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Chapter Forty One: Meddlers

He reads the text message on his phone before picking it up and dialing the number. He flops to the floor and pulls the box into his lap, hugging it close to his body as he waits to be answered. As he waits, his body starts shaking from the sheer amount of hatred he was feeling.

Damn them all to Hades!

Riku drums his nails against the cardboard box he was supposed to be filling with clothes, too annoyed to continue packing. He is supposed to have finished packing all of his things an hour ago, but the number of phone calls and text messages he was getting was completely distracting him. Damn his family, especially damn his uncle and Xemnas' blasted nephews for meddling with his life!

"Pick up, you fucker…" the man mutters darkly into the ringing phone as his son toddles to him and drops some things into the box on his lap. Riku glances over at Haru before placing his hand on the boy's silvery hair and stroking it gently. "Don't repeat that." He tells him.

The three year old nods and walks back off into the other room, presumably to grab some more of his dad's clothes to put into the box. His father could hear him humming to himself, singing even that he was being helpful. Even so, the little boy's cheerful mode isn't quite enough to pull him out of his rage.

Finally, the phone makes the familiar click when his damn cousin finally answers. "Ah," the voice says calmly, even snootily to Riku's enraged perspective. "It is you, Riku… What is it?" His older cousin demands and like always, he sounds annoyed. Like Riku had interrupted something 'important.' "I am about to go to class, so please hurry up." The man sighs, already scolding him like he used to do when they were teenagers.

Damn it if he was going to let his blasted cousin get away with it.

"Stay out of my life, Zexion!"