A/N: Inspired by Frank Miller's All Star Black Canary

Episode 10 – Cracks

10th December

Wise cracks. There's always one smart arse who thinks they're funny. Thinks they're top of the bloody world. Black Canary thought to herself in her strong Irish accent. I suppose I kind of asked for it if I dress like a sodding prostitute. What would Mammy and Pappy say if they saw their little girl now? Community service my arse. I don't see that Bastard, Batman here.

It had only been a week ago that the police decided to crash a drug smuggling ring that Batman and Black Canary had been in the middle of violently breaking up. He, as usual, escaped, but she hadn't been so lucky. One of the drug runners caught her off guard and struck her across the head with a pipe. Dazed and confused, several policemen jumped her. Next thing she knew was being in the back of a police van in cuffs.

Batman had not come for her. Not that she wanted him too, as she'd keep telling herself. She'd spend nights in her cell without that one phone call or even a lawyer. Everyone seemed to ignore her unless they were sliding food through the hole which was met with a torrent of abuse.

The so-called trial had been held in a private room with out a jury. Just a judge and several officers, once again pointing guns in her direction. Community service was the punishment. At the time she hadn't understood why. In fact she hadn't understood anything that had happened in the past week.

Judge must have had the hots for me. Silly bugger got all aroused when I walked in. I suppose this is better than prison. Not much mind you.

"Hey beautiful, fancy keeping me warm tonight?"

Black Canary looked at the ragged man in front of her. A homeless guy that Gotham had forgotten about and cast to one side. The only time he was cared for was when this particular shelter opened at Christmas time. After that it was man verse world once again. A part of her felt sorry for him, then again, another part was disgusted.

"I'm going let that one slide matey. Here's you soup." She said whilst forcing a smile. It was bad enough she had to serve soup in this shelter for another week, whilst wearing her costume, but now she had to be hit on as well?

"Sure I can't tempt you? Your butt could keep us both warm." He winked.

She squeezed the ladle tightly, it dug itself into her hand. Little shite. "Why don't you come here sweetie, I got something special for you." She cooed, with and evil smirk across her red lips.