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Hogwarts Day of the Ball

Harry stood in front of his parent, dressed ready for the ball. All the girls had agreed that he would take all of them to the ball. However for appearance purposes he would be Daphne's dance partner for the opening dance.

Lily had tears in her eyes as she looked on her little boy, all grown up. She so wished that she could have been there for him growing up. Maybe had they not listened to the old fool then she and James would be alive. Lily wasn't stupid, she could see it her son eyes that he wished they were both there with him in the flesh. Being a portrait had it's limits. She could talk to him and advice him, but she couldn't do what all mother wanted to do. Hug their children and comfort them when they needed it.

"My Little boy, all grown up."

Harry blushed. "Come on mum, you're embarrassing me. I know you still see me as your little boy, but I'm eighteen now. True I don't look it but in the muggle world I would be considered an adult now."

Lily sighed, and stray tear fell from her eyes. "I know Harry, it's just I never got a chance to see you grow up, and now seeing you dressed for your first ball, it just a little bit two much for me."

James moved from his frame into that of Lily's and held her in his arms. He too was proud of his son. Anyone else would have turned dark, after everything he had been through, but some how he had managed to avoid that path. James eyes glowed as he thought of everything he was going to do to the old fool. He wasn't going to have a peaceful after-life that was for damn sure. James heard the door open and looked to see Harry's four girls all dressed ready for the ball. He couldn't believe how lucky his son was, not just to have the love of one girl but four. He noticed his son eyes light up as he took in the beauty of each of them.

Harry was speechless, he looked at each of his girls. Hermione had the same gown she had worn in the last time-line, and to Harry she some how looked better then she did before. Harry then thought it might have been him knowing that it wouldn't be Krum's arm she was going to hanging off, but his. He then took in Daphne. She was wearing beautiful light green gown, with matching necklace and ear rings. She had a small emerald tiara sitting on top of her head, making her look like a fairytale princess. His eyes then trailed to Astoria, who was wearing an exact copy of Daphne gown, tiara and all. His Newest girl smiled, dressed in a simple light blue gown, with a matching set of sapphire earrings and sapphire necklace, a gift from him.

Harry knew then that he was the luckiest guy on the planet. Too have four of the best looking girls in the entire school as his wives, sent his ego into overdrive. He was already getting angry glares from the male population of Hogwarts. Especially that he now had a Veela part of his small family. Harry check his watch and noticed they just had time to get down to the great hall. Taking Hermione's and Daphne hand, he led them out of the suite with Astoria and Gabby following close behind.

Outside the great hall Minerva paced back and forth, she was worried. All the other champions were accounted for except Daphne. Minerva knew her godson was planning to bring all his girls as his date. She sighed in relieve as she looked to the stairs to see her Godson holding the hands of Daphne and Hermione, would Astoria and Gabby close behind. She noticed the other champions had stopped everything they were doing to just look at the stairs. Cedric and Krum had their mouths open in complete shock, while Fleur and their various dates were glaring at the four girls now surrounding Lord Hogwarts. Many of them wished they were the ones surrounding the young lord.

Daphne stood in line holding on to Harry's arm. She smiled as the memories of the last time-line came flooding back. She had watched from afar as her crush had danced with one of the Patel twins. She had wished it was her who was dancing with him, however she did recall that he didn't seem that happy and he had looked like he was trying to find a way to escape. Now though those memories were pushed from her mind as she held onto his arm tightly. He was all hers now and she couldn't be happier. She heard the opening music and watched as the huge doors opened. She took a deep breath before stepping into the great hall, with the other champions. Even in the great hall every eye was looking at her and Harry. Daphne felt a little bit uncomfortable at all the attention and was happy when she felt Harry wrap his arms around, reassuring her, that he was here and that he wouldn't allow anything to happen to her.

They were soon sitting down, enjoying the evening meal, due to Harry circumstances, he had asked that a table be made up just for his girls, and himself. He looked around at each of his girls. Everyone of them looked stunning. His eyes then scanned the rest of the crowd, and he smiled at seeing Cedric with Cho, and Neville with Pansy, the two of them just looked perfect together. Harry was happy that one of his friends had at least found happiness. He then noticed his Godmother stand up.

"First of all I would like to welcome you all to this ball, and now if the champions would like to take to the floor, so that they may open the ball officially."

Harry stood with Daphne, however before leaving, he made sure that each of his girls was given a kiss. Once on the dance floor, he held Daphne in his arms, and waited for the music to began.

Harry concentrated as he didn't want to ruin the dance by stepping on Daphne's toes. Soon the music had stopped and Harry and Daphne walked back to their table, to a huge round of applause. Harry then asked each one of his girls to dance. By the time he had finished, he was totally knackered. The girl noticed this and decided that they would just stay with him. Soon the ball drew to a close and everyone returned back to their houses. Harry collapsed on the sofa his feet were aching from the amount of dancing. He now knew why you only took one date to a dance. All the girls had decided before the dance that Harry would spend the night with Gabby, as the two of them hadn't had much time to be alone. Astoria had protested that she should be the one that goes next, but finally accepted that she would have to wait till next year at least. The girl kissed Harry good night and left him with Gabby. Once the room was clear, she straddled his lap, and kissed him.

Sexual Interlude Harry and Gabby.

Harry woke the next morning, to find Gabby wrapped in his arms. The both of them had made love the night and Harry now knew why Veela's were consider sexual creatures. Gabby had kept wanting more and more. They hadn't got to sleep till around four in the morning. Harry was completely spent, he didn't feel like moving, but knew that Daphne would need him for the second task. He slowly untangled himself and made his way towards the bathroom to take a shower. Once inside he allowed the water to soak all his tired muscles. He noticed the door open and Astoria was stood in the door way, with her towel ready.

"Oh Sorry Harry."

Harry looked at Astoria before grinning. "There no problem Tori, if you want you're more then welcome to join me. After all it wouldn't be the first time we have shared a shower."

Harry noticed Astoria smile, before she walked in and locked the door behind her. She then began to strip out of her P.J's and climbed into the shower with Harry. She immediately wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him.

Lime Interlude Astoria/Harry

Once they had both finished washing each other, they climbed out and began to dry themselves off. Harry immediately noticed that Dobby had popped in with his school robes, he had also brought Astoria's in. Once both were dressed they exited the bathroom to see Daphne Hermione and Gabby waiting for him.

"You know Harry, Maybe you should ask Hogwarts to provide us with a huge bath, that way we can all get in at the same time."

Harry eyes widened. Why hadn't he thought of that? It would certainly make more sense then one small shower. Harry closed his eyes and communicated with Hogwarts. He noticed the bathroom door suddenly close, and a huge flash of light could be seen under the door. Once the light died down Harry opened the door and gasped at what was inside. Hogwarts had given him just what he had asked for. Although the bath wasn't as big as the prefects one, it was still able to fit at least six people. He then turned to the girls.

"There you go. One big bath for us all to share. What say we tested out after the task?"

All the girls eye's lite up, they all then nodded and gave him a sweet kiss. Once everyone was dressed he led his girls towards the great hall for breakfast. He was still wondering what was going to be used for the second task. They all walked into the hall, again all eyes were on them. They made their way towards Phoenix table, and sat down, to eat breakfast. They were just tucking in when Harry's godmother took to the stage.

"Good Morning everyone. I trust you are all recovered from the wonderful evening we had last night. I have been informed by the Ministry that the second task as been put back a few days, due to some complications. This means class will assume as normal. Now please enjoy your breakfast and make your way towards your first class. Oh and Lord Hogwarts could you please join me in my office after breakfast. Thank you."

After breakfast, Harry made his way towards the headmistress suite. He noticed several important looking people were also waiting outside, two of them being Ludo Bagman and Crouch Snr. He noticed that his Godmother was just coming behind him. Harry allowed her to pass, so that she could get her office prepared. Harry then waited with the other people gathering around the gargoyle, who was spreading it's wings wide apart to stop anyone going up. Soon though it's wings folded inwards and it leapt aside. Harry was the first one up the stairs, and to walk through the office door. He noticed a seat beside his Godmother and guessed it was for him. Harry watched as everyone else filed in. Harry had never seen so many people try to squeeze into a room before. Harry wanted to get to the bottom of all this and decided to address all the guest.

"May I ask, what is the meaning of all this?"

Harry noticed Crouch stood up. "Due to you forbidding Hostages being used for the second task, we find ourself stuck on what could be use in their place. This is why the task as been pushed back, we have no clue what to do."

Harry, growled. "Well why don't you change the whole task to something else. Why not a duelling contest? Does the second task really have to involve an underwater task?"

Crouch eyes widened. Why hadn't anyone of them come up with this idea. True a task in the black lake would have been good, but seeing how none of the them spoke merman, then it might be a good idea to stay well clear of the lake. However the sound of a duelling contest sounded just as fun and exciting.

"That is a possibility Lord Hogwarts. A duelling contest would be exciting. We could use the same point system as we were going to use on the second task. Also a duelling contest would be much safer than a task in the lake."

Harry noticed the rest of the Witches and wizards were nodding in agreement with the idea. Harry was pleased that they had accepted his idea. "So how long before you can have everything in place?"

Crouch stopped talking and turned to the young Lord. "Well we would have to try get an official referee, not to mention all the seating arrangements for the spectators. So I would say at least four days."

Harry nodded. "Very well, if that's all I am needed for then I will return to my classes."

Harry then walked out of the room. His first class was potions so he quickly made his way down to the dungeons. He opened the door just as his Godfather was about to demonstrate the potion that they would be making. He quickly made his way to the front and where Daphne and Hermione had saved him a place. Gabby had decided that she would like to take classes with Astoria, so it was just the eldest three teens in the class. He noticed his God fathers eyebrows raise.

"I trust everything is ok Lord Hogwarts?"

Harry just nodded, then began to get all his stuff out. Since his Godfather had got his memories back, he had been a completely different person. Harry now looked forward to taking his class, and his potion grades had jumped up dramatically. Soon it was time to bottle up a sample of their potion. Once their samples were handed in, they all packed up and left the class. Harry groaned at the lesson they had next. DADA with Tommy boy's bum chum. He and his girls again made their way toward the classroom, however they found a note on the door, saying class was cancelled.

Harry was worried about this. He wondered where Crouch Jnr could have got to. After all his Godmother had not mentioned that any of the professor were leaving the school. Unknown to Harry Crouch at that very moment was kneeling before his master.

Riddle Manor

"Rise, Crouch, Tell me what news do you bring from Hogwarts?"

Crouch immediately stood up. "It seems that the brat has some how put a stop to the original second task. According to our spies within the Ministry, Potter has decided that the champions will be involved in a duelling contest. Also the brat knows who I am and has already said that he is allowing things to play out. How he knows what we are planning is still a mystery to me."

Voldemort stayed silent for a while. He too was wondering how the brat knew so much. Voldemort had lost his entire inner circle thanks to the brats laws and Lucius incompetence. Still new Blood wouldn't be bad in his ranks. Voldemort was planning to send a message to the brat with the execution of his Lady Peverell. Originally he had planned to use Harry's blood for his ritual, but knew using the blood of his wife would break the brat, making it easy to finish him off, once and for all.

"Very well Crouch, return to your post. I don't really care about the second task. It is the third task that is most important. The girl must reach the cup first Crouch, use anyone you have too to make she is the one who takes it. One of our new recruits will be ready to perform the ritual in the graveyard. By using his whore's blood I will finally break him, and once again the name Voldemort will strike fear into the magical world.

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