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*** A Hazy Shade of Winter ***

It was a usual day on the Mothership for Pox, as he guided Crypto, having an equally usual day down on Earth gathering brainstems.
The warrior clone ran around an American suburb, grabbing brains to Pox's directions, taking only the most valuable ones.

"There's a group of soldiers heading your way, Crypto." Pox informed him telepathically as his scanners warned him of the military presence. "You'd best hide somewhere or head farther north, there's quite a lot of them."

"Got it, Poxy." Crypto responded, and jetpacked atop a rooftop, running across it.

He made his way across several roofs before gliding down to the streets again and continuing his harvest of brainstems from the surprised and shocked inhabitants of the area.
Pox kept an eye on him, keeping a telepathic silence between them for a while to let the warrior clone focus on his tasks.

The Furon Commander then looked up in surprise as he heard a noise coming from somewhere higher up the Mothership.

He turned around on his chair and looked behind him for a moment, checking if maybe the elevator was moving on its own again. It seemed stationary, and Pox just shrugged to himself. Maybe some space debris had hit the Mothership's shields…
He turned back to his viewscreens and noticed the human soldiers were still in pursuit of Crypto, nearing him from several directions but still out of the warrior clone's view.

"You'll need to relocate yourself again, Crypto." Pox quickly told him. "More soldiers have been summoned and they're again in your vicinity."

"Right, which way's clear…?"

"Head through those bushes to your left. You'll end up in a park of sorts."

Crypto did as he was told, and made his way through the undergrowth, soon encountering trees. He could then hear the soldiers near him shouting, and clearly following him.
As Pox watched Crypto moving further into the green to evade the military, the older Furon was not aware of the fact someone was sneaking up behind his cerebral chair.

That is, until, just as he typed in a few commands to his computers to bring up some stats, an arm was suddenly forcefully thrown around him, pinning him to his chair, and a rag was pressed against his mouth.

Pox immediately resisted the assailant with all his might, which, physically, wasn't much. All he could do was to try to get his arms free, which he managed, and then tried to pull the other arm that held the cloth to his face away from him.
He immediately recognized the smell of chloroform, and, realizing what it meant, Pox resisted even more desperately, unwittingly doing exactly what his attacked wanted.

His fierce movements required their oxygen, thus only making Pox pass out sooner by breathing in the chloroform.
He soon fell limp in his chair, his eyes closed, and his mysterious assailant let go of him.

"Alright, Poxy, which way now…?" Crypto asked telepathically as he neared the other end of the park he was still in, seeing more houses on the other side of the remaining bushes.

After waiting for a few seconds, he frowned to himself as he got no response.

"Pox?" he spoke, and looked around to check if he was still safe.

He then ran through the last bit of bush and across a road, to hide in a nearby backyard.

"Hey Poxy, talk to me." he said as he crouched behind a small brick wall. "You drinkin' that herbal crap again?"

Taunting his mentor was always a sure way for Crypto to get a response, but now, the other end of the telepathic line still remained eerily silent.
And by now, Crypto was becoming worried. Pox wasn't one to pull pranks. Maybe something was wrong…

The warrior clone then got up, and, after checking his surroundings, quickly made his way back to the Scout Ship.
After having quickly zoomed back up through Earth's atmosphere and over to the Mothership, all the way still trying to contact Pox, Crypto landed the saucer in the hangar, and exited it.

As he was about to make his way over to the elevator, he finally spotted Pox, lying on his side on the floor of the opening to the elevator hall.

"Pox!" Crypto let out, and intended to run over to him, but he immediately slowed himself down.

Things didn't add up. Pox was clearly unconscious, and his cerebral chair was nowhere around. Pox could never have gotten where he was on his own… This had to be some sort of trap…!

Now on hot alert, and ignoring the strict rules Pox had once made against drawn weapons on the Mothership, Crypto whipped out his Disintegrator Ray and wildly looked around him. Not long after, a small blue dart zoomed over and hooked itself into Crypto's left upper leg.

"Ow…!" Crypto let out, and immediately yanked it out of his skin.

He then realized he was now also in big trouble, as the dart had emptied its contents into the warrior clone's veins.
Furious, he threw it aside as he yelled,

"Dammit! Show yourself, you freakin' cowards!"

But the unknown intruders remained hidden as they watched Crypto pantingly stagger around, looking for them as the drugs from the dart spread in his body, and soon made him knock over various pieces of equipment and other random things standing around the hangar before Crypto finally ended up passing out on the floor.