Hey guys! Razor here! You weren't expecting this to be updated didya? Nope, guess the story is getting a complete revamp. I'm making a comic based on this story. That's right, you read it right, a comic. However it's going to have some major changes. So not exactly this story one hundred percent. I'll be changing Flint a lot and making Pitch more of a center antagonist and strengthening the bond between Jack and the other guardians. This will be focusing more on Jack and Guardians VS Pitch as opposed to Flint VS Jack. The name "Black Friday" will be more meaningful here. Friday the 13th to be exact (it is another name for Black Friday y'know).

Barbieshiek and Night Eve have left the editing crew for several reasons, leaving only me, Nuse, and Ninja to continue this full through to make sure it's still like the original.. We do have some new members of our group (Nova, Nami, Dia, Tani), but us three will be doing the most work. They might pitch in, but it'll be us. I (Razor) will be drawing the comic and Nuse and Ninja will be re-writing and re-reading the FanFiction. A lot of work, we are not sure when it's going to be put on the net. Be patient guys!

Now I'm going to give you a smidgen of what's going to changeā€¦

Flint is going to become the Legendary Salamander.
His age is going to be bumped down to about a little older than Jamie (eleven or twelve years old). He's going to transform into a salamander-like creature, who will have similar powers to his FanFiction counterpart. He's going to have a more fleshed out background and a more innocent personality as opposed to the jealousy in the FanFiction.

If you want to check out how I'm doing in the comic or you want to read it, you can go to my deviantArt page where I'll be posting my comic.


That is my username in Deviantart, same like in .. Since I can't post the link here, you will have to find the link yourself, but youcan also find the link on my profile.

I hope you enjoy this good news! I'm excited to start on it!