Chapter Thirty Two: If He

The three all stare at each other for a moment, each one thinking the various things that they didn't want to say out loud. Xion was in danger, Riku was almost out, they would have to move again, Roxas would probably go after Riku in order to get his revenge. There are a thousand things that they are thinking but a thousand more fears that they cannot bring themselves to say.

How could one know what their fears were? How could one know the way that Kairi's hands trembled and how her arms ached to have her daughter in them? How could one know Sora's instincts to take his wife and child and run as far away so that no one could catch them? How could one know Roxas' rage and pain at the idea of having yet another precious person taken away from him? How could one know the sorrow of Naminé's passing, her very presence in the room as the three friends stare at each other?

How could one know the fear of losing their child to someone who had been precious himself?

Sora turns to his wife before enveloping her in a tight hug, running his fingers through her auburn hair as she shook and clung to him. His tears trickle down his face before Kairi's do, and Roxas turns away from the scene.

The man shakes his head when Sora and Kairi look at him, simply raising his hand in order to tell them that he didn't mind if they cried for a bit. As he raises his hand, a little bit of his sleeve slips down his arm, and he accidentally reveals the deep scarring on his wrist. His long fingers curl into his palm as Roxas sits back in his chair, staring at his hand and wrist.

Kairi removes her arm from around Sora's waist and holds out her hand to the solemn Roxas, asking him to join them.

For a moment, he only sits there in confusion, his lashes dancing on his cheeks as he blinks rapidly. Then a slight smile crosses his lips, making a light suddenly sparkle in his eyes. Roxas gets up and wraps his hand around Kairi's before turning and putting his other one on Sora's shoulder. A few tears trickle down his cheeks as he smiles at them.

Then his expression turns dark as the tears start to fall down faster, thicker, warmer, and a thousand times more painful.

He shakes hard before burying his face in Sora's shoulder, letting out a low whimper that was actually a very muffled scream. Roxas screams into Sora's shoulder as he sobs and his hand tightens painfully around Kairi's, barely able to contain the agony he is suddenly feeling. It is all he can do to keep himself upright and the parents can only allow him to cry and to hold onto them.

It is a few minutes before Roxas' face lifts and Sora and Kairi can see the absolute agony in his eyes as he rips himself free from them. He rubs at his eyes hard, like a stubborn child refusing to cry and attempting to deny that he had ever been crying.

Sora flashes him a smile before leaning into him, whispering something into his ear quietly. It is clear from the way that he speaks that he does not want Kairi to hear and then Roxas' face suddenly clears. The rage vanishes and he smiles. A nod passes wordlessly between the two friends and they clap their hands together in a tight handshake, promising each other the unthinkable.