Another bit of drabble

Sian had a little girl called Sofia with Michael, but now he and Linda are looking after it because they're together and Sian went back to Jez.

This is what happens when Sofia asks Linda to be her mummy...

Sofia was already in her pyjamas and in bed by the time Linda had crossed the room."Do you want me to read you a bedtime story?" She asked the tanned little girl who had shiny brown hair and wearing her favourite pink minnie mouse jammies, she looked just like her mother. Sofia shook her head.

Linda stood up to leave but Sofia called her back."Linda." She sat back down."yeah, what's up." "Can I call you mummy." The little girl asked, her smile spread to her big brown eyes. Linda grasped the cover and smiled "Yeah, but you've got to remember you're mums still out there and she could still come just think of me as a second mother but I'll always be here for you." Sofia smiled and nodded. Linda stood up and with the covers still in her hands she tucked Sofia in."Right, you cuddle teddy and go to sleep...night." The little girl turned on her side, grasped her tattered old teddy that her mum had given her and closed her eyes. Linda brushed her head back from her face and kissed her forhead."Sweet dreams." She then padded to the door way where Michael was standing.

"You should have just told her that she's not coming back." Michael told Linda."You don't know that for sure, and it's best to tell her when she's older...when she understands a bit more. Linda replied."Well I was just saying because you've been a better mother than Sians ever been to that little've been there for her." "Well it's done now." She said. Linda grasped the door handle and pulled the door quietly. She smiled up at Michael "Maybe, we could have some of our own someday." And with that Michael took Linda's hand and the both went down stairs to have a quiet night in infront of the tv.