Hello, good reader!

If you follow any of my usual stories, you must know I've been writing my own version following up Andrew Joshua Talon's "Vale Decem Equis", a most excellent story – definitely worth checking, trust me.

Now, this story here is NOT, I repeat, NOT part of what I've been writing.

Lately, I've been helping other promising writers on this site, and The Idealist 11.7 is one of them.

His Doctor Whooves? story just ended, and now I'm writing pieces of the Aftermath Arc following it.

My take will be on the Torch Wood stories, his will follow the Doctor's adventures with his new companions.

Now, you should definitely go and read his story first, it will help a lot to understand the context of what I'm writing, so, please, go and read it.

I'll wait.

Meanwhile, I'll be playing MLP, the iPad game, username Songue85.

'… I used to wonder what friendship could mean…'

Ok, read it already?


Down here is the retrospective, and it is full of SPOILERS.

Just checking if you read the Doctor Whooves? Story, ok?

So, let's go!

Or, I should say… allons-y!


(For additional fun, I'll read it like the narrator from Dragon Ball Z.)

(You're welcome.)

Previously, in Doctor Whooves?

The Doctor, the last of the Time Lords, ends up shifting through dimensions!

He ends up in Equestria, and changes shape, matching the pony life forms!

He meets and befriends a strange and nice grey Pegasus, Derpy Hooves!

Problem, though: the TARDIS, his living ship, needs time to reconfigure itself to the new Universe!

In fact, it will take TWO YEARS!

The Doctor, using a new name, "Time Turner", makes himself at home in the quaint little town of Ponyville.

When the deadline of TARDIS is near its completion, a coalition of villains take over the peaceful land of Equestria.

They are…

THE VILLAINS UNITED! (copyright still pending)

Nightmare Moon!


Queen Chrysalis!

The Changeling Army!

The Diamond Dogs!

With special guests!

The Great and Powerful Trixie!

And Gilda, the Griffon!

In a swift move, the majority of heroes are taken, including the Princesses!

It is left in hooves of a group of unknown and mostly not-famous (read, "background characters") to try and rescue the forces of good!

In the middle of the battle, love brews! Bonds are forged! Betrayals happen! Players change sides!

The villains lose, and Nightmare Moon, Discord and Queen Chrysalis are turned into stone…


Even with the eventual help from the TARDIS, the following battle is brutal and takes it toll!

Time Turner is a casualty, along with the disappearance of two important pegasi, the grey mailmare, Derpy Hooves, and the Captain of the Wonderbolts and cousin of Soarin', Spitfire.

The Doctor has a new body and two companions, and they are gone into time and space, an unresolved love triangle promising to shake up the foundations of all they know!

Trixie becomes a hero of sorts and leaves to Ponyville, her future uncertain!

Gilda is a wanted criminal, running from the authorities.

Discord is sharing a bed with Celestia!

You read it right, not making this up!

What is going to happen with Equestria now?!