Chapter 7


They finally arrived in Paris. Dimitri put the luggage on their beds and smiled. 'Finally in Paris.' John said with a French accent. 'I've texted Sophie to meet us.' John continued. Dimitri clapped his hands and Sparkle woke up. He growled and turned around before sleeping again. 'Great! Now we have to dress her!' Dimitri pulled the blue dress out of his suitcase. 'Where did you get that?' Anya asked. 'I bought it before we left Russia.' She grabbed the dress and held it in front of her. 'It's so pretty! It makes my eyes pop!' John smiled. 'She can meet us tonight! So hurry up!' The men left the room so she could dress herself.

'Tonight we meet another phony!' Sophie sang. The sisters narrowed their eyes. 'Where did you get this one?' Alexandra asked. 'Well my good friend John found her somewhere.' She made a spin through the room. 'I thought we would wait until we had the show.' Margo complained. 'Well not today.' Sophie tried again. Olga rolled her eyes. 'I'm not feeling this tonight. I want to concentrate on the show not another phony!' 'I'll meet her on my own girls; you can listen or watch from the other side!' She winked at them. Tatiana clapped her hands. 'I think that's a great idea!' Sophie smiled and took a sip of her tea.

'Sven called…' Micheal said carefully. 'So?' Nancy sounded cranky. She was busy with her make-up and didn't want to listen. 'Your look alike is here...' Her mascara left a black smudge on her right cheek. Her eyes spit fire and her head became red. 'WHAT? HOW?' She screamed. 'Well she probably took a plane or a train...' 'SHUT IT!' She yelled and threw her make-up of the table. 'I took care of it myself! Her wagon fell into that cliff!' Micheal widens his eyes. 'You did what?' He asked. 'Nothing that concerns you! Let Sven follow that girl!' She walked to the bathroom and slammed the door. Why wasn't this girl dead yet?

A butler opened the door and looked down at 2 men and a young woman. 'What is your business?' He asked with a low voice. John scraped his throat. 'We have an appointment with Sophie!' He said. The butler sighed. 'And who are you?' He asked. 'I'm John…' Before he could introduce Anya and Dimitri a blonde woman screamed and pushed the butler aside. 'JOHNNNYYYY!' She practically jumped into his arms. 'How are you my sweet, sweet, Johnny?' Her high voice surprised Anya. The blonde, fat woman kissed John all over his face. Leaving red lipstick lips everywhere. 'Okay calm down little dove.' He said and spun her around. 'I am so glad you have arrived safely in Paris! Have you heard about the train and that wagon?' She asked. All three of them looked a bit uncomfortable. 'Come inside and show me your Anastasia!' She yelled and walked inside.

Margo, Olga, Maria, Tatiana and Alexandra sat behind the painting. 'Is that her?' Olga asked. 'Yes! Yes that is the very same girl!' Alexandra said excited. Tatiana sighed. 'She looks so much like her!' The girl took a seat on the sofa and the men were standing outside the room. Sophie closed the door. 'So John claims you're Anastasia…' She started. The girl nodded. 'What do you know about her?' She asked. 'I'm the daughter of Lady Blue a famous Ballerina…' 'Beside that…who are your sisters?' Sophie took a sip of her tea. 'Margo, Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Alexandra...' Anya learned this from Dimitri. 'Too easy!' Sophie cackled. 'What happened to my dear niece?' Sophie asked. 'I don't understand the question…' Anya said. 'Only the family knows what happened to Anastasia and if you don't know the answer you're most likely not my niece.' Sophie sounded cold. The girls behind the painting held their breath. Anya sighed. 'I had to buy diner that evening…and we decided to eat cheese fries…So I grabbed money from the kitchen and walked through the snow. Yes it was very cold and snowy...' Anya felt like she was going through a flashback. She felt the hands of the boys grabbing her and the slap of Nancy. 'I ran away and I called my sister…Alexandra...' Alexandra started to cry softly. 'It's okay, it's not your fault.' Tatiana hushed her. Dimitri was eavesdropping and gasped when he heard Anya's story. 'It's her!' He whispered at John who was playing with Sparkle. 'She is who?' he asks. 'She is the real Anastasia!' John stopped playing and sat next to Dimitri. 'What happened next?' Sophie tried. 'I-I-I was being pushed...I only remembered bumping my head against the sidewalk. And voices saying they had to go…I felt how I got colder…and later there was a young man…he lifted me and brought me to a hospital.' The last words were whispers and Sophie was gasping. 'This is impossible...' She muttered. 'Why?' Anya asked. 'Nobody came this far!' Sophie sounded enthusiastic but devastated at the same time. 'Girls! Come over here!' Sophie called to the painting. Anya looked surprised when 5 girls walked through a hidden door into the room. 'What do you girls think?' Sophie asked. All 5 of them wiped a tear away. 'I think we found Anastasia.' The tall girl said. 'I think so too!' Alexandra studied Anastasia how she looked uncomfortable. 'We should arrange an appointment with your mother.' Sophie concluded. Olga nodded. 'We have a show tonight. We can give you free tickets?' She suggested. 'Yes! What a great idea! You and John and Dimitri should come! Miss Blue will be there too and you can meet each other there!' Sophie sounded enthusiastic. Anya smiled. Was this her family? 'I will give John money and instructions to buy some fancy clothes. I mean you look lovely but it's not good enough.' Anya didn't listen to Sophie..She looked at the 5 girls. These were the girls she dreamt about, even in her daydreams!

'So how long have we been waiting on her?' Dimitri was getting impatient and since this evening he felt really uncomfortable in Anya's presence. Actually it was Anastasia now…They were standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting. 'She is a young woman, give her time!' John hushed his friend and held Sparkle close to him. 'Who is a young woman?' There she was, standing there in a beautiful, dark purple colored, evening gown. Her hair was pinned up and she wore beautiful make-up. She put her elbow-length gloves on and smiled, showing her white teeth. Her dark, pink colored, lipstick distracted Dimitri with a thought of kissing her. 'Well you are!' John said quickly. Dimitri shook his head and offered his hand to help her downstairs. 'Thank you!' She said and petted her dog. 'What are you looking at?' She asked blushing. 'N-nothing we should go!' Dimitri answered and opened the door of the taxi.

'You've got to be kidding me!' Nancy whispered angrily. She looked at Anastasia who stepped out of the taxi. 'Where-ever I go she is there too!' She hissed. Micheal smiled. 'Keep breathing love! Come let's go, you have to change!' He pulled her through the hall towards the changing rooms. 'Good luck honey!' He walked away and Nancy looked angry.

'Look! They are sitting with Sophie on the balcony!' Tatiana whispered. Olga smiled. 'I hope she will enjoy it!' Alexandra said enthusiastically. They high fived each other and took their places. Nancy passed them, looking at them like they smelled, and took her place next to Rudolph her co-dancer. The curtains lifted and Margo started to dance followed by Maria and Nancy.

'Miss Blue will see you after the show.' A man whispered in Sophie's ear. 'Wait I'll come with you!' Sophie said and walked away after she winked at John. Sparkle slept on his lap and he really didn't enjoy the ballet show. 'I'm so nervous' Anya whispered. She grabbed her small binoculars and looked at her sisters. After a while Anya grabbed her show paper and tore it apart while watching them. 'What are you doing?' Dimitri whispered. She looked down and saw the pieces of papers. 'I can't help it… I'm just so nervous.' She whispered back. 'Don't be, I'm here for you.' He gently grabbed her left hand and kissed it lightly. She smiled and relaxed a bit.

The sisters bowed for their audience and hopped of stage to their dressing rooms. 'Did you saw Anastasia? She looked nervous.' Maria said while putting of her tutu. 'I know right! We have to be faster before mother becomes angry!' Olga concluded. Alexandra helped Margo out of her dress and Tatiana with her shoes. 'I think Nancy noticed it too...' For a moment they were silent. 'Well she can't do anything right now…If she does, she knows it would be stupid ...right?' Margo sounded unsecure. 'Let's hurry!' Tatiana said and put on her red evening dress.

Nancy screamed in her room. 'That witch! That evil little scumbag witch!' She threw her ballet shoe against her mirror. 'How dares she to show up and pretend she is important?' She threw her other shoe against the door. Micheal walked in. 'Calm down honey… The other girls and boys can hear you!' He hushed her. 'I just can't stand it Micheal! First I thought I killed her when I pushed her on the ground, the second attempt failed with the wagon and now she is here! In my kingdom!' She screamed. Micheal helped her out of her tutu and back into her evening gown. 'Stay calm my love you can take care of it later...Now smile and pose!' He opened the door and photographers walked in. She tried to hide her anger by smiling and answering questions.

Sophie opened the curtain of the balcony where Lady was sitting. A young man walked in. He wore a nice tuxedo and his brown hair shined. 'Who are you?' Lady asked. 'Dimitri Warzyck.' He answered. 'And what brings you here?' She already felt where this was going. 'I don't know how to put this…I have found Anastasia...' He brought it carefully. Like she was a cat and he wore silk gloves. 'Anastasia isn't on this planet anymore, and I can't stand to see another...another…actress or phony' She replied. 'No please listen...' 'NO MORE, NOW LEAVE!' Lady said angry. Sophie came back and looked shocked. A guard walked through the curtains and pushed Dimitri from the balcony back into the grand hall. 'I don't want to see your actresses!' Lady screamed.

Anya looked at Dimitri who stumbled before her. 'She didn't even want to speak to me….' A tear rolled over her cheek. 'No wait! Anya!' Dimitri scribbled up and walked after her. He grabbed her arm and their eyes locked. 'Listen give it time...' She pulled back her arm. 'Why should I? You are just a phony! You are fake! And you pulled me in this situation and look what happened!' She yelled. Everybody looked at them. 'This isn't good.' Tatiana whispered looking at Anastasia and Dimitri. 'Let's see mother!' Maria answered and they walked to the balcony. 'I don't want to see you ever again' Anya pushed Dimitri away and ran down the stairs fast.

'And mother have you seen her?' Tatiana asked. 'Who?' Lady asked and leaned on her cane. 'Anastasia!' Maria answered. 'I haven't seen any Anastasia accept fake actresses who don't even do ballet.' She looked annoyed. 'Mother that guy Dimitri brought Anastasia to Paris to meet you!' Alexandra called while walking towards them. 'Anastasia is no more!' Lady almost yelled. 'Yes she is! And we've met her! That girl who is walking away right now is Anastasia! She had a concussion! And that guy is really trying to reunite us again!' Alexandra screamed. 'Oh please Alexandra hold your voice, I don't believe this! You all actually fell for this actress! Go greet your guests and thank them! I'm leaving!' Lady said annoyed and walked away from her daughters.