Chapter 27: Watching You

She looks up at the bus schedule again, making the person watching her flinch. The little bit of paper continue to absentmindedly show the times that the buses left the station, unknowing that one of its normal riders was still there. She had missed some bus from earlier, probably the one with all the little girls in the same uniform that she was wearing. It had left almost half an hour ago.

So the little girl hugs her toy to her chest, closing her eyes for a moment and allowing herself a chance to wish. The little girl, Xion, wishes for the bus to come back in for her, for the kindly old bus driver that he had seen driving the bus to notice she wasn't there, and for someone to come.

As he expected, no one comes, no one bothers to ask about the little girl sitting alone in the bus stop with only a small plush toy to keep her company. She is only one more sight in a thousand, one more person in a group, and she is nothing but a little shadow in the eyes of the adults around her.

But a pair of solemn blue eyes notices her tears and the owner of the sad eyes watches as the child cries secretly into her Goofy, pretending to simply hold it against her cheek. The tears look like liquid diamonds to the person watching her, something precious that he wanted to touch and to examine for himself. They look both cold and warm, and his fingers long to find out for himself. But her sad little state doesn't evade him. He knows that she is sad, although he does not know why. But he recognizes the sadness, having seen it a thousand times in a pair of dark blue eyes just like hers.

It is familiar, and he wonders if someone had hurt her. The little cheeks that were mashed in the side of the toy were pale from crying, not red from a person's hand. So she hadn't been physically hurt. He bites his tongue, watching her shake for a minute or so, feeling a well of pity that he didn't know that he had rise up inside of him. He had traveled far to get to this town, to provide information, and he had never expected to see this little girl crying. She was affecting him in a strange way, making his normally mute mouth want to speak.

For a moment, his mouth opens to speak to the crying little girl and to comfort her, to show her that it would be alright. But he falls silent again, knowing that it wasn't a good idea to try to talk to her. He couldn't talk to strangers. Instead, he simply tightens his grip around the hand he was holding, allowing himself to be led away. As they get on the next bus that had begun to fill up, his gaze remains focused on the little girl.

He presses his free hand on the window, trying to will her to look up at him. Her name echoes in his mind, a quiet whisper from an old voice.

Xion Hikari Minami. She was as beautiful as he had thought.