TheLucky38: I just realized that I forgot to give out the ages that Aang, Katara, Toph, Zuko, Mai, Suki, Sokka, and everyone else. Except Luna. She's about 7. So here are the ages. Just add how old they were in the series, plus 4 years. So 4 years after the war. I'm not going to say how old they are, because I'm sure you guys looked in a Wikipedia, heard it on the show, or something like that. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

It's great to know that Sokka can have the heart to change. But we all know that there might be one little thing that he will always be concerned about. Do you know what that is? If you answered the question, before I told it, I salute you. If you haven't, but tried or didn't because you wanted the answer, I still salute you. That would be...

Aang and Katara are in a lustful embrace together, and intimate. Now I won't lie, there have been people that wanted a Kataang lemon. I am happy to say that this is the lemon chapter. For those who are too young, or can't handle it at all, you should not read this chapter. If your ok with it. I hope you'll enjoy it. Again, it's been awhile. So I'll try my best to bring out a good Kataang lemon. Hopefully, I can do fluff. I think... Enjoy the chapter!

6 hours before Sokka wakes up, and 3 hours after midnight. Basically Sokka wakes up at 9:00am, and it's now 3:00am. If you're confused, I don't blame you...

The city of Ba Sing is more quiet than usual. Everything was dark, the houses, the shops, and even the street lights. The snow falls down to the earth in a graceful way. Animals, that usually go around the city to explore, eat, and survive, are in their shelters with their family, all huddled to keep warm. Every citizen of the great city slept in silence, even the children who don't go to bed so early. For they await for Christmas from Santa, and the presents that they'll receive.

There are two people that might give out their presents a little early. Not from Santa, of course, but from each other. This present gives them something better than any other. To receive this present, one of them has to wake up first. Which one, you may ask? Let's see.

Aang wakes up to see that everything dark. He has no idea what time he was, which is natural for an early morning without sunrise. But he does, in fact, know exactly where he was. Laying in the same bed as Katara, naked, and in a spooning position. His left hand is on Katara's stomach, while his right hand was in a very wet area. And he knew exactly which area that was for two reasons. One, he's been in that area many times, and two, he was hearing a soft moan from Katara.

He realized that his desire was so great, that his subconscious mind made his hand go down between Katara's legs. Aang, trying not wake her up, moves his hand around her folds. It was his hormones that caused him to act this way. Katara has that too. Some days, when there alone, they start off with a harmless joke, flirt, or chat. Eventually, they end up in bed together. Just like they almost did last night, on Christmas Eve, before Zuko and Mai ruined their privacy.

'I wish the walls were soundproof.' Thought Aang, as he puts his middle finger inside Katara's pussy, which isn't the curse finger when it's somewhere more appropriate, then he puts another finger for more pleasure. 'I should wake her up. But then again, she hasn't done that for me. At least, not telling me to.' He then pumped slowly. It's not that he didn't want to wake Katara up, he'd gladly do that any moment. But he knew that someone would hear him. And since Luna is Katara's prodigy, it wouldn't be a good idea for her to catch them in the act.

So Aang decided to not go beyond just sleeping naked, by having sex. But that doesn't mean he can't help Katara release her juices. With his left hand, which is still on her stomach, he moves it towards her nearest breast. He also feels one of her arms on her chest, so he uses his index finger on her nipple. After moving it in circles about 3 times, the nipple starts to harden. But that's not the only thing that's starting to harden. And it's not from Katara.

With all this excitement, Aang's blood starts pumping to his loins. It started to grow to about ten inches, poking at Katara's butt. To be more accurate, it was in-between Katara's butt. If Aang wasn't turned on before, he is now. The situation seemed to be harder and harder to not make him want to wake her up. To kiss her, to be intimate with her, to love her like he never did before. He was beginning to worry that this was going too far.

"Aaaaaannng." Moaned Katara. It wasn't loud, but Aang can hear her clearly. She must be dreaming about him. So he continued, trying not to moan loudly either. In his opinion, it was a bit odd. When Katara moans, she becomes very loud. Same thing for him, but only when Katara really wants him to moan. Then again, he was going slow and quiet.

'Wait. I just got an idea.' Aang thought. He takes the two fingers, which are filled with Katara's juices, and puts them in front of her face. Carefully, so he doesn't poke Katara's closed eyes, he brought them up to her lips. He would of brought them closer, but Katara's lips suddenly licked them. Up, down, and side to side. She was using her mouth to no end. But she wasn't going to stop there. With one of her hands, she tilted Aang's fingers straight towards her mouth. While he wondered why, the Waterbender took them inside her mouth. Giving them an unimaginable suck.

This was giving Aang an idea of what Katara was dreaming about. It was defiantly a wet dream. And she seemed to enjoy it a lot. To make it better, she was actually dreaming about him. That made him feel like the happiest man in the world.

"Oh Harrrruuuuu." moaned Katara, when he regained control of his fingers when she pulled out.

"That's right Katara. I'm Haru... What?!" Aang tried to be quiet, but was shocked to hear that Katara mentioned Haru in that way. What was going on here? First about Aang, then Haru? What in the name of bison was she talking about? Was that whole "Aaaaaannng" moaning his imagination. He stopped messaging Katara's womanhood, removes his hands from her body, his manhood softens, and he turns around to face the other side.

That was a big blow to his self estem, and an even bigger blow to his confidence, and the biggest blow to their relationship from blooming like a valley of Panda Lilies. Did she think of Haru more than him? This just made him a bit sad inside. It just seemed like nothing can get him to be happy again. It all seemed, different.

Suddenly, Aang felt two hands, one on each shoulder. The next thing he knew, he was forced to lay on the bed, on his back. The covers were removed, down to the floor. Aang felt a pure, lovely, sexy woman on top of his body. Even if they met those qualities, he only wanted to feel the warmth of the only one that he loves. And her name was...

"Kata..." Aang tried to say, but Katara quickly puts a finger to his lips. Giving everything a moment of silence. Then moves her head to one of his ears, and whispered words that immediately made him feel happy, confused, laughed, and hard.

"You're always so jealous, Aang. That, and a bit too devious in bed. But I knew you were playing those tricks. You thought I was still asleep when you first looked at me. But I wasn't. I was wide awake when you gave me your 'silent pleasures' to me." She then moves her butt, back and forth, on his cock. "I knew why you were quiet, of course. I don't want anyone to find out what were doing, especially Luna."

Katara was moving her breasts, with her hands, while saying her quiet speech. "You wanted to touch me. But you did it while I was 'asleep.'" She sensed that Aang was ashamed. "That was a well thought out plan of yours. I always manage to give you a morning delight, during our vacation days. So you wanted to return the favor. I like that. Because I know you care about me enough to try that too."

"Katara..." He moaned again, while looking at her direction.

"Don't talk, or moan, too loudly Aang." She said, and gave him a sexy wink. "Now let me finish." Katara then uses her left hand, and reaches towards his manhood. The Waterbender can really feel it, wanting her hand. Knowing how Aang likes it, she moves it up and down. "Remember that game Who Dares, Wins?"

Aang, who was in too much pleasure, nodded his head once, in a fast motion. He couldn't say anything, fearing that he'll moan too loudly. Why does she have to tease him so.

"After I won, I decided to finally say what I want to do Aang." She gives Aang a kiss on the cheek, and more kisses on the way down to his legs. She kept kissing around his shaft, wanting to give him a torture lesson. "Do you want to know what that is, Aang." Giving him the puppy eyes.

He nods again, but Katara was still kissing around his shaft. Aang kept up the nodding, but still she keeps up that evil temptation. The Airbender tried to get up, but he was pinned down by her hands immediately. This is too odd to figure out. He gave her his answer.

"I'm sorry Aang. I still haven't heard anything from you? Except getting up from the bed." She then uses her index finger, from her right hand, and moves it up and down his shaft. Slowly.

This extreme torture was too much for the Avatar. Katara always finds a way to get him to talk. So he tried to carefully say it, as quiet as he could. "Yes..."

Katara makes a 'I can't hear you.' gesture.

"Yes.." Aang said a bit louder.

Still, Katara has that gesture still standing. As her index finger stops on the tip, and swirls it around.

"Yes." Aang said, almost like a whispery shout.

"I think you forgot another important word." said Katara.

"Yes. I want you to give me that pleasurable idea that will get me to cum so much, you won't drink it all!" Aang shouted, but with a whisper again.

"You missed a word. Where are your manners hiding, Aang?" Sticking her tongue out, and licks her lips.

"Please." He begged.

"Say it all. And with a little more detail." Katara was showing Aang an arousing grin.

"Yes, my beautiful, sexy girlfriend! I want you to give me that wonderful, amazing, pleasurable idea that will make me shoot out so much of my cum, you won't be able to drink it all down you're sweet, tight throat! PLEaaaaaseee!" He wasn't fooling around anymore. Katara was making him feel excited. And worse, he almost yelled out please, but quickly whispered.

This game wasn't over yet. "I think that sounded like desperation. Plus, you did yell a bit too loud. Can you please repeat it, with a begging expression. With no screaming in anyway." she puts her left hand, in her pussy, and rubs it with a grin on her face.

"Katara!" His whisper was becoming louder. Aang was through being patient.

Katara takes her hand out, and puts her index finger on his lips again. "Shhhh!" She said. "Don't want to wake up the residence." She knew that this was too much teasing. So to make her Airbender feel better, she gave him a kiss on the lips. Forcing her tongue to dig inside his mouth. Thus, Aang uses his own tongue to give into the desires that they were enjoying together.

When she pulled out, she wanted to tell him something. In case he was still out of it. "Oh, and about me saying Haru, in a moan." She goes up towards his chest again, sitting on top of his chest, and whispered in his ear again. "I was only kidding."

In a way, Aang kind of knew. But that did bring him a little stress. "Your tricks are always... Oh yeah..." He was about to scold, but was interrupted when Katara started to give him the help he needed. His shaft was becoming harder and harder, with her very soft hands.

"I guess you're off the hook, for now." Katara goes back to where she was before, while her hand was still preoccupied. She lays down on the bed, on her stomach, between Aang's hips. She separates his legs just enough so she can have some room. Hearing him say her name, in that moaning, loving way, just made her go faster. "Do you want to know what I really want, oh mighty Avatar." She then takes his cock, licks the tip, and lets it go inside her mouth. Giving it a good sucking.

"This isn't another tease, is it?" Aang was trying to sound serious, but his voice became quickly over joyed when he said 'is it?'

"Omh couhmrs mot." Katara said, while giving him deep throat.

"You shouldn't talk... With your mouth full." He joked. Having an enjoyable time from the vibrations of her voice.

The Waterbender pulled out, having a little of his pre-cum in her mouth. "Of course not. I'm just going to tell you what it is." She licks a little more of his tip. "After I give you my apology present." With that said, in a whisper, she goes back to giving him a good sucking.

This is one of the most intense, sexual pleasure that they've ever enjoyed. Who knew that last night wouldn't be their night together. But they did talk too loud. Loud enough to get a lecture about having sex, from Zuko and Mai. It's kind of ironic, because they heard them have a good time after the last Fire Nation meeting. Concerning about people's complaints of not having the colonies after the Hundred Year War. Having a colony that long can change a lot of perspectives in the world.

Anyways, Katara was still giving Aang a blowjob. His constant moaning, and groaning, was telling her that he was very close to cumming. Knowing that he needs a little more, she takes her mouth out of his shaft. Making it endure the cold, dark, morning. Katara doesn't do anything.

"What are you doing Katara?" Aang was that close to screaming, but contained his voice to be silent.

"Just giving you the main event." Katara takes both of her D size breasts, and squeezes them together on his cock. Giving him a warm feeling in the night. She looks up to see that Aang moved his head upward, his eyes closed, and holding in his moan. Now, she'll give him another challenge on staying quiet in situations like the one their in. The Waterbending Master sucks on the tip.

"Katara. Why do you have to tease me so?" He managed to quiet himself, but asking an arousing question like that was hard to keep his voice down.

Taking her mouth out of her sweet morning snack, she decided to answer him after a quick show. Katara opens her mouth, filled with his pre-cum, closes it for a short time. When it opened, it was all gone. Swallowed without hesitation. "Well Aang, I'm going to be honest." To give him more pleasure, she moves her mounts faster and faster. "It's a good being a teaser for the pleaser."

Aang forced his eyes to stay open, because he doesn't want to miss the horny look on his girlfriends face when his cum is on her. "But it's also good being a pleaser to the teaser."

"Is that another one of your Airbending Monk quotes?" She just loved hearing it go both ways.

"Nah. I just switched them around. Did you get that quote from the Southern Water Tribe?" He had to admit, it was a great quote.

"Nope. I came up with it."

"Looks like I'm not the only one who gives out advice." He smiled. Katara gave him a lesson. A little bit must of rubbed of on her. He grunts, knowing he's close. "I'm cumming Katara. Please, do it!" He did another whisper shout. Maybe a little too high of a whisper shout.

"Now that's begging." Katara puts her mouth on the tip again. Moves her breasts, one on each side, up and down.

"I'm cumming!..." He yelled, but calmed down, as he came hard inside Katara's mouth. Feeling her melons out of the way, and her mouth going down further, made him feel very relieved.

Katara managed to get all of Aang's cock inside, even the throat. Having his sweet, salty cum down into her stomach. When it was all finished, Katara pulled out of him. Although she got most of it, some went on top of her breasts. She couldn't let it go to waste. So, with her hand moving her breasts towards her mouth, she licks it off. Seeing him look at her with desire made her hornier.

"I believe it's time." said Katara, as she takes the leftover cum from her chest with her finger. Licking it like she did to Aang's shaft.

"You mean the dare you wanted?" asked Aang. He knew that Katara giving him a blowjob was just a warm up. But there was no reason to deny that at all. Especially when their together.

"You know me so well." She smirked. "Can you guess what I want?"

Aang and Katara had sex, three years after their relationship started. They enjoyed the kissing they shared together. Nothing could stop them from enjoying each others company. Except for Sokka, but that was because he was way overprotective than he should have been. Later, their kissing became more intimate, and couldn't control themselves no longer. Their first time was in a magical place. Their first room together, during the conference in the Northern Water Tribe. Sokka refused it at first, but was scolded by Katara. Mostly, because Sokka always shared a room with Suki, all the time. They really hopped that Sokka will be more calm, and rekindle his relationship with Suki.

"A spanking?" Aang knew it wasn't it, but he was doing a mental tease.

"Even though I've been naughty, including you, nope." Giving him a smile, while standing up.

"A magnificent kiss?"

Katara moves her head towards Aang. Her lips touches his. And their tongues collided to a lovely dance.

"That's part of it, but your close."

"I'm going to say. You want to be on top." Aang knew all along. He just needed motivation to get hard again.

"You're absolutely right Aang." She whispered, but almost went off in a high pitch at "absolutely". Smiling at the fact that he was hard again.

"Is that going to be your reward for winning that wonderful game?" Remembering the fact that they did 'certain things' to each other, from the dares that everyone came up with.

The Waterbender brings her ass above Aang's manhood. "I'm going to put it somewhere else."

"Somewhere else?" That made Aang surprised. The only time they had sex involved him going inside her mouth, and pussy. Where else would she... Aang's expression changed from enjoyment to worry in a heartbeat. "Katara, don't!" Although he whispered, that was going to be a very loud shout.

Seeing Aang's expression, Katara moved her butt out of the way. Instead of the destination she sat on his chest again. "Aang. Is there something wrong?" She lost her lust, as he did, for the concern was high.

"We can't do this Katara."

"Why can't we? Is it because of the walls? I can be silent while making love with you."

"No. It's not that. I know we can be quiet tonight. Actually today, since that was last night."

"Then what. Aang?" Could this whole thing be a bad idea because of Christmas starting soon?

"I just don't want you to endure pain like that. We've never done anal before. I don't want to hurt you like our first time." His worrying was having a mix of silence, concern, and a bit of shouting.

Katara calms down, puts a hand on Aang's shoulder, and gave out a smile full of love. "I know that you're kind enough to put aside the needs for yourself, for the needs of others. Especially when we had our first time together. I will never forget that special moment we had in the North Pole. No one around at the palace, the hallways were dark, and the rooms were actually soundproof. We didn't do things in a very lustful way, like we're doing now." She kissed his lips, with a quick peck. "You remember how it started."

He smiled, knowing that the memory. "You made the first move, on the bed, by that kiss you just did now. Then, we both kissed. No tongue was involved until we really got interesting." They started to repeat history, by making out. Like they did before. "We took time to remove our clothes. Not like taking each others off. I mean our own clothes off, by ourselves. Then, I felt your body against mine, embracing each other with a majestic love." Even though they can't repeat that part, they still like were this was going.

"My eyes were exploring all over your body."

"My eyes as well."

They started to look at each others bodies again. Young love between them was a thing of beauty. But they aren't a thing. They are the very people who are in a very intimate moment together, including this one. Aang became harder. Katara became wetter. Together, they are ready to show their love even further. Katara makes his way towards his cock. Lubing it up as much as possible. Knowing it will hurt. Like the time her virginity was taken by Aang, her lover.

"We both realize that this is that special time." Aang whispered, knowing what is about to come."

"A time to become one." Katara replied, with a whisper.

Obviously, they didn't whisper on their first time. But they had no choice. Considering the possibility of making too much noise.

They both calmed down. Ready to reintroduce each other from their first time. Katara moves her butt on top of Aang's cock again. Ready for it.

"We took our time. Knowing this wasn't just having sex." Aang waited, knowing Katara's wet opening was getting closer and closer.

"It was making love." She has her ass on top of the tip. Her legs can support her weight, just not for long.

"Your beautiful Katara. Just promise me you'll be ok." said Aang.

"I will. I'll also try to be...," Katara slips in, the pain was hard to take in. "QUIet..." She covers her mouth. This felt like their first time alright. Well technically it is. It was their first time doing anal.

"Katara!" Aang was careful not to scream in worry. But he did it silently.

The Waterbender waits for the pain to go away. She wasn't mad at the pain, not entirely. Because her mind was at this moment. The moment were she and Aang shared another part together. Katara heard of anal sex from Suki, unfortunately. Not the fact that she did it, but accidently brought Sokka into it. That was her brother Suki was talking about. In a way, the more she thought about it. The more she wanted to do that herself. Their conversation was about 4 months ago.

A little guilty for causing Katara pain. Aang gestures her to kiss him. She goes down, trying not to scream, and they kiss with passion. Even though that she has a lot of pain on their first time, in an anal way. Katara was happy that she lost that part of her virginity to the love of her life.

The pain in her butt was still there. It seems like it'll take longer than she thought to get used to Aang being inside that new area. Well, almost new. Katara remembered that his instincts kicked in when he licked, as he says, her "sweet nectar." He accidently licked her anus. It felt too good to tell him to avoid that area. Thinking about that erotic moment was making her even wetter. That, and her butt was having less pain and more pleasure. So she went up, slowly, and went down. Getting used to him.

"Are you feeling better, Katara?" Aang was still worried, but saw that she wasn't going to give up on this.

"I am, Aang. I promised to try this, and now I'm going to do it." To make it official, Katara started to go faster. She can feel her anus trapping Aang's cock. "How are you feeling Aang? Because I feel you getting hard."

He wanted to tell her to go down more. But he knew it would come out way louder than he thought. "I feel you getting so tight Katara. So damn tight!" Whispery screaming of course. Although he was a monk, he just couldn't contain his swearing.

"I love it when you swear Aang. Now I'm going to fuck you so hard, I'll be sore! But I don't care!..." Katara covered her mouth. Knowing the impending danger of getting caught was at an all time high. Moans were still easy to hear, just barely. But containing them will be hard. If only she could stop herself from making a single sound, without having to use her hand. So she stopped riding Aang, for now, to think of an idea.

Aang was having that same thought too. How will they do it, while they're doing it? Ironic, but true. He looks at the discarded underwear that was lying on the side of the bed. An erotic idea came to mind. While Katara was lost in thought, Aang used his airbending to bring her orange panties and his blue boxers to him. He wanted to get her attention. So, he got dirty. Taking her panties, Aang sniffed at them. Very loudly.

Hearing a mysterious noise, coming from Aang's direction, Katara was back into her mental reality. What she saw was a side of Aang that made her more horny. That her panties, her orange Christmas panties that she surprised Aang with, were being sniffed. If it was some other guy, doing a weird version of a panty raid, she'd sent them flying all the way to Lake Laogai. With all those Yun chicks used to be. 'Shivers.' Being used like that would be a nightmare. Even worse, they didn't know they looked like each other until they were de-hypnotized. Lots of therapy was needed for that.

What she wanted to know why Aang was sniffing her panties at a time like this. Not that she was complaining, or anything. She needed to ask fast, or her desirable instincts will take over again. Not that she wouldn't mind either. "It seems like someone loves the color orange?" Giving him a sexy smirk, she takes the panties. Bringing them towards her pussy. Katara rubs it with her panties. Then, gives them back to him. "Now sniff them. Their Katara fresh." Winking with a smile.

He sniffs them, more frequently now. Katara always knew what he wanted, even if he didn't know what it was right away. "Now, Katara. It's time I do the same." He takes his boxers, his Christmas boxers he surprised Katara with, and rubs it against his cock. Katara moved up, knowing he needs to take a lot of it on there. After he was done, he presents his gift to her.

The Waterbender takes it. Making her nose enjoy that new sent that she'll always love more. This couldn't get any better. Until she was proven wrong, in a very good way. Aang took the boxers, which wasn't what she wanted, and puts them inside her mouth. Now that, that was what she wanted. "Ghmod idhmea Ahhmg." (Good idea Aang). Now they're more silent then ever. So she went down again, more pleasurable again. To return the favor, Katara took her panties and shoved it down his mouth as well.

The fear of yelling, screaming, moaning, and groaning were now put aside. Now it's time to go all out. Going up and down, with the moans she wanted to let out, was making her feel alive in bed again. Even though they were earlier. But there wasn't a lot of ways to tell them how with moans. Except saying I love it so much, but that would be too loud.

Out of politeness, Aang gave Katara another smack in the back. Making her whine with happiness so much, her hands were rubbing her pussy. He just couldn't resist her butt, like her breasts and eyes. Katara loves his eyes too, and his abs as well. There were screams behind the fabric on their mouths. Aang saying "Fhum Mhm!" a lot, and Katara saying "Ohm yehm!" a lot as well. Sometimes the other way around. Until, they both said...

"I'hm chumming!" And came they did.

Aang came inside Katara's anus so much that they spilled out on him and the sheets. Katara was a squirter. Her juices going all over Aang's face. Seeing him lick some of it off him was exciting to watch. Even though they wanted make love so much that they'll be sore and tired in the morning. Well, more sore and tired. They knew that today was Christmas.

So they cuddled, side by side. Removing the fabric in their mouths. Smiling at each other, in the bed they just soiled for the laundry.

"That was amazing." Katara whispered. Her breathing hard to control. "I wanted to do anal for so long. But I was worried that I was being sucked into it."

Aang sat up a bit, using his arm to support his head. "Why did you think that?"

"Well... Suki told me about it." Her eyes moving away at first. Making her blush with red.

"Oh, I see." He understood right away.

"That's why I wanted to win the game, Aang. So that I can do it. While not telling you right away." She felt a kiss on her cheek. From her lovely Airbender.

"Katara. Even if Suki never mentioned it. Even if I did have a dream about it. I would only do it if you're completely comfortable with it." That dream part wasn't a lie either.

"I'm sorry Aang." She cuddled by his side. "I should of told you."

"There's nothing to be sorry about Katara." He said calmly. "We all have desires that we keep to ourselves. Until we're ready to say, or do, them."

Katara was happy. Happy to know that no matter what happens. Aang will always support her, In any decision she makes. Like helping him with his decisions. Right now, both of their decisions are intertwined. To Figure out what's wrong with Sokka. Not in a mean way, mostly. A more worried way. "Do you think Sokka will be ok, Aang?"

"You need to believe in him, Katara. We both know that he can make his own decisions. All we can do is try. If we fail..."

"We won't fail though." Katara interrupted.

"Sokka's path is his to follow." Aang knew that Katara would be worried. It was in her heart. "We're just his guide."

"I love you Aang." She gives him a kiss on the lips. For the guidance he's been giving her since they first met.

"I love you too, Katara." Giving a kiss in return. His guidance was the compassion that Katara gives him. The way she gave cheer when everything seemed gloomy. "By the way. Did you really have to say that stuff when we were the ghosts of Christmas Present?"

"Well." She was blushing a deep red. "There's a reason for that."

"And that reason is?" Aang questioned. Even though he already knew the answer.

"We haven't had sex in 7 months. And that felt like years."

"There were countless meetings. Plus, it was enjoyable in the end." He moves his hand down to pinch Katara's butt. "And you made me like this."

"Liar. You were acting like this after our first time."

"So says my Master Waterbender. Who keeps getting wet from looking at my abs."

"I think we should get to bed soon. This is going to be another excuse to have sex again. Not that I don't mind it, but maybe after we leave Ba Sing Se. And go travel again." suggested Katara.

"You're right."

Katara moves to the side of the bed, facing the wall. Feeling Aang's arms around her stomach. "If you go above or below the stomach. I won't mind."

"Can I do this too?" Aang takes his manhood and shoves it inside Katara's butt again. Not forcing it, of course. Just sliding in, little by little. In the end, however, he felt her body forcing him inside her further. Having him completely submerged.

"Good night, Avatar Aang. I love you."

"And I love you, Master Katara."

They're eyes start to drift into a wonderful sleep. Not from sex alone. But the love that they share, and experience, together. From being two strangers that set off a flare in an abandoned Fire Nation ship. To being a couple at the top of the Jasmine Dragon. Even though they're more adaptable to kissing each other, and beyond. Aang and Katara will always remember the joyful times they spend. With their friends and former enemies. Now, they wait until morning. To see what the next day will bring them.

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