Akashi's Bad Feeling

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It's a normal day in Teikou Middle School. The Generation of Miracles, which consists of six people, having their training in the gym even when the school is on holiday.

The red-haired, or better known as Akashi Seijuuro, the captain of Generation of Miracles, is scanning his teammates. Well, the smallest guy at the court, or better known as Kuroko Tetsuya, like always, is lacking stamina. He's almost out of breath, trying to catch up with the rest. But the others seemed okay, since it was the first course of training. They will be practicing three times amount of usual course, since it was holiday. But Kuroko is exhausted already even though it's only the first course.

Akashi, knowing Kuroko's capabilities, seems to be okay seeing his teammate with his deadpanned expression, but the amount of sweat running on his body and his uncontrolled heartbeat shows that he's tired already.

Kise Ryouta, the blonde model, is trying to match with Kuroko's pace, since he was always left behind, no matter what the small guy said that he was okay being alone in the back. The tanned teenager, who also is the ace of Generation of Miracles, is doing the same thing. Well, that small guy is Aomine Daiki's shadow, after all.

The two meters high giant was running in front, munching snacks while running. His name was Murasakibara Atsushi, his surname, like the rest, refers to his long, purple hair. His hands are full of snacks, and his mouth won't stop munching them. The spectacled guy with bandaged left hand fingers, holding to his lucky item - a panda plushie. He's running with pride, since Oha-Asa said that today is Cancer's lucky day, goes by the name Midorima Shintarou, it's obvious what colour he's identical with - green. His green hair is really out of ordinary, and no wonder that everyone who looked at him frowned at least once. The bunch of boys, who are acknowledged as Generation of Miracles, the greatest middle school basketball team ever, is truly a colourful team. Literally.

Well, aside from their (ridiculous) hair colour, they're holding a practice like always in the gym, while the other guys is lazing at their respective house. Obviously, the tanned teenager who is no other than Aomine is complaining all day because of it.

"Akashi, today is ho-li-day. Why do we practicing instead of having fun?" said Aomine, for the fourteenth time.

"I've told you, Daiki, it's necessary to improve our skills. Moreover, Tetsuya is still fragile as ever, and we need him to get stronger, and make our team stronger, too."

"Like there are any team who can beat us," said Aomine.

"You shouldn't talk like that, Aominecchi! There will be someone who can overpower you someday, and that person would be me!" The blonde noisily interrupted, while pouting to Aomine.

"Like you have ever won against me before, eh, Kise?" mock Aomine.

"I will win against you, sooner or later, Aominecchi!" said Kise with such pride. Well, it was necessary for a model, but not at times like this. Look, Akashi is looking really irritated.

"Ryouta, you should do another ten laps. Faster." That was a gospel, from Akashi. There should be no one who objects him, because anyone objects will suffer under Akashi's might.

"You're mean, Akashicchi!" Kise said, but did the punishment anyway. Well, he wasn't that brave to object Akashi's gospel.

"Daiki, stop pouring oil to the fire. Just do your practice course, or I will double it." The dangerous tone on Akashi's voice makes Aomine frightened. Moreover, the legendary scissors is on his hand, waiting to be thrown. Sorry, but even Aomine still wants to live.

"Atsushi, faster. Don't munch snacks while you're running, or you'll choke to death."

"But I can't concentrate without eating something," whined Murasakibara. But the look on Akashi's eyes made Murasakibara didn't object anymore, and threw his snacks to the bench.

Well, that's a normal day on Teikou. When the sun sets, the brutal courses finished, and Kuroko lay down on the floor, almost unconscious.

"Are you okay, Tetsu?" Aomine threw Kuroko's towel to his head, but Kuroko didn't move. He's dead tired, since he didn't have athletic abilities at all.

"I'm nearly dead, Aomine-kun."

"Oh come on, why are you so weak?" Aomine said.

"I'm always like this."

"Okay, you are dismissed. Satsuki, please watch over them so they won't run anywhere, tomorrow will be harder than this."

"Okay." Akashi walked out, ignoring Kise's whining, Aomine's complaints, Kuroko's flat tone, Murasakibara's munching sounds, and Midorima's comments. He's not going home, since there will be no one at his home, too. He's just want to be alone, but definitely not in his house.

Well, said so, but where will Akashi go? He aimlessly walked around the school, and end up on the corridors. It's a bit creepy since the sun already sets, and there's no light. But he continued on, walking on the empty corridors.

And he heard that voice.

And he saw the blood traces.

Akashi, drowned in curiosity, followed the blood traces. It led to an empty classroom which never been used anymore, since it was a special room for Cooking Club which has been disbanded.

A glimpse of a knife. Akashi's sure it was a knife. Moonlight is shining upon the empty classroom, no, Akashi isn't too sure about the classroom being 'empty'. He's quite sure that he saw a knife, held by someone.

But he can't see that 'someone' anywhere.

Akashi walked inside, and blood traces are visible on the top of the cooking table. There are traces that a knife was once here. Akashi looked around, and a slight pain from his leg surprised him. He jumped back in surprise, and he stepped on something.

"Urgh!" A groan from the object he stepped on. He moved, and identified the boy he just stepped on. He acknowledged him as Futabashi, one of the infamous delinquents in Teikou.

"I know you're here," said Akashi to the darkness. In the dim room, his eyes are scanning for the sign of living things, and he find a girl, with her cheeks scarred. Bloodstains are all over her uniform, but there's not a single droplet of blood fell to the delinquent. Guess this girl wasn't the culprit – rather, she is the victim.

It's the first analysis from Akashi. But there's something bothering him.

Why this girl here?

"Who are you?" Akashi asked. The girl, holding on to the knife, stared at Akashi with her black eyes.

"Do you really need my name?" She asked back. There is no one who is brave enough to refuse Akashi like that, so Akashi thinks that she's a new student. But a new student, holding to a knife, with a boy lying on the floor unconscious?


"Kuroshi Nanami."

"Are you a new student?"
"No…" She looked down, refuses to make eye contact with Akashi. "Once, I was here. And immediately sent to a psychiatrist due of act of violence."
Akashi's sure that she's not just a mere victim. But the scars on her cheek… and wait, what? On her neck was a trace of rope. And her scars isn't seem to be new…

Akashi turned the unconscious body, and blood splatter from his mouth. His chest are covered in blood, and the scar forms an X.

"Who are you exactly?"

"Someone from the world of darkness."
"I said, who are you?" The dangerous tone of Akashi seems to affect her a bit, she didn't answer, but she stared at Akashi's eyes.

"You will know." She ran outside, and Akashi chased her.

Well, intend to chase her, to be exact. Because when he's outside, she's gone.

To be continued...