Akashi's Bad Feeling

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"Haizaki?" Four of the Generation of Miracles chorused when Akashi done with his explanation. Everyone knows who is Haizaki Shougo, since he is also the part of Teikou's basketball team.

"He lied to the girl that much? Why the hell he do something like that?" Aomine frowned.

"This is just my speculation," Kuroko answered, "but I guess he want her to remove Kise."

"Indeed," Akashi commented. "Because he hates Kise that much."

"But what did I do wrong?" Kise's eyes are all teary, and he wiped his tears and stand up. "Let's find that guy. I can't forgive him to lie that much to that girl."

"She didn't die of hunger?" Murasakibara asked, while, as always, holding a bunch of sweets.

"I guess Haizaki gave her some food since she was needed for removing Kise." Kuroko replied. "But I still can't forgive him to exploit that girl, moreover, only to get rid of Kise."

"To get rid of me itself is evil!" Kise pouted.

"No, I want it." Aomine replied. "You're sometimes annoying. Or no, lot of times."

"Aominecchi, you're mean!" Kise pouted.

"Whatever." Aomine ignored Kise's pouting and nodded. "I want to capture that bastard as well. Let's go."

"But did anyone of you know where is Haizaki lived in?" Midorima asked, while lifting the bridge of his glasses.

"Woops." Aomine and Kise said, with an idiotic look on their face. "But Akashi surely knows."

"Yes. Tetsuya knows, too." Akashi nodded. "Let's go."

"… Seems normal for that bastard's house." Aomine folded his hand towards his chest.

"Aominecchi, he's a human. What do you think his house will be?" Kise laughed. "Do you think he's an alien and lives in an UFO?"

"I think it will turned to be more like a haunted house."

"What about his parents…" Kise sweatdropped.

"Is there snacks inside?" Murasakibara asked, while biting a Pocky.

"What do you hink his house is, cakehouse?" Aomine sweatdropped.

"You are no better than him, Aominecchi." Kise patted Aomine's shoulder.

"Shut up, you fools." Midorima lifted his glasses again. "We will be discovered."

"Eh? We didn't enter from the front door?" Kise asked, while tilting his head.

"Of course not. Do you know what time is it?" Midorima showed him a Kerosuke pocket watch. "By the way, this is today's lucky item.

"Who cares about scraps like that," Aomine grunted.

"It's important to cure idiocy." Midorima replied.

"Midorima-kun, Aomine-kun, Kise-kun, Murasakibara-kun, please concentrate. We will sneak in." Kuroko appeared from Midorima's back, made Aomine and Kise almost shout if a scissors doesn't fly and get to the front of their face.

"Don't shout, we will get discovered." Akashi said, while staring at them with his red, bloody eyes.

"R-right…" Kise and Aomine shut their mouth up, and followed Akashi which is being lifted by Murasakibara, sneaked to the garden easily. And then Kuroko, Aomine, Kise, and Midorima, and at last Murasakibara climbed by himself.

"Lift us to the balcony, no one will talk or make a sound upstairs." Akashi's stare frightened the rest of the members, and obviously no one will dare to oppose him, right?

As they slowly being lifted one by one to the balcony, the moonlight shone upon them, be the only witness for their sneaking strategy.

Akashi, with his picking skills, open the glass door and stand on his tiptoe. Everyone follows, but the extreme silence when a loud sneeze is been heard.

"Aominecchi!" Kise shout not long after that, and Murasakibara plug his snacks to Kise's mouth, to prevent anymore shouting from that blonde.

"Mmff!" the muffled voice is been ignored, and everyone looked to the bed. There is he, Haizaki Shougo.

And Haizaki moved. Kise almost jump, and his heart bounced to his ribcage like crazy.

"Hng scrngs mng!" Kise's unclear sentence is totally been ignored. And Akashi, prepared with his scissors, is pointing one of the scissors tip to Haizaki.

"Aomine, wake him, but don't let him make any noise." Akashi orders. Aomine nods, and stuffed the pillow to his mouth. The pillow is dirtied with Haizaki's saliva, made Aomine jerked back. That disgusting sight made even Murasakibara lost his appetite.

"Wake up, dumbass." Aomine steps on him, and Haizaki let out a muffled moan, of course because the pillow is still on his mouth.

"W-wngg?" Aomine tied Haizaki's hands, and Kise held Haizaki's legs. Completely tied down, Haizaki is only able to looked at Akashi with anger.

"Are you the one who tricked that girl in the unused cooking club room?" Akashi asked, his bloody red eyes staring through Haizaki's, made him shivered a bit.

"N-nhh!" Haizaki replied, and his eyes signaled to Akashi to remove the pillow from his mouth. Akashi looked to Murasakibara, which nods almost immediately, and gave the snacks to Akashi. He carry Haizaki, still in his pajamas and the saliva-stained pillow, and jumped to the garden, and everyone of them manage to escape, back to school.

"We brought him." Akashi kicked the helpless Haizaki, with his pajamas and the pillow, he looked like a total loser in pathetic state.

"E-eh? H-he's not Hades?" Nanami glances to Haizaki, to confirm once again that he's the one who tricked her. But yes, the one in front of her is really him. Nanami curses herself to be tricked that easily.

"No. He's just a pathetic liar and loser." Akashi replied.

"You sure?"

"As hell sure!" Aomine added.

"He's no more than a dirty snacks." Murasakibara commented.

"Why are your minds is always full of snacks, Murasakibaracchi?" Kise sweatdropped.

"We caught him. Now you go back to your family. They will surely be worried." Kuroko said.

"Mmm!" Nanami smiled, and with the godspeed run she disappears, as the sun is began to rise. The Generation of Miracles smiled, while witnessed the sunrise, as the sign of their successful mission.

But wait…

"What will we do with this loser?" Aomine said, while kicked Haizaki. "And I'm tired."

"I know what to do with him." Kuroko said. "And it will surely made him learned his lesson." Kuroko whispered his plan to Akashi, and the red-haired boy grinned.

"Seems interesting, Tetsuya."

A crowd is formed in the front of Teikou Middle School. There's supposed to be a baseball practice match, but all of them is gathering in front of the gate.

And in the top of the gate, hanged Haizaki Shougo, with his pajamas and pillow, tied to the gate helplessly, and no one intends to let him down, and taking pictures instead. Generation of Miracles, hiding not too far from that crowd, smiled for their masterpiece, and laughed over the pictures they had taken inside their handphone memory.

And who would even guess that the evil plan were created by Kuroko, not Akashi?