Four years.

The words don't mean anything to him, they are nothing but a jumble of letters. Four years. F. O. U. R. He grips at his aching eye as the verdict is read out to him, feeling nothing except that sick pain in what used to be his right eye. It hurts, it hurt beyond anything that the doctors could have warned him about and beyond anything that painkillers could dull away.

Riku says nothing when they tell him he would be in jail for another four years, he doesn't even react when the guard slides his hands into his arms and drags him forcibly to his feet. He feels nothing but numbness, nothing but a coldness inside of him that made his eyes dull and his footsteps slow. Four years at Destiny Island Prison for the Criminally Ill. Four years in an asylum for the true nutcases, four years without the people he loved.

Four years without Xion and Sora and Kairi.

At the direction of the guard and the psychologist that had been assigned to his case, Riku plods on into the courthouse and into the little room that he would wait in to go back to Destiny Island Penitentiary. He's thrown roughly at a chair, forced to sit in it by the ungentle guard that immediately turned to the psychologist and pulled her out a nice comfortable chair. The hard plastic of the foldable chair feels cold against his back but Riku still doesn't react, not even when the woman began to stare in his direction.

He just buries his face in his hands, refusing to look at anything. There was no point in looking at anything. He had lost. He had lost everything. The tears trickle down his face and burn wherever they hit the orange cloth of his jumpsuit, making him rock himself in that crappy little foldable chair. He wants to go home. He understands what he had done... and he still wanted to go home.

He feels someone looking at him but that doesn't matter to him. He wants to go home and he continues to cling to himself, praying somewhere in the back of his blank mind that he would wake up and that this would all be a dream. He wants to go home, he wants to go home and play with Xion again, to laugh with Sora again, to help Kairi like he always done. His heart aches within his chest and burns with the intensity of wanting to go home and it is all he can do to hold back a scream. He hadn't done it out of hate, out of rage, out of darkness, he had done it out of love. It was love, couldn't they understand that it had all been for love?

"Ain't no point in talking to him right now, miss," He hears the guard tells the psychiatrist in a quiet voice and he hears the soft tutting under his breath as the man tries to convince her to let up with her staring. But she does not say anything and so Riku continues to cry, clutching at his head as the pain in his heart grows worse, until it feels like someone was stabbing him in the heart. The woman says something under her breath but she smiles at Riku anyway, determined to make at least some headway. The guard sighs as the woman begins to move her chair closer to the silent inmate's. "Suit yourself, don't say I didn't warn ya. Guys like him are nothin' but cold fish."

The woman very lightly places her hand onto one of Riku's, making his fingers separate slightly as he continues to clutch at his head. Riku sees a crack of light and she sees a flash of gold beneath those white fingers. She was a very pretty woman, small even. If they had been in any other place, Riku might have approached her and asked her her name. As if listening to his thoughts, the woman quietly introduces herself. "My name is Rayna. I'm here to help you. What's your name?" She asks him in the sort of voice you would use with a very young child, soft and sweet and she slowly wraps her hand around his fingers. It was the voice he had once used on... Riku blinks once as she pulls his hand from his face and begins to watch her suspiciously. What did she want? Was she here to analyze him, break him down into a lot of little boxes and check them off?

Psychopath, bipolar, schizophrenic, was she going to label him into one of these boxes?

But a strange smile slowly crosses his face, his expression softening as he looks at the young woman. "My name... is … Riku." He hears himself saying, allowing her to lower his hands into his lap. Riku looks at her, at Rayna, staring at her childlike form in the neat little suit she had on. She looks young, extremely young... and vulnerable. But he wants to believe her, to believe in what she was telling him. "Can you help me?" He asks, curling his hand around the girl's finger, tightening it when she gets surprised and tries to pull away.

For a moment, the girl doesn't answer. But after a moment or two of silence, her head slowly nods and her hand relaxes into Riku's grip. As if it had been built to fit there.

Riku smiles and wraps his hand around hers properly, listening as she begins to speak to him and explain exactly what they were going to do at the hospital he was going to be living in from now on.