Lady Blue looked up. 'Anastasia?' 'Mother, that guy Dimitri, brought Anastasia to France, so she could meet up with you again' Olga explained. 'Anastasia, is death' 'No mother, we all have seen and met her, it's Anastasia, but she has a concussion...and Dimitri is really trying his best to let her remember everything..' Tatjana said. 'But I just send them away..And I haven't seen Anastasia..' Lady Blue said. 'MOTHER YOU SEND OUR SISTER AWAY?' Alexandra said mad. 'We have to go and find her again before they will vanish!' The sisters agreed and ran away from their mother.