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Chapter Seven: The New Status Quo

Nick woke up the next morning with his head smushed into a very comfortable pillow that smelled incredible. It was also warm and harder than any other pillow he's ever had.

He wasn't a morning person so he really did not want to open his eyes yet to check what it could be.

Once he did that that would mean he would see the light of morning and his alarm clock which would tell him he needed to get up soon and get ready for work.

He hadn't heard Monroe walking around and making breakfast so he must have fallen asleep at his own place last night he thought rather glumly as he started to investigate his new pillow.

He always preferred waking at the clockmakers home and started to wonder if it was too earlier to head over there now for breakfast.

Suddenly his pillow started to move and Nick could feel warm breath ghosting over his ear.

"If you keep that up we'll never leave this room" chuckled Monroe into Nick's ear making a shiver go through him.

That deep voice and the warm strong hands were now running over his arms and back and helped to clear away the sleepy fog that had been clouding the detective's brain.

Images from last night came crowding back bombarding Nick and made a blush creep across his cheek bones.

Monroe growled before flipping him over so he was lying underneath the very fit blutbad whose eyes were turning red.

"I love seeing you blush" he said smiling down at Nick before he began kissing a trail from Nick's jaw down his neck.

"Oh my god Monroe" breathed Nick feeling so wonderfully happy at waking up next to the man who was currently making him squirm with pleasure.

"So no regrets about last night?" asked Monroe looking down at Nick seriously.

Nick cupped Monroe's cheek before looking pointedly down at his very obvious hard on and then back up.

"I think it's safe to say I most certainly loved what we did last night and would like to do more" he said smiling.

Monroe smiled looking relieved before kissing Nick again passionately.

A few hours later Nick sat in his office gingerly sitting in his chair.

By the third time he shifted uncomfortably back and forth Hank had finally caught on.

He then proceeded to pester Nick until he told him the good news of him and Monroe finally getting together.

Nick of course left out the details about being his mate etc because he was sure Hank did not need to know that and he wasn't up for explaining it.

However it was also because he wasn't very sure the research he had down on blutbaden mating habits were true.

Nick had already read every single piece of writing that his ancestors had collected about mates out of curiosity and now what he's willing to admit was a deep interest in finding out more about Monroe.

Most of it had been quite informative. Some of it had been explained in one of his aunt's books and it had definitely given him something to think about. Nick had wondered what it would be like to be mated with Monroe.

Nick had never really thought about soulmates or true love before if he were honest. Perhaps that was why all his relationships never worked out and why Juliette and him could not stay together when things got tough.

But then Monroe came along and for the first time ever it seemed like that fairytale idea of love wasn't such a bad idea after all.

He couldn't believe how lucky and happy he felt last night when Monroe had confessed that Nick was his mate.

It just seemed to perfect. So why didn't Monroe mark him? Nick had been a little nervous about what they had been going to do but he trusted Monroe not to hurt him.

Most of his concern had been whether or not the bite would hurt a lot or not.

Nick decided that once his shift ended he would stop by his trailer and re-read the books.

Maybe there was something he had missed.

If not then he would just have to ask Monroe.


It was dark out by the time Nick pulled up outside Monroe's house. It turned out he never got the chance to go to the trailer.

The Captain had called him and Hank in just when his shift was about to end with a violent case of a hiker who had been attacked in the woods.

Luckily he survived and was in hospital but his injuries were pretty severe. When they got there it looked like he had been attacked by some sort of animal.

While Hank and the rest of the guys were inspecting the scene Nick had followed a trail of blood that was leading away from it deeper into the forest.

No one else had seen it yet and Nick thanked his Grimm skills when suddenly he was jumped from behind.

A blutbad had come leaping out of the trees knocking the detective off his feet to the dirt floor.

They rolled as both tried to get the upper hand on the other.

Nick managed a swift roll that luckily threw the creature off of him and gave him time to grab his gun.

However by the time he had it pointed and clocked, his attacker was already bounding off into the woods.

Nick tried to run after him and managed to keep up with him for awhile but soon lost him when the trail grew too wild and untamed for him to follow. It was also getting dark and Nick knew he couldn't risk getting lost. Monroe would kill him.

Nick had taken note of his clothes, build and height but wasn't sure how useful that would be. He had then limped back (he had twisted his ankle slightly when he was tackled to the ground) to Hank and the rest of the team.

He had told them that he was attacked and had proceeded to chase the suspect.

Hank of course knew better and Nick filled him in on what they were really dealing with.

They told the captain that they didn't think it was a mere animal attack case and sent an APB out from what Nick could describe of the suspect.

It wasn't much but it was something and it's all they had to go on.

Suffices to say Nick was a little tired after the whole ordeal not to mention disappointed that he had let the attacker get away.

He didn't feel in the mood to go to the trailer and do research when he knew Monroe would be waiting for him at home and would most likely have something delicious made for dinner.

He was still feeling a little uncertain about him and Monroe and was worried it was going to be awkward when he got back but his hunger and exhaustion won out.

Plus he had learnt in the last few hours that he should really be a little more open with the clockmaker about how he's feeling.

Just because Monroe usually understood him better than anyone else did not mean he could read Nick's mind.

He had decided while driving over that he would be better off voicing his concerns even if it did make him feel a little embarrassed and worried.

First though he was definitely going to get a beer.

He had just opened the door when the delicious smell of Monroe's bean casserole wrapped around him enveloping him the scents of dinner, warmth home and comfort.

He had just tossed his coat on the chair (he knew it annoyed Monroe but he was just too eager to get inside) when he heard the other man call from the kitchen.

"Hey Nick, I heard your car like a mile away you are going to have to get that engine looked at" said Monroe leaning his head round the door frame with a smile.

Before Nick could reply however the blutbad suddenly growled and his eyes bled red.

Nick found himself pushed up next to the door frame so roughly he didn't even register how Monroe had moved so quickly.

Monroe never ever scared him but Nick was most certainly feeling a little confused about being pressed up against the hard wall, his feat barley touching the floor as an angry Monroe towered over him.

"Monroe what the hell?" asked Nick shocked.

"You stink of blutbad and you're limping" growled Monroe so menacingly that Nick felt a slither of fear go threw him.

Nick had of course seen Monroe act this terrifying before but never directed at him.

"I was investigating a case today where the attacker was a blutbad. He jumped me but I threw him off and he ran off. I swear I'm not hurt" said Nick trying to deflate this suddenly tense situation. It was true anyway. He barely had a limp now.

Monroe's claws were digging into his hips so Nick started to rub his hands up and down his arms hoping he would calm down a bit.

He did but not much. He closed his eyes and Nick could see he was visibly trying to get himself back under control so he patiently waited as he kept up his soothing ministrations.

After a few moments Monroe finally spoke in his usual tone of voice.

"I'm sorry Nick" he sighed leaning his forehead against Nicks sadly.

"I'm not trying to... God the last thing I want to do is scare you or..." he said seeming at a loss for words.

"What is it Monroe you can tell me I'm not scared of you" said Nick reassuringly. He really did want to know what made the normally very restrained and controlled man lose it like that.

"Remember last night how I told you, you are my mate?" asked Monroe.

"Yes" answered Nick stiffening in response. Oh god what if this is where he tells me it was all a mistake thought Nick panicking a little.

"Well blutbad mark their mates. It's the way it's done and without that mark no one knows for certain that you're mine.

And for you to come home smelling like another let alone another blutbad and hurt is really driving me over the edge here" said Monroe his nails digging in again and his fangs got even bigger.

This time though Nick felt a hot flush go threw him as he felt himself get hard.

Not only was it incredibly hot seeing Monroe like this but he was also so glad that he hadn't been wrong.

He was Monroe's mate. Monroe was mad because he was jealous cause he wants him sing songed a little happy voice inside Nicks head.

"Then why haven't you?" asked Nick his voice a little horse with arousal.

"I didn't want to put any pressure on you. Beside once I do it that's it Nick you're mine forever no matter what" said Monroe his eyes burning with passion as he stared at Nick possessively.

Nick remembered what the book said and realised that in no way was he standing in front of a submissive wolf. Although he usually liked being in control his body and heart knew it could trust Monroe.

He tilted his head slightly to the side showing Monroe his neck as he slowly tried to grind himself against Monroe hopping he'd get the idea.

"Please Monroe I want you to be mine forever and me to be yours" whispered Nick. He didn't trust his own voice, never in all of his life had he ever had someone who turned him on so much or so fast.

Monroe was suddenly kissing him so roughly that he cut Nick's lip making it bleed slightly. Neither of them cared as they were both to desperate for this to happen. Monroe growled as he tore Nick's clothes off.

Nick felt vulnerable as Monroe took in the sight of him fully naked as he stood there completely clothed.

Monroe licked his lips before he picked Nick up and kissed him hungrily as he carried him to the bedroom.

Nick couldn't help but rub himself off Monroe who was still wearing his jeans. It created a delicious friction that was driving him crazy.

Once they were inside Monroe suddenly threw him on the bed but it wasn't like last night. There was no hesitation. Monroe's wolf knew exactly what it wanted and had waited a long time to claim his mate.

Nothing was going to stop him now. Nick opened his legs wider as Monroe crawled between them growling in approval at each and every single one of Nick's desperate moans and cries for more as the older man kissed and licked every inch of his body.

Nick could feel how close he was and desperately tried to rid Monroe of his own clothes. The clockmaker shook his head before pressing Nick into the mattress. He then took off his clothes in record time and was back kissing Nick until he was breathless again within seconds.

Nick wanted to touch every single part of Monroe and couldn't get enough of the taller man's body. He was just as fit as Nick but where he was slender and pale Monroe was muscled and larger than the detective.

Monroe grabbed both of his hands with only one of his and held them above his head as he plunged his tongue again and again into Nick's mouth completely dominating the kiss while he squirmed beneath him.

Soon the blutbad started to prepare him with first one and then three fingers, stretching Nick until the younger man was begging for more.

Then without warning he found himself flipped onto his hands and knees and Monroe was guiding himself into him slowly giving Nick time to adjust.

Nick was desperate to touch himself but Monroe growled low and menacing in his ear and swiped his hand away.

"No, only when I say and only with me inside you" he said his voice now much deeper then Nick had ever heard it.

He felt Monroe's claws leave deep marks on his hips as he started to move, driving into him harder and faster than before making Nick cry out with each thrust.

It was nearly too much but Nick loved every second of it.

Monroe was no longer fighting his wolf. They were now joined in contentment and pleasure as they claimed their mate after so long.

Monroe felt free and wild but not in a violent or crazed way. Nick drove him insane yes but he knew he and the wolf would never harm their Grimm.

Nick was panting widely and asking Monroe to go faster harder making him yearn for release more than he ever had.

But he wanted to mark his mate. He wanted him to remember this, for him to know that he was Monroe's and no one else could do this to him.

He could feel Nick tensing up as his body was spurred on by his punishing thrusts. He couldn't hold on anymore.

Nick felt Monroe lean over him and sink his fangs deep into his neck. His whole body shook as he came with a scream of pleasure.

Nothing had ever felt so good. It seemed to go on forever and Nick could feel his knees buckling under Monroe's weight.

Before he pulled out Monroe whispered one word in Nick's ear, "Mine".


Monroe and Nick lay in bed after what felt like hours both finally sated. Nick couldn't stop feeling the mark between his shoulder and neck that now proclaimed him to the world as Monroe's.

Monroe had one or two marks on him as well thought Nick gleefully as he lay curled in the protective arms of the blutbad.

"Nick don't let yourself get tackled by anymore creatures" said Monroe sleepily.

"I'll try" said Nick laughing as he curled closer.

"Although I can't make any promises if this is what'll happen when I do" he added making Monroe chuckle.

"I'm just glad you marked me" said Nick turning around to face Monroe.

"Really?" asked Monroe "Believe me I would have done it sooner had I know about your little research sessions"

"Well I thought maybe my ancestors had gotten it wrong or maybe you weren't a hundred percent sure..." said Nick trailing off as Monroe interrupted him.

"Trust me Nick; I've never been surer or happier of anything in my life. Mates don't come around every day, you get one and that is the person who will finally complete you.

Yeah it's corny as hell but it's true" Said Monroe kissing Nick as he pulled him closer.

"I love you too" said Nick beaming up at Monroe who smiled back.

Nick fell asleep in Monroe and his bed, in their house knowing that this was his life now. He had finally found a fairytale he could accept free of any downsides. It was his happily ever after.

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