Staying at the Tyler Residence


"We have to, Doctor," Rose insisted, hoisting her bag onto her shoulder.

"No we don't!" he argued, taking the large suitcase from her when she tried to wheel it out the door. "We really, really don't."

She pinched the bridge of her nose, exasperated. "Doctor. You burnt down our kitchen."

"Yes, I know, and I'm dreadfully sorry about it – but I don't think this serves as an appropriate punishment - "

"The flat is gonna take at least six weeks to be habitable again - "

"So we can stay in a hotel!"

She glared at him. "You think I'm gonna leave all my top-secret equipment and paperwork in a hotel room?"

He ran a hand through his hair in agitation. "Then let's take a holiday! We can do a spot of travelling, and - "

"Doctor, we just got back from a two-month trip to South America. Torchwood's expecting me back. They need our help."

"But – but - " he floundered, then brought out the puppy-dog eyes. "Please, Rose, I'm begging you…"

"Not gonna work," she announced stubbornly, snatching the suitcase handle from him and determinedly walking out of the flat.

He hurried to catch up with her. "Rose. Rose? Rose. Listen, come on."

"Look, I dunno why you're so bothered. It's just six weeks."

The Doctor rolled his eyes. "In case you've forgotten, the last time we stayed at your Mum and Dad's, I nearly got run over by a lawnmower - "

"Pfft, and whose fault was that? You were the one who soniced it to 'give it a bit more power!'" she scoffed, packing their suitcases and bags into the boot of her car.

"- not to mention the amount of times I was on the receiving end of a Jackie Tyler Glare. Rose, can't we just - "

"No." She got into the driving seat and the Doctor quickly got in the car on the passenger side, fearing she'd drive off and leave him.

"But - "


He sighed heavily, and put his seatbelt on as she started the car. "Fine," he huffed. "But don't blame me when your mother tries to get you to divorce me."

Rose grinned, and gave him an appreciative glance. "Don't you worry, I'll not listen to her."

He smiled back reluctantly and watched her as she drove the familiar route to the Tyler mansion. "Rose?"


"You know that I care about them really," he murmured. "A lot, actually. And Tony is brilliant, obviously."

"Course I know that," she assured him.

"It's just, it seems your mother and I can't help but fight a lot..."

"We're a family, aren't we? That's what it's all about."

His smile grew, a warmth spreading through his chest at her reassuring words. "Yeah, we are. I suppose you're right."

"Of course I am. I'm always right."

"Well, not always."

"Yeah I am."

"Nooooo, don't think so, Rose Tyler."

"Name an instance where I haven't been," she challenged, glancing at him again and sticking her tongue between her teeth in a flirty grin.

He sniffed thoughtfully and was quiet for a few moments. Rose assumed she had won, and was just about to announce this with a well-placed, "Ha!" when the Doctor said two words, just two words. "Pool house."

Rose's eyes widened and she swallowed thickly as the embarrassing image of her Mum, Dad and little brother walking in on her and the Doctor in flagrante at the top of the pool slide came to the forefront of her mind. Not one of her brightest ideas, admittedly.

"Say no more," she muttered, and the Doctor laughed the rest of the way to his in-laws' home.