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A Good Night's rest...

Winter snow upon the sky. Falling down to it's great surprise. To make it pile up from a slumber of snow. Making sure that there's no grass that shows. Nothing can stop that endless blanket that encircles the town of Ba Sing Se. People cannot tell it to stop from freezing the bay. Although it's deepness may put some in gloom. There can also be love that rises it bloom. Seeing the lights that reflect the snow that hovers the clouds away from emotions that try to make it stay it's sway onto the people. Lights from the stars also form it's brightness to see the showering flakes. May it's greatness improve it's love on those who might be unfortunate to take it's everlasting emotion of lust, bliss, and many emotions that reflect in loves grasp.

Lights around the city of Ba Sing Se are taking it's everlasting rest from the people that quell it from their houses. For someone was about to give them what they rightfully deserve from those who show improvement of being happy after the war that destroyed so many stories of the armies that had no choice but to do it for their Nation. May their souls rest from the torment.

In one the guest rooms of Iroh's tea shop. Avatar Aang and Waterbending Sifu Katara are kissing on their bed, as the heavenly snow falls outside their window. Nothing could ever ruin a passionate moment, especially with Sokka out of the building. But this is not going to be an ordinary night. This is Katara's win from Who Dares Win happening. Although, her mind was telling her a much better idea on what to do with that win.

Katara breaks the kiss, although disappointed, to tell Aang another idea on what to do with the costumes they have acquired from the merchant. "Aang," she said, making sure he looks at her seriously, "I think we shouldn't do any foreplay with our costumes at all tonight, or any night."

Aang puts his hand on her lap, trying to figure out what had caused her to feel odd. "Why Katara? Not that I'm complaining or anything, but why?"

"It's just the idea alone. I highly doubt he would have sexual relations with elf's in his workshop. And not only that, but I don't want to be someone I'm not. At least in bed." Knowing she had been someone else before. One time pretending to be the Painted Lady to heal people, despite the fact they were Fire Nation people back in the Hundred Year War.

To respond to what Katara said, he pulled her into another kiss. After that, he looked into her eyes again. "I completely understand. Not because of the win in the game, but because of what you said that makes complete sense." Then holds her hand, as she holds his as well. "I wouldn't imagine a woman more beautiful then you."

"Thank you, my noble Aang." Thus they lay down on the bed, covers over their bodies. And yes, they aren't naked. They have underwear on. "But I wish we had an idea on how we can still use our outfits. This is the very First Christmas for everyone since almost a hundred years ago."

With what Katara had just said, the young Avatar came up with the most generous idea. "I think I have an idea that might just work."

So he explains the idea to Katara, herself being serious about what plans Avatar Aang has in store for Christmas tomorrow. Something inside her mind was having day dreams on what to do with Aang right now. Luckily, although to her sadly, Katara mentally pulled those fantasies out to know what to do tomorrow. Besides, they have all the time in the world to try those things later. An evil smirk in her face, but changed quickly when Aang looks at her with suspicion.

"Are you alright Katara?" He asked. He saw that evil smirk into a blush that matches Christmas red. It seems Katara was having her dirty fantasies again.

"Of course Aang? Why do you ask Aang? What's your plan Aang? When are you going to tell me..." Katara saying the questions really fast that it was almost gibberish.

"Calm down Katara. We're in our bedroom. No one can hear us." said Aang. Is he sure?

"Will you two shut up in there. I'm trying to sleep." Screamed Zuko in the other room.

"Hey, were having a conversation here!" Yelled Katara.

"For what? Having sex again. We heard you going at it way too much!" yelled Mai, who was with Zuko.

"Guys, tis the season of giving. Lets take it easy." said Aang in a calm way, yet raising his voice.

"Ok, but if I hear any more sex puns I am going to seriously burn your room." argued Zuko.

"He will too." said Mai, backing up Zuko.

There was a sudden confidence in Aang that he swore he never had before. "Oh yeah. Well I've mastered all 4 elements, and beaten your daddy. So bring it, bitch!"

"Ok..." said Zuko quietly. As if he really lost the argument.

Katara has seen this side of Aang during the Hundred Year War, but that was just fighting alone. The verbal argument when Aang said that to Zuko turned her on a bit, too much.

"I'm sorry about that Katara. I guess talking too loud isn't good for everyone around us." said Aang, gaining his character back to the way it was.

Katara accepted the apology with a kiss on the mouth and a touch to his cheek.

"How about I just tell you the plan tomorrow." suggested Aang.

"You don't have to. I already know." said Katara, with a wink in her eye.

"Ok. But if you forget, I'm going to have to remind you with a spanking." he said with a grin.

Even though Aang's peaceful. Katara knew his other side well. During this passionate nights together. But she wasn't lying, she was telling the truth. If she did forget, it would mean a spanking. Either way, it was a win for her. So with a nod on her head, and a giggle from inside her mouth, she agreed to Aang's terms. Then asked, "Can we sleep together naked tonight?"

"Someone's a bit eager, but I'm not saying no." he said.

True to his word, they were taking off their clothes to show off their bodies. Aang took off his robes, knowing that Katara always has a hard time working around it. Katara had her dress and only had to lifts it off from bottom to top. Now the two of them are just an underwear away from embracing their hot bodies. Aang's buldge was showing from his blue boxers. While Katara's wetness was showing from her orange panties and bra. It seems they were wearing their Christmas clothes, and didn't put it under the tree in wrapping paper.

"Orange looks sexy on you. Especially when I see that." Aang said, as he puts his hand on her covered womanhood.

"The blue certainly suits well. I think it looks tight." Katara said, responding with her hand on his covered manhood.

"We'd better take them off and spoon before we pass the point of no return. We both know that Zuko and Mai are listening." said Aang.

"Damn right." said Zuko and Mai at the same time. Making the two more embarrassed.

Instead of taking off their colorful underwear themselves, they decided to take each others off. Aang and Katara take off her bra, since Katara has one more than Aang to take off to show their natural form, he was holding onto her D sized breasts while she was removing it from the back. Then Katara takes off his blue boxers, knowing she can't rip it off like the other ones, and lays it in their clothing, next to the bed. Finally, Aang removes the orange panties that was causing her so much sexual pain.

controlling their hormones wasn't easy, but they went under the covers and spooned together. Aang having his arms around her stomach while she embraces him and lets out a sweet moan.

"I love you." they both say in unison. And ends their night with a kiss. As tomorrow, Christmas day will begin again. Under the benevolence of the people. Hopefully Sokka can join too.

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What will Sokka's fate hold? Will it fair for him in the end? Will Suki fall for Zuma? Will Luna get her present? All these questions will eventually be answered later on. Merry Christmas!