Stevie Taggart x Sara Howard


He sat straddled on her lap. A long day of working for the good Doctor Kreizler paired with a short trip with the bottle paired horribly with the autumn fugue that accompanies the rain in the city. It was strange to find the woman underneath him not actively insulting his recent bout with the bottle. Pulling himself off the grass underneath he soon stood completely sobered with a face red from embarrassment.

Stuarsyvant park was empty save for the two souls currently getting up. Taking a deep breath he pulled a small pack of cigarettes from their home in his back pocket before lighting two, handing one off to her as she motioned to join him on one of the black metal benches done in the french nouveau style.

Sitting down the fatigue began to suddenly overwhelm him enough to drop his head in to his hands. Nightmares of Kat had occupied most of his sleeping hours leaving him spent emotionally and even less energy. Feeling a hand rub softly in to his shoulder he turned to see Miss Howard in her plain dress no doubt hiding at least of her favorite pearl handled derringers. No doubt as well she saw the signs on his face of little sleep, and with his seemingly new affair with whiskey she knew something was going wrong. Of course, Stevie never would find out how much she would deduce from the experiences of the Beecham and Hatch cases.

It did not take long for the dam of anger to break. Everyone save for a few he knew were enjoying the affections of others. Cyrus had his wife while Marcus and Lucius were courting a pair of sister from the New york society while his gambling friend was out cavorting with another kind of woman most likely at the Tenderloin. He hated being so smart while so many of his friend of longer ago got sent to Mt. Pleasant before it changed its name to Sing Sing prison. What amounted to those from that life he still talked to fell to social diseases or addictions like the one that claimed Kat. Standing up suddenly in an effort to not embarrass himself any further he felt something like ice claw up his spine. A dreadful hack begun to steal his life and he knew that his days were numbered. Dropping to a knee for air Sara tried to aid his breathing only to see a face she had rarely seen on anyone save herself. A mask of bitter anger had stolen the life from him and was continuing to poison his days.

" If that bitch didn't die after Kat I swear I would have done the job myself " he pushed through clenched teeth.

Feeling the pair of arms pull him back to the seat he only felt weaker.

"Stevie remember that I love you, enough that I wonder what would have happened if we were closer in age. But now I could be your mother never forget though that I do love you Stevie so please try to live, at least for me."