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Of course he'd heard about Parker, rumours were never far away from Dick's ears. A group of Pi Sigs had worded him up, told him she was easy. Even in his drunken haze he still managed to find the right room.

The hall was dimly lit in the dead of night but the down lights above the door cast a stream of illumination, and it was like a light switched on in Dick's head.

He saw Parker's name scrawled everywhere, in pinks and purples with flowers swirled all around. Then next to the board was a sharp slice of masking tape, black Sharpie ink dead straight across it: Mac.

His stomach turned over, the beer running through his blood poisoned him all at once. Everything inside him told Dick to run, to forget about the easy lay and walk the hell away.

When he'd seen Mac last… Well, it had been a bad day. He'd never cared for her until Cassidy died, then he'd hated her. He hated that she made it all real, that she was living proof of the darkness Cassidy had inside of him.

He should walk away. It would be easier.

But his mouth moved for him. "Come on, Parker…"

Dick heard a noise from inside and the blood pumped furiously through his veins.

"It's the right time of the night—"

The door opened.

He swayed his arms and turned to look. "—for making love."

There was no flirty blonde in front of him, but then he hadn't expected there to be.

He stared into Mac's doe eyes, finding everything to hate there but he couldn't speak. He'd wanted to hurt her, that's why he'd sing-songed the making love part, but she was just as vulnerable as he was.

But then she spoke with her venom hissing everywhere, and Dick couldn't help himself.

"My little brother never cared about you, you know. You were just his beard."

He saw how his words drew deep into her, how she stared harder at him, like the wind had been sucked out of her. He'd done it—he'd hurt her, but it didn't make him feel any better.