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Chapter 1: Jack Frost, the Spirit of winter

"Snow Day!" cried Jack Frost, the spirit of winter.

It had been a year since the Guardians had banished Pitch from the area. Kids started to believe in Jack, granting him a status of an official Guardian. Jack disliked rules and laws so he still had his mischievous ways. He did not have a particular handbook, he just visited countries that he thought would like have a snow day or a blizzard to come visit them; however, whenever he tried to make it snow in Asia, the snow would just melt and become rain, but he didn't mind.

Jack Frost thought it was a great day, such a good day, he thought that Jamie would like to have the day off from school. Last night, he had made it snow hard, making sure the snow would rise more than two inches, freezing the streets so the school bus couldn't steer properly, and freezing the doorknobs of the school doors to avoid anyone opening them anytime soon.

Leaping onto Jamie's room, Jack peeped in Jamie's window. Jamie was just rousing up from bed. Jack swore he heard Jamie moan that it was another boring Monday, when Jack decided to pop in and give the good news.

"Happy Monday, Jamie! I hope you have a great day off today." said Jack cheerfully.

"Another snow day, Jack!? Aw you're the best Guardian ever!" said Jamie, leaping out of bed and going to greet the winter spirit.

"You're welcome." chuckled Jack. He ruffled the boy's hair, freezing his hair a bit. "My bad."

"It's okay! I'm going to go out in the snow anyway!"

Jamie ran out of his room yelling to his four year old sister, Sophie that there was a Snow Day today and that Monday classes would be canceled. Jack hung around on Jamie's roof with a snowball ready at hand. Jamie came out five minutes later wearing his snow gear and carrying a sled. On instinct, Jack Frost threw the snowball at Jamie's head. Jamie stood up and smiled aiming a snowball at Jack. He caught the snowball in his hand.

"Sorry, Jamie! Can't beat the king of Fun!" taunted Jack.

"Jack Frost! Thanks for the snow day!" yelled Pippa as she and Jamie's other friends arrived at the area.

"You're welcome." he replied. "But now, let's have a little fun!"

He threw snowballs at Jamie and his friends and all of them were a direct hit. There was a big snowball fight right before their eyes. Jack was overjoyed because he had spent 300 years watching snowball fights he couldn't join, but now he could and he was having the time of his life.

Jack had spent the day, taking Jamie and his friends sledding and having a snowball fight. In the early evening, Jamie's mother had called Jamie inside to for hot chocolate and a movie. Jamie had wanted Jack to stay and watch the movie with him, but Jack implied that he had to leave to bring snow days to other children of the world. After promising Jamie that he'll come back soon, Jack left for Japan since they were due for a blizzard. Using the wind to propel him through the sky, he just floated there in front of the moon.


Jack then left the moon for Japan. After arriving at his destination, he bumped into Baby Tooth, one of Tooth's little helpers. Baby Tooth was glad to see him as she happily flew around Jack's head squeaking joyfully.

"Hey Baby Tooth, how's it going?"

Baby Tooth replied with a couple of squeaks and grunts that nothing unusual has been happening recently since Pitch was defeated. She secretly whispered to Jack that Tooth had wanted a visit from him, not because Tooth wanted it, but all her helpers wanted him to come soon.

"I'll come stop by after I return from Japan, okay Baby Tooth?" laughed Jack as he petted the little hummingbird fairy.

Baby Tooth must have been very happy because she squeaked with joy and zoomed off, probably to inform Tooth or her comrades that Jack might visit. Jack chuckled to himself. He never really understood why Tooth had secretly wanted him to visit. Perhaps that she liked him, but it was unlikely…right?

Looking down at the kids in Japan who were asleep since it was still very early in the morning, he casted a cool breeze which turned into a big snowstorm in the matter of seconds. Smiling, he heard the shouts of early risers of Japanese kids who had heard the loud gust of wind. One of them spotted him and shouted at him.

"ありがとう, 冬将軍!" he had shouted. (Translation: Thank You, Jack Frost)

"どういたしまして!" replied Jack. (Translation: You're welcome!) He hoped that he had pronounced it correctly. Jack had learned a bit of how to speak different languages from Tooth, who had spent hours telling him about all the languages of the world. Feeling that he had done well today, he decided to go visit Tooth, who lived in Asia. Since he was there, he thought Indonesia would like a good rainstorm.

Arriving near Tooth's area, he had to stop to rest. The sun was blazing hot and it seemed to burn into his skin. Being a winter spirit, he couldn't stand being in the heat too long. He found out that he could melt if he stayed in the heat too long. Hiding under a shade of a tree, he started to pant. Using his power, he made himself an ice dome to preserve him so he wouldn't melt.

Suddenly, it melted as quickly as he made it, reducing it to a small puddle. Trying again, he made another ice dome to help him, but it melted again. He stood up breathing harshly and looking around. He knew that the spirit of summer was playing tricks on him again. His name was Flint Blaze. This annoying spirit had been bothering Jack Frost ever since he visited Asia for the first time. Flint would always melt his ice dome or turn his Snow Days back into school days.

"Flint!" he shouted angrily. "You know I can't survive in heat!"

"Calm down, Jackie!" replied a boy who was sitting up in the trees.

"My name is Jack Frost, Flinty."

Nuse's Character Profiles
Hey Nuse here! I'll introduce you about new characters that occur in this FanFic, so be sure to read this to make sure you understand everything!

Flint Blaze
Flint Blaze is the spirit of Summer and is a constant annoyance to the Guardians, especially Jack Frost. He has the power to light himself on fire, which he uses to fly (Similar to the Human Torch) and shoot fire from his hands. He carries around a flaming shield that he can use to charge while he is on fire (Like Flame Tackle from Pokemon). He was a son of one of the most richest people on earth and he was snobby; however he means well. He died when a robber lit is house of fire and he was burned to death at age 18. He was revived 100 years after Jack frost was revived, meaning he is 218 years old. From the start, he knew what he died for and he was angry that he didn't get to finish his life because he couldn't escape the fire. He wanted revenge, so he took out his vengeance at Jack Frost because he had died heroically saving his sister. Many kids believed him after he wandered around for 100 years so kids started to believe in him when Jack was 218 years old. Although being mean, he does does have a kind heart, but he was twisted because of something...

Flint has red hair and orange eyes. He wears a brown jacket with a green T-Shirt. He wears brown shorts and he is slightly more muscular than Jack. He has a tendency to burn Jack so he couldn't bring happiness to the children of the world.

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