As the frozen nights set in, Gotham shivered. Frozen fingers of ice began gripped at its heart.

Episode 7 – Night Lights

7th December

"I smell the meat sacks above my head." Killer Croc growled. His voice echoed throughout the murky sewer tunnels.

He flexed his rotten green claws that let out a dull bone clicking sound. Just above him was a rusted ladder leading to the surface. Something that he'd began to associate with pain. Every time he'd step foot up there, a certain night creature would slap him around.

"No more." He mumbled as he began to climb up the rusted ladder. It squeaked and squealed as it tried to hold his weight.

Croc reached out and pushed the manhole cover up the smallest amount and peered through it. Two sharp eyes looked out and surveyed the area. The street was bare, only a few parked cars that were half hidden by snow. He pushed the cover up higher and let out a low inhuman growl.

Just then he saw a black shadow fly across the corner of his eye. Croc pulled the lid down and covered the hole as he slinked back down. The splash of putrid water clung to his scaly body. He ran down the tunnel, his tail swinging from side to side, occasionally slamming against the claustrophobic walls.

He skidded to a stop causing a wave of water to almost drown a nearby rat who squeaked loudly. Croc hushed it. "Quiet, little thing, or my teeth will strip you bare." He took a deep breath and hauled himself up the ladder like before. "I need food." He grumbled. "A Christmasy hobo will do. Merry Christmas Waylon."

The same as before he carefully lifted the manhole cover and peeked out, he even held his breath to remain absolutely quiet. But the rat below had other ideas and began to squeak loudly like an alarm. "Dammit!" Croc roared.

Once again thought he saw a shadow zip across the cold night sky. "Freaking bats everywhere!" He said whilst jumping back down and landing next to the noisy rat. He looked over at the tiny thing and growled. "I know who you work for, tell your master I'll eat him if he keeps sending you lot after me."

The rat scarpered off into a nearby crack in the wall. Once again Croc found another manhole entrance and climbed up it. "No more bats, no more bats." He grumbled.

For the third time he lifted the lid up and peered out. Nothing in sight. Croc slowly squeezed his hulking frame out of the small hole and sniffed the air. The stench of flesh, or food he'd call it, wafted up his nose. "Finally, Christmas dinner here I come."

Just as he set one claw in front of the other a small pointy, bat shaped object, flew from the sky and wedged itself into the ground in front of him. He instantly knew what it was and what was going to happen next. Croc sighed, but it came out as more of a depressed growl. "All I wantted was Christmas dinner."