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Kuvak knocked softly on the door and listened for the woman to answer. "Enter." Her voice soothed his ears, it was low and sultry, but to him it represented peace. She had helped him when the ragged edges of the bond he had with Tawny were open and bleeding his sanity all over the Forge. She had given him the chance to live, because the trauma of the separation had been so great, he knew he might surely die without help. Her voice now though sounded thick, as if perhaps she had been recently emotional, and he entered a little more cautiously than he might normally.

She was facing away from him, her blond hair done neatly in an archaic braid form of years gone past, and as he approached her he could see hundreds of pictures scattered over her desk. She was holding one and seemed to lost in looking at it's image. It was a young woman Vulcan woman, standing next to a tall black Vulcan woman, their arms around the other. They both looked proud, but what struck Kuvak about the olive skinned Vulcan woman was her piercing blue eyes.

Kuvak looked at T'Lyn and then leaned over to get a better look at the picture, "Who is she, Reldai?"

"A friend," T'Lyn said with a small sniff, "Her name was T'Hya, and from what I can tell, she is the progenitor of your clan, Kuvak." She glanced upward at him, "It took me some time to come to that, but after some research, I believe it to be true." Her head drooped, "Her absence is felt in my heart, Kuvak, she and I were great friends."

Kuvak straightened, a smile touched his eyes, "You were a part of my family's history?"

"A small part, Kuvak, T'Hya was a…force. One did not influence her, they merely taught her, and she influenced the world around her. I was digging out some things from my pack to give to you. " He turned and held out the picture, along with a small locket in the fashion of the old IDICs. "This was hers. And the Picture, I thought you might find it novel to have a picture of the woman who both founded your clan, and helped to bring logic to Vulcan."

Kuvak eyed the treasures, and held them both with great reverence. "Thank you, Reldai."

"Why have you come? I expected you and Sovar would be gone by now." She said returning to the pile of pictures on her desk.

"I wanted to thank you for your service to me when I first arrived, and ask for one last bolster before I went on my way." Kuvak replied, now engrossed in the picture. The weight of history glowed from its simple edge.

T'Lyn picked up another picture and her hand covered her mouth, Kuvak's eyebrows furrowed, "What's the matter Reldai?"

"Another dear friend, Kuvak, and one who…is also a progenitor of your clan." She put it away, sliding it under the pile, "But that is a story for another time, Osu. Not for today. "Centering herself she stood, "I will of course help you focus before your journey." She pointed to the sofa for him to sit.

Kuvak tucked his new treasures into a hidden pocket in his robes and moved to where T'Lyn had indicated. She too her place next to him and began to move to touch his face. He held his hand up making her pause. "Yes?" she asked.

"It occurs to me, that you just as I have lost your bond mate, and all of your friends in just as short of time as I have. Then this S'Vec took you and tortured you." His brows furrowed, "Who is helping you, Reldai?"

She gave him a wan smile, "Aiding others is my help, Kuvak. Helping you has allowed me to understand that I am not alone in my grief. Watching you grow stronger has given me the hope that I too can grow stronger. We are one, Kuvak, all of us…human, Vulcan, Romulan, Klingon, we are infinite diversity in infinite combination. Separate and the same." She looked into his eyes, "From our time I know some of this Tawny. One of the things I have felt in you that is her, is a speech impediment, that causes her suffering. When you find her." She placed a careful hand on his leg, and let the thought of WHEN not if hit his mind, "Bring her to me, and I will help her overcome this thing that burdens her heart. She and I have much in common."

Kuvak's eyes widened slightly, "If you would do this…Reldai do not usually work with humans…"

"Times are changing Kuvak, and will change. The Reldai have been segregated from the people for too long, I intend on changing this. Our path is a unique one, but our services should be available to all who have need. One day, perhaps, even as I am the first half-vulcan with this title, there will be a human or other species, who is Vulcan by choice, which walks this path." Her eyes brightened, "Perhaps even your beloved, Tawny."

Kuvak soaked in her words, "I do not think she is telepathic, T'Lyn."

"Most all humans have the potential to telepathy, Kuvak. I know that is not common knowledge even among their people, but it is true. She may, she may not, my point is that when she comes home with you she will be welcomed and embraced."

Kuvak fought fully smiling, it never touched his lips, but his eyes beamed, "When I first learned I had come to this new time, I was…reluctant. Now, I would not wish to be any other place. Things were much different in my time. Reldai were forced to work in secret due to the perceived deviant nature of the meld and touching of minds. Human/Vulcan relationships were also seen as deviant. Vulcans who took human mates were whispered to be traitors to the species. It is agreeable to know that when I find her, she will be welcomed."

T'Lyn considered Kuvak for a long moment, studying his face, thinking on his character, "Kuvak, I am going to tell you something. It is a something that Surak hypothesized, but not something he wrote down openly. It goes hand in glove with the concept of IDIC. If I tell you this I must have your promise that, until the proper time, you will not divulge the information to anyone."

Kuvak sat a bit straighter, "You have my word Reldai."

T'Lyn nodded, "Surak and I were speaking of Earth history, and indeed the history of many of the cultures I knew about. He got the strangest look on his face, and he began scribbling notes, calculations, and algorithms. Now, this is all theory, Kuvak. It has not been proven, but the implications of his theory amazed me. Given natural disaster, cataclysms and war, he calculated that there would be a time when all races would have to begin looking for mates outside their own race due to the genetic bottle necks that occur when massive populations are decimated. He also calculated that there would be a naturally occurring percentage of population that would be naturally receptive to "alien" genetics. My mother for example in comparison to Sarek's wife, Amanda. My mother was able to conceive and carry me and two other children to term, where Amanda and Sarek had to medically manipulate their conception. " her eyes were wide as her memory returned to Surak's fevered discussion about this hypothesis, and then suddenly she stood. "My logic, Kuvak."

Kuvak stood with her, "What, T'Lyn?"

She turned and took him by the shoulders, "Don't you see? Q! This has to be part of Q's plan. He is taking from time you few who have entered into such a relationship. He is bringing forward, Vulcan men and human women who…" she covered her mouth, "There is more, there has to be more to all this, and if this holds true…then he will bring other races into this as well. This cataclysm he hints at, whatever it is, he is ensuring the continuation of our species."

Kuvak's mouth parted but no words came out for the longest time, "I don't understand, T'Lyn. Are you saying that Q is doing some kind of genetic experiment?"

T'Lyn stifled a chuckle, "No, Kuvak, I am saying Q is creating a life boat. I am also saying that it is imperative that whatever means are needed you take them to get your Tawny back. You and she are essential to the needs of the many. "She pointed for him to sit, "Whatever you must do to find Tawny and bring her back, do those things. Because while you might feel that the needs of the one aren't as important as the needs of the many, my theory is that you and this group we are gathering are serving the needs of the many, but serving each other."

"I will, Reldai, I will." He swallowed not fully comprehending what she was telling him. "And if at all possible I wish also to look for my dear cousin, L'Vek and his bond mate."

T'Lyn nodded in agreement, "So be it, Kuvak. Now, to business, to bolster you so you can take your leave. Take good care of Sovar, Kuvak, and bring your Ashal-veh home." She pressed her fingers against his psi-points and gently caressed his mind, bolstering him for the trials ahead.