Sovar led Sevos into his private suite, allowing the man to sit down if he wished. He poured himself some water and offered his guest some, but Sevos declined.

"Did you discuss T'Lyn's bonding with Solok?"

"He was agreeable to it," Sevos said firmly. "I would know your thoughts on this."

"I am not agreeable to it," Sovar replied. "I believe she deserves better than you."

Sevos stared at him for a moment, "Then I am agreeable that the choice does not rest in your hands. I did not know you or anyone in this family had a streak of Shir Kahr elitism within you. The family of Gol, your family, comes from humble enough do not think an orphan deserves a chance to be well bonded?" he stood up and crossed toward him, "T'Lyn is agreeable to me, were it not so she would not have taken the bond." he clenched his jaw slightly and relaxed knowing it was not wise to attack a man who may hold sway over T'Lyn's choice...he did, after all, raise her. He took a deep breath and paced away.

Sovar stared at him, clenching his jaw to stop it from falling. "Forgive me," he said. "She was married to Surak himself...I saw an agreeable match with her and Sarek."

"Sarek has chosen another," Sevos repeated. "Perhaps she was agreeable to him, but he has made his choice. And I have made mine."

"That is correct," Sovar admitted. He sighed. "It is not my choice to make. It is hers, and yours, and if you have Solok's approval, I will not interfere."

Sevos opened his mouth, and then closed it, non-interference was not enough. No, he wanted acceptance. He had lived his entire live under the shadow of mediocrity, but not this time. "If I bring your grand-daughter home, help save her from S'Vec, will I have you approval in joining this house?" he said with an air of defiance. "It is not enough for me to have less than total acceptance into this family. I wish T'Lyn to be my bond mate, and this house to my house...revoking all other lines. I am an admiral in Star Fleet earning my title through logical hard work and dedication, a dedication I would bring to this house. If I do these things will you accept me?"

Sovar pondered it. "Yes," he said. "Merit is deserving of reward and respect. You will have my acceptance and my respect if you bring my little T'Lyn home. Now kindly send my wife in here."

Sevos nodded and exited the room.


Sienna found Sovar looking at himself in the mirror, and she walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his middle.

"Dinner is almost ready," she murmured into his back. "Perhaps another half an hour. This is your room?"

Sovar twisted around taking her in his arms, a mischievous twinkle playing behind his blue eyes, "This is our room." he purred, "This is one of our houses, to be precise. We have another in Shir Kahr." he ran his fingers down her cheeks, "I welcome thee, my wife, into your home. After supper I thought it might be agreeable to you to...have a tour of the grounds and perhaps..." He bent down and kissed her lips giving her a slow delicate human kiss, before pulling back, now both of his hands resting at her cheeks, "show you what the vulcan sky looks like while you lay upon your back." He raised both of his eyebrows, "Does that sound...agreeable?" he smirked and sent erotic pulses through his fingertips.

"Maybe I can see what the Vulcan ground looks like, hm?" she retorted, shoving him up against the dresser. "What do you say to that, Vulcan?"

He nipped at her neck. "Do be careful, Sienna, or you and I will miss dinner."

"I am hungry," she admitted. "But I'm also...hungry..." She stared deep into his eyes to get her meaning across. His eyes flashed.

"What are you implying, Sienna?"

She rolled her eyes. "You tell me. Just out of curiosity...what'd you do with your book?"

Sovar reached around her waist and pulled her close, "Are you insinuating I require more study to please you, Ashaya?" His eyebrow rose slightly and he smirked, "Or do you wish to play a game of pick a page and perform the action." he swept her up into his arms carrying her like a child toward his bed. "Because I have it memorized you need only say a number from 5 to 110."

With a small growl he lay her across his bed, staring into her hazel eyes, "We will have a later last meal than the others I think..."

She shook her head up at him, giggling nervously. "With all these people-"

"The walls are thick," he murmured, nosing her neck. He licked her flesh, and she shivered. "And the room is soundproof..."

Sienna moaned and breathed out. " 72, I guess, but first..."

She leaned up and took his entire ear into her mouth, using her tongue to brush along its curved edge. He emitted a rumbling growl, but she flicked her tongue over the tip of it and made a small noise of contentment. "I like doing you like it?"

His eyes became hooded, "Very much so, my Ashal-veh." His fingers ran over the ridge of her blunt ear, "I believe you will agreeable to page 72, I found it fascinating myself..." He began sliding her robes off of her shoulder with the ghost of a grin playing over his lips. He had become whole again, his katra twinned as he never believed possible since T'Pel's death. Sienna did not replace her, no, she was her own wonderful being...she added to him in new unexpected ways, ways he hoped he had another 80 years to explore. "Now do try to behave like a lady Sienna, no wild loud noises..." he said in his straight laced vulcan monotone, though his eyes glittered mischievously.

Tawny was putting moisturizer on her hands and watching Kuvak slid on his night robe, "I have to tell you, I'm not surprised that we didn't see Sovar and Sienna at dinner tonight." she grinned, "That Solok seemed a bit put off by it, but I think it's cute." She placed her cream on the side table and sighed contentedly, and held open her hands to Kuvak, "Come here sweetie. It's been too long since we slept in a real bed together."

Kuvak took her into his arms and buried his nose into her hair, inhaling her sweet scent. "Indeed, ashaya," he whispered. "Oh, I am grateful that you are here with me again. I am not sure how I would have gone on living without you at my side. You are my everything, Tawny."

She nuzzled his neck, and he felt the first stirrings of passion in his blood. But he suppressed it, wishing his wife to get some rest this night. There would be time for more intimacy later. And besides, he had his children to consider. The health of the mother had to be maintained if the children were to be healthy.

"When will we know the sex of our children?" he asked, pulling her into his arms.

"The midway checkup, but earlier if the baby is positioned the way, I was betting Emmie would have a girl, and I was right. But I can't remember what we agreed on...I think L'Vek has the right to do whatever he wants with Emmie if she lost..."

Kuvak remembered his bet with Sovar, and he sighed. "What punishment would you enact on me if I lost a bet?"

Tawny grinned, "Anything I want." She booped the tip of his nose softly. "And I want a lot." she giggled, and snuggled into his arms. Laying her head on his chest she smiled hearing his fluttering heartbeat. "I'm glad your mom came with us. It feels strange knowing that everyone I knew...well, most everyone I knew is now gone, so having T'Mil is like having a momma still. With these babies coming, that feels great. What do you think of the other ladies...are there others I can adopt or who might adopt me?" She did not know why, but she felt a sudden desire to have Moms and aunts as her babies grew in her stomach.

"V'Lar will adopt you, and if my first impression of him is correct, Oratt would be more than happy to call you daughter." He smirked. "I knew him vaguely...when we were married, he was a very disagreeable man...I don't think a single Vulcan called him friend, but most respected him for his position. He earned his rank through hard work, but he was aloof, and never very sociable or approachable. And now I see him...I see a new man. I'll have to observe him to see how much he has changed, but he has changed. We've all changed."

He sighed into her hair. "Everyone in this family will look after you and our children. T'Mil, V'Lar...T'Lyn when she returns. All will help you, and the other ladies who have had children will help you as well. There's an Earth expression, 'we're stuck with each other'...correct?"

She grinned up at him, hearing his words, and feeling through their bond his sincerity, "You better believe it, Kuvak." she squeezed him close, "You know, even when we were abducted, and taken to that place...I wasn't ever scared not even a little." She looked up into his blue eyes and smiled, opening their bond wide so he would feel it was the truth. Leaning up she kissed him soft at first and then deeper letting her tongue taste his mouth. She pulled back and stroked his ears, "No sir, I wasn't scared for a minute."

"May I ask why?" He was proud of her for not being afraid, but he wanted to know the reason.

"Because I knew you'd never give up until we were back together."

He felt a surge of immense satisfaction. "Yes, you are correct. You are everything to me."

"Parting yet never parted, right?"

He offered her a rare grin and captured her lips in a sweet kiss.

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