Helga watched closely as he approached the front door with determination. No matter what, he just could never stop saving people.

Helga smiled to herself, she'd never let him stop saving people either, she'd never let him give up. That was what made him Arnold, that uncompromising drive to help absolutely everybody with his kindness. That's what she loved, that's what she adored.

Helga knew his sweet words and good intentions couldn't fix everything, but she never let him loose. Never, not once.

See, Helga had played this game for years, maybe since third grade or earlier...

Arnold would discover a problem and endeavour to fix it by doing 'the right thing' and 'rallying people together' to achieve a fair and happy ending for all. Helga lurked in the shadows, she observed his campaign from the very beginning through the very end.

Often, like in the case of a fight between friends, Arnold's peacekeeping rendered the matter solved in quick time. Sometimes, things got a little bigger than that, like a company trying to take down an entire neighbourhood, and in those times Arnold needed more than just a positive outlook. He needed a Deep Voice, a Christmas Angel... a Helga.

Helga had never once let him fail, never once let him fall.

Helga flicked her eyes up as the front door burst open and in he rushed. His eyes locked with hers.

"You did it." He said softly.

"I didn't do a thing." Helga lied.

"Helga, I know you did it." He said, with a cheeky smirk.

"They're going to do it, they're serious this time, they have earth movers and everything!" Arnold huffed as he paced backward and forward in the kitchen.

"You can't just stop now." Helga softly replied, looking him in the eyes.

Arnold halted his pacing and took a moment to observe the seriousness in her eyes.

"You can do this, I believe in you." She said.

"How?" He asked faintly, resting his head in his hands.

"Push harder, fight til the last round, you're almost there!" Helga exclaimed.

Arnold smiled a little as he took a seat next to her.

"Don't you dare give up." Helga said, taking his hand.

Arnold pulled her forward onto his lap, "You're my motivation, you know that?" he asked.

"Honoured to be." Helga replied softly.

Arnold checked his watch and slowly stood to leave, "I'll see you later."

Helga leaned toward him, "Make me proud." she whispered in his ear.

Arnold nodded, quickly grabbing documents from the bench and heading out the door.

Helga took her moment to become light-headed and swoon over the angelic man who had just held her in his lap, before placing her Pataki game-face on and picking up the phone.

"I'm sure your wife wouldn't want to see these pictures Mr. Hamilton." and "I know for a fact half your demolition team are illegal immigrants." she had sternly mentioned.

One phone call and ten minutes later, she had cemented her beloved's success.


"I know you called them, don't think I can't tell a Helga intervention when I see one." Arnold said as he moved toward her.

"If I owned up to it, would I get a reward?" Helga asked, bashfully biting her lip.

"Helga." Arnold breathed as he placed his hands around her waist.

Oh, the way he said her name, nobody could say it like that. She let out a tiny whimper as he ran his hands up her thigh, even after all this time she couldn't hold in those little sounds.

Helga knew that she could simply ask him to touch her, she could even initiate it herself whenever she wanted – he was her husband after all. Yet, this was sweeter, this was like a fantasy. She would help him to victory and, unlike all those years spent in the shadows, she would get her reward at the end.