TheLucky38: I was thinking when I was watching TV, that there should be a Christmas in Avatar. So I decided a very first christmas in the show. I know that I can get it up just right. It takes place in Ba Sing Se when the Gaang was talking to each other and Aang starts talking about something that surprises everyone. Disclaimer!
Disclaimer: I dounut Avatar the Last Airbender.
TheLucky38: 'Faceplam then an idea.' I gave him a present and he opend it. It was a live dynamite and it expolded on him while I got out of there. He was suppose to say do not.

Starting of Christmas...

The snow was falling from the skies of Ba Sing Se with the entire land in peace. It just started, so it's not that cold out yet. Though some Fire Nation citizens who where visiting the city started to freeze with frozen icicles in their noses. That's disgusting to anyone. Someone pukes and it freezes. A kid walked up and asked what it is. The guy gave it to the kid and he starts to lick it. That is not what I expected at all.

The Gaang was at a meeting where they discuse what is going to happen to the city if it starts to get really cold. The obvious answer is called a winter coat, but they thought it wasn't going to be enough. So Aang, Katara, Sokka, and Zuko had to deal with some random ideas that the consel came up with.

"What if we set houses on fire?" said one of them. Is that stupid?

"Are you crazy? Not only would that destroy houses, brings up even more winter cold, but it will cost billions of Earth Kingdom currency." stated Zuko. He was in his royal Fire Lord robes that he wears for meetings such as this. He grew up to be a great Fire Lord, not listening to his father's evil ambitions that could of set off another war.

He had to attend for this meeting for the failure of the Peace Harmony Resteration movement. Ever since that day, it turned upside down for both Nations. They hoped that by making them a new Nation that it will settle things.

"It maybe crazy." said Sokka. "But if we do that, everyone could be warm." He was the same Sokka, but a little taller. He had a new sword that he had handcraft ever since he lost his old one. Though Sokka looks more mature, he still isn't mature.

"Sokka." said Katara. "Are you crazier then Azula? People will lose their homes and their lives if that happens." Katara looks more mature then before. Having more of her mother's face and a little bit of her father. Her being a Sifu Waterbender, and the Avatar's girlfriend. Katara knew that being with Aang, means being in pointless meetings such as this.

Aang, who was right next to her, nods his head in agreement. "Katara is right. If we allow reckless burning in the city, then how are we suppose to quell them?" Aang looks more mature then he was when he was a kid. He had hair because Katara love it when he has hair on his head. So he agreed to shave it every 3 months so that she can see it.

"Oh come on Twinkletoes!" said Toph, his old Sifu Earthbender. "Would be great to break some rules in this city for once." Toph is just starting her growing session. It happened a few months ago, and she is quite the figure. A lot of boys, besides Aang, had their eyes for her. Sokka had eyes for her for awhile, until he realized that Suki had her fans at the ready. That was only 2 weeks ago that it happened.

This whole thing started to make more and more sense. In the end, they got rid of the idea of what to do in winter. For that only a good coat and a fire will warm anyone. Aang and Katara knew that only thier love together is the only warmth that they needed. Ah those two are just perfect for each other. Always watching each others backs and kissing from time to time. It's just wonderful.

Then an old idea comes to Aang's mind. He face palms himself for not realizing what it was at all. "I have an idea that I did when I was a little kid." This must be importent.

"Oh come on." said Sokka. "Your stilll just a kid." That made a certain someone get angry.

"Aang is perfect when he acts like a kid." said Katara. "At least he acts more mature then you." Her voice almost sounded hostile. That made Sokka back down for now. "Aang what is the idea?" trying to disscus the topic.

This answer made the entire room say something that could shock even you. "What if we had Christmas?"

Everyone looks at each other with puzzled faces. Aang couldn't understand what made them do that. Even Katara was confused about what he said and usually she wouldn't? "Christmas who?"

That made the Airbender shocked, as well as anyone who is reading this story. I told you that it would happen, but you just thought I was making a joke. "You guys never heard of Christmas?" thinking it's too good to be true. They must be playing a joke on him.

"Sorry Aang. I never head of Christmas until now." said Katara.

"It started in your home." said Aang.

That made everyone curious to know what Christmas is. So they stayed seated to know the truth.

"Tell us more about this, Christmas. Avatar Aang." said the main councilman. Wanting to know the one hundred year knowledge of Avatar Aang. Even if he is technically 12 years old.

"Ok here is the story." said Aang. Now they sit down to know what 'Christmas' is. Will they be convinced or will there be a scrooge amoung us?

TheLucky38: Cliffhanger! Someone told me that Cliffhanger's are bad for your health. I highly doubt that 'cough' at all. I am doing 'violently coughing' fine. So what is Christmas? Find out when I am ready with the next chapter. Oh and you get to decide who the scrooge should be. Here is the list.

A: Sokka.
B: Zuko.
C: Mai.
D: Earth King Kuei.