"Thanks for the ride, Tony," Abby said cheerily as she slipped into the passenger seat of Tony's Mustang. She inhaled, and the whole vehicle smelled inherently DiNozzo. "I can't believe the Hearse is still in the shop."

"Oh, yeah, I know how that goes," Tony replied with an eye roll. He was not fond of car repairmen, and that was a well-known fact. Tony patted his pockets for his car keys and let out a groan. "Could you pass me my backpack, Abs?" he asked, hoping his keys had been mistakenly put in there are were not on his desk like he suspected.

He rummaged through the pockets of the small black bag but to no avail. Letting out another groan, he told Abby just to wait, and that he would be back in a minute with the keys.

Abby went to move his pack back into the back seat when she felt something beneath her hand. Cautiously, she gripped and lifted her hand to find herself holding a plain black bra. With a start, she dropped it and it fell back under the seat. Then, suddenly overwhelmed with intrigue she picked up the garment again and wound down the window.

"Did you wanna explain this, or…?" she called out to Tony, who was still crossing the parking lot. He turned around and looked as if he'd seen a ghost.

"I…uh…" he stammered, quickly giving up on the concept of forming a coherent sentence, turning and jogging towards the building.

He took the stairs back up to the third floor and was gasping for air by the time he got there, but was relieved to see a certain someone was still at her desk.

"Ziva, thank God you're still here!"

"Tony," Ziva said, turning around with a confused expression. "I thought you went home."

He spotted his keys on his desk and picked them up. "Hard without these. Listen - as much as I appreciate finding your undergarments in my car - very hot, nice touch - I don't know how much I want Abby finding them."

Ziva's eyes widened.

"OK. Gotta go!"

And he zipped off before Ziva could object.

Panting harshly, he closed the car door behind him and Abby looked at him with a smirk.

"Tell Ziva you found her missing bra?"

"What?" was all Tony could manage.

She pointed to a label on the strap. Property of Z. David. Doesn't take forensics to figure that one out, Tony."

Tony looked sheepish. Not knowing what else to do, he called Ziva.

"Yes, Tony?" she answered.

"You label your bras?" he hissed.

"You try being in the IDF without other people stealing your things! Why do you think I prefer working with men?"

Abby giggled and Tony sighed.

On the other end of the phone, Ziva smiled. "Are we still on for Saturday night?"

Tony grinned. "Definitely. I'll give this back to you then."

"Hmm…keep it. You never know when Gibbs is gonna send me away on a mission."

Tony couldn't even think of a comeback for that, considering she was right in saying he'd need probably start yearning if she was away for more than a week.

"Bye, Tony. And Abby.

"BYE, ZIVA!" Abby exclaimed with a wide smile.

Tony only hoped telling the others would be this easy.