Just One Look

As she carries the little girl to her tiny bunk bed, Kairi tucks Xion's head just under her chin, allowing herself a moment to just feel the child in her arms. Much like her father, Xion feels warm and almost soothing in a way, though that was probably an effect of just having her safe at home. Either way, the child's heart beats in a way that makes her mother smile as she gently places her onto the bed and pulls her red and pink blanket over her body.

Xion dozes through this little process, only accenting her sleep with a soft mewl that sounded like it had come from a baby kitten when Kairi's gentle hand tucks the blanket beneath her chin. At hearing the sound, Kairi chuckles under her breath and lays a kiss on her baby's cheek, briefly snuggling her cheek against hers and getting another little new for her trouble.

She feels a warm arm circle around her waist and pull her in into another body and once again, Kairi can't help but chuckle. She lifts her head to see Sora watching her, a strange sort of smile playing on his lips as he gives her an amused little wink. As if responding to some unsaid prompt from her husband, Kairi slips her fingers in between his, straightening up just as he pulls her into his chest, cuddling with her just as she had with their daughter. He briefly flicks his fingers against the top of her hand before settling them perfectly in between the spaces of her fingers, and from the pleased look in his eyes, he knows that they were an exact fit.

The couple leans against each other, Kairi's head resting on Sora's chest, as they watch their little girl sleep peacefully with her teddy bear in her arms. They stand there for a few moments before Kairi finally pulls away in order to tuck the bear into the blanket so it wouldn't tumble out of Xion's arms. The moment that her hands touch the blanket however, Sora once again wraps his arm around her waist and picks her up, placing his head on her shoulder and inhaling deeply as he begins to walk towards the door. Kairi lets out a soft cry of protest, wiggling in her husband's arms as he begins to carry her out of the room. Since when is being carried like a princess part of the marriage deal?

The bear slaps Sora in the back of his head as it's flung past him, making him freeze in his tracks and look over his shoulder. Little Xion blinks sleepily, a grouchy expression that would have made her parents run for some coffee if she had been older. "I wanna play too." She demands in a pouting voice before she blinks and sinks back onto her blanket, immediately being knocked out the moment her head lands on the TV character patterned pillow.

Sora and Kairi only have to look at each other before they burst out laughing.