A/N: These one-shots are part of Aiko Isari Advent Challenge, and in the spirit of Christmas I shall try to keep these stories... light and not so, well, dark.



Gotham City, the grimy and dirt ridden streets now blanketed by untarnished white snow. The city had finally began to look beautiful. Innocent. Christmas was fast approaching and its citizens, good and evil alike, began to feel its chill.

Episode 1 – Chill

1st December

As the snow fell, one prisoner of Arkham Asylum in particular felt a rare smile snake across his mouth. He turned round and looked out of the small highly reinforced window that had been provided for him. Victor Fries found this very amusing, not that you'd ever see him laugh about it, after all the crimes he'd committed someone had decided to give him a tiny glimpse of the outside world. Perhaps it was more of a punishment than kindness. A look at the world he would never set foot in again, not with out his suit anyway. Cursed to forever see a cruel and corrupt place through a reinforced piece of glass. Much like his prison really, no difference whatsoever.

Victor looked around his cell. Clouds of thick cold air blasted in via several small pipes. This cell had been specially accommodated for his presence. Built from scratch so he could carry on living, much to the guards dissatisfaction, as well as special material that wouldn't shatter from the harsh temperature.

Victor carefully ran his ice blue hand over his similarly coloured bald head and let out a small deep sigh. A part of him wished he was on the outside again, especially during this time of year. Sometimes he was lucky. Sometimes the weather would take a turn for the worst and the snow and ice would fully set in. Cold winds would blow, chilling even the most warm-blooded person, and when that happened Victor Fries would receive his Christmas gift. He would be allowed to finally step out of his suit and breathe the air. He'd grasp the snow and feel it fall in-between his fingers. The frozen air would buffet against his face and he'd feel he could do anything.

Yet all he'd think about would be his dear departed wife, Nora. The last day they had spent together had ended with the first snowflake falling. She'd told Victor that no two snowflakes were the same. Every single one of them were unique. "Just like you're unique to me, Victor. You're the only man for me, my love."

"How I miss you," he mumbled in a regret-filled voice. "Not a day goes by where I don't think about you."

He turned round to face the window once again. An ice man's paradise. Deep out there was their very own snow flake, their love that had been frozen in time and would last forever. "Sleep well, my Ice Princess."