Song mentioned: California Gurls by Katy Perry, I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift, Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

I am basing this chapter and the next two on the season 2 episode the Sue Sylvester Shuffle incase you haven't figured it out. I am giving it my personal touch though. I was watching the episode the otherday and I had to put it in here. I kind of had to with what I said in the first chapter it just fit perfectly.

Chapter 5: I Knew You Were Trouble

Kurt let out a breath as he and the Cheerios finished their most elaborate routine to date. It involved fire, guys on bikes and was to the Kart Perry song California Gurls. It was an awesome routine and the squad had it down perfectly. They could easily take Regionals and then Nationals. Kurt looked to Sue and she didn't seemed pleased at all, in fact she looked bored. Becky who was standing behind her didn't seem happy either. This wasn't going to be good.

Sue grabbed her megaphone and said, "I'm bored." she put the megaphone down and sighed. "Ladies I am at a loss. Brittney please remind me how I single handedly put cheerleading on the map."

"In 1979 you directed a made for TV movie about the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders called The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader," Brittney recited.

"That is correct, but in the meantime, what's changed," Sue asked calmly.

"Personal grooming habits," Kurt and Quinn said together. The two shared a cocky smirk.

"What's changed is I have completely lost interest, and ladies I blame you," Sue snapped pointing a finger at the Cheerios. Kurt just rolled his eyes. Sue turned to Becky. "More silicone falsies, you will each enhance your bust with an additional pair of chicken cutlets in am attempt to add some jiggle to what is the most boring routine I have ever witnessed," Sue said.

"But coach Sylvester this is the most elaborate routine the Cheerios have ever done," Quinn protested.

"Yeah, we're shoo-ins at regionals and we're the favorites to win at Nationals," Kurt added.

"And yet," Sue said picking up her mega phone once more. "I am still so very bored!" She told them that things that made her laugh weren't funny anymore. To prove her point she had Santana slap herself with her chicken cutlet and then Brittney and didn't even chuckle. She just looked bored and was tired of things.

"The problem is you keep trying to make a bigger and bigger spectacle. No matter how hard we try, we cannot make a routine work unless you find a way to make in interesting for you," Quinn said.

"Yeah, you have to find a way to top yourself," Kurt said. Quinn nodded her head in agreement with Kurt.

"Q, Porcelain, you just may have a point," Sue said slowly. She then looked at the two. "But to be sure slap yourselves with a chicken cutlet."

-If I Had You-

Blaine was sitting in the choir room once more. It had been two weeks since Kurt had called a truce, but Blaine still picked on him, not as often as he used to though. He only did it when he couldn't help himself. The club was including Blaine in what they did and talked about. Ever since he had gone to the Lima Bean with them things had changed. He was finally starting to feel like he was part of the club.

Christmas break had passed without an incidents and they were moving into January now and Regionals was getting closer. The glee club hadn't said anything about him being gay to anyone. They had kept their word and Blaine was thankful for that. He didn't need any of his secrets getting out.

Secrets, yeah Blaine had a lot of secrets. He didn't want anyone finding them out just yet. Yeah, the glee club knew he was gay, but one of them knew he was from Dalton and he wanted to keep it that way. Not even Mr. Schuester knew that he was from Dalton, or if he did he was good at hiding it. Blaine was sure as a teacher he had access to his record. He would keep quiet about being from Dalton though, and everyone in the dark. He didn't want to be painted as a spy. From what he heard they had something like that happen last year and that's why they lost at regionals. He didn't want the glee club to turn on him, they were finally starting to warm up to him.

"All right guys, I've got a new song I want to try out, it's something different," Mr. Schuester said.

"What is it?" Sam asked as Mr. Schuester started handing out the sheet music.

"I Knew You Were Trouble," Blaine asked as he took his sheet music from Mr. Schuester. He looked up at the teacher and saw something in the look he gave him.

"Yes, I thought we'd try something different. You're always asking to do something more recent," Mr. Schuester said as he moved around the room giving the rest of the club the music. Blaine sat back and looked at the music. "I want you all to look over this and we'll start working on it in a few days," he said.

"Mr. Schuester, who's gonna get the solo?" Rachel asked speaking without waiting to fully get his attention.

"Wow Rachel we haven't even had the song in our hands for two minutes and you want the solo already," Kurt asked.

"I think this would be perfect for me," Mercedes said.

"Actually I was thinking Blaine could take this one," Mr. Schuester said looking at him. "I mean he's part of this club now and he's shown us he's good on his own, but now it's time to see how well you blend with the club," he said.

"Ok," Blaine said nodding his head. He now knew that Mr. Schuester knew he was from Dalton. What his motives behind the song were he wasn't really sure. Was he trying to tell Blaine to keep his mouth shut or have him tell the club.

Rehearsal started and they ran through a few numbers. Everything was laid back today. The club was joking and laughing. Once rehearsal was done everyone packed their things and left. Blaine hung back to talk to Mr. Schuester. Once Everyone was gone Blaine walked over to Mr. Schuester.

"Mr. Schue," Blaine said.

"Yes Blaine," Mr. Schuester said turning to face him.

"I wanted to talk about the song you gave us today," Blaine said.

"Do you not want the solo?" Mr. Schuester asked.

"No, it's just I'm not sure I get the message you're sending me, do you want me to keep quiet or tell them?" Blaine asked being up front about this.

"Tell who what?" Mr. Schuester asked keeping a straight face.

"That I'm from Dalton, I know you know because if you didn't you'd be looking pretty shocked right about now and you're not," Blaine said looking Mr. Schuester right in the eyes.

"Ok, I know, I looked at your record," Mr. Schuester said honestly. "I want to know where you loyalties lay. Are you really here for this club or are you gonna go back to Dalton and sabotage us at regionals?" he asked.

"I'm not going back to Dalton, there's a reason I left," Blaine said looking away from Mr. Schuester.

"I can't figure out why, Dalton has great teachers and students and it actually enforces it's anti-bullying policy. After what you told the club I thought you'd want to be there rather than here," Mr. Schuester said.

"Like I said I've got my reasons," Blaine said, "don't worry, the club won't find out I'm from Dalton. I don't want them thinking I'm a spy," he added as he turned and started to walk away.

"How? We face them in just under two months," Mr. Schuester called after him.

"I'm working on it," Blaine said. With that he left the choir room and made his way out to his car.

-If I Had You-

Kurt sighed as he looked over himself in the mirror in his locker. Today just seemed to be going really slow. Santana, Brittney, and Quinn were standing by his locker chatting and he couldn't focus on what they were saying. He was thinking about the song Mr. Schuester had just assigned the club. He couldn't help but wonder why he had chosen that song. It was odd and even odder that he wanted Blaine on lead vocals.

"Kurt are you even listening to us?" Quinn asked.

"Huh, yeah," Kurt said.

"Liar," Santana accused.

"Sorry, my mind if elsewhere," Kurt said shaking his head. He closed his locker and looked at the girls. "I think I'm gonna go to class," he said.

He walked away from the three and headed to his next class. He walked into the math room and sat down. Blaine was already there sitting down staring off into space. Things had been different between the two. Blaine was still poking at him, but it was out of fun now. He just seemed to like getting Kurt riled up.

"Something wrong Hummel?" Blaine asked.

"Huh?" Kurt asked confused.

"If I can't stare at you, you definitely can't stare at me," Blaine said. Kurt felt his face heat up with embarrassment and Blaine laughed.

Kurt turned away from Blaine and refused to look at him. He wasn't going to play Blaine's little game. He wasn't going to make it easy for him to pick on him. The bell rang and class started. Ms. Sawyer started her lecture and Kurt started talking notes. He felt Blaine's eyes on him.

Kurt then got an idea. He looked up at Blaine and winked at him before retuning his attention to his work. He didn't miss the confused look on Blaine's face though. He wanted to laugh, but that would give everything away. He spent the rest of the hour focusing on his work. He didn't pay anymore attention to Blaine.

Once the bell rang Kurt gathered his things and left the room. He felt Blaine on his heels. He kept walking. He glanced over his shoulder.

"Something wrong?" Kurt asked smiling.

"Uh yeah what the hell was that back there," Blaine asked.

"What you're the only one who can have fun?" Kurt asked turning and looking at Blaine. Blaine's mouth floundered a bit. He looked at Kurt confused. Kurt now understood why Blaine picked on him, it was fun to watch him looked confused. He actually looked cute when he didn't know what to say.

Kurt just laughed and turned and started walking away again. He glanced over his shoulder and still saw Blaine standing there. Kurt's smirk grew as he turned the corner. He saw Karofsky and Azimio heading in his direction and his smile fell. He might be a Cheerios and popular, but that didn't stop the slushies. Kurt turned around and started back down the hallway at a fast pace. He was hoping he hadn't been spotted. He saw Blaine was still there and Blaine seemed to snap out of his daze.

"If you don't want to get hit I suggest that you move," Kurt hissed as him as he pushed Blaine forward. Blaine looked back and saw the two football players. He grabbed Kurt's hand and took off. He pulled Kurt into a janitor's closet and they waited until they were sure Karofsky and Azimio had passed.

"Do they just carry those around looking for glee club members?" Blaine asked as he turned on the dim light.

"I honestly think they do," Kurt said. He moved to open the door only for the handle to not move. He jiggled the handle a bit and turned to Blaine. "it won't open," he said.

"What?" Blaine asked.

"The knob won't move," Kurt said. Blaine pushed Kurt aside and started to jiggle the knob as well and it wouldn't budge. They both started to pound on the door and holler but no one came. They gave up and Blaine turned to Kurt.

"What did you do?" Blaine asked turning to Kurt.

"Nothing, I'm not the one who brought us in here," Kurt said.

"What was I supposed to do, they would've caught us if I hadn't done anything," Blaine said.

"I know and that was quick thinking on your part but now we're trapped in a closet together," Kurt said, "and don't make a gay joke you're above that," he added quickly.

"Well I have heard it's dark," Blaine said laughing.

"At least I thought you were," Kurt sighed shaking his head. Blaine just laughed again and wiped a tear from his face.

"You know when I came out I never thought I'd be chased back in," Blaine joked.

"Ok stop it," Kurt said. Blaine opened his mouth but Kurt quickly slapped a hand over his mouth. "The next thing you say better not be a closet joke and something productive or I'll be the only one who walks out of this closet once we find a way out," he hissed. Blaine pulled Kurt's hand from his mouth.

"Someone's touchy," Blaine said smirking.

"We're trapped in a closet and everyone is in class no one will hear us," Kurt sighed shaking his head. Blaine groaned and kicked the door.

"Your phone, call one of your friends," Blaine said.

"You call one of your friends," Kurt snapped.

"Seriously Kurt call one of your friends. I can't, I don't have anyone's number from here," Blaine said.

"My phone is in my car I had to charge it this morning and I forgot it," Kurt said trailing off as he looked down at the floor.

"Then use my phone," Blaine said holding his phone out to Kurt.

"I don't remember numbers," Kurt said. It was true he usually skimmed his contact list and never remembered a number once he saved it. "Except maybe Finn's," he said slowly as he grabbed the phone. He punched in the number and pressed the phone to his ear.

"Hello Finn's phone this is Rachel speaking." came the whispered reply.

"Rachel?" Kurt asked confused.


"Rachel listen to me I need your help I am stuck in a closet with Blaine and-" Kurt started.

"You're where?" Rachel asked slowly.

"I am stuck in a closet with Blaine and we can't get the door-" Kurt started again.

"You're in the closet?" Rachel asked confused.

"Not the closet, a closet," Kurt said.

"With who?" Rachel asked.

"Where's Finn?" Kurt asked finally. He loved Rachel, sort of, but she wasn't' going to be able to help him if she wasn't listening to him.

"He's around, now where are you?" Rachel asked.

"I am in a closet with Blaine and the door won't open," Kurt said slowly enunciating his words so that even Brittney would understand him.

"Your in a closet with Blaine?" Rachel asked slowly.

"Mind out of the gutter Berry, this is serious the door won't open and no one can hear us," Kurt said as Blaine's phone let out a beep. Kurt pulled the phone back to look at it and saw the low battery symbol.

"…just don't get it, I thought you didn't like him," Rachel said.

"Rachel focus the battery is dying I need you to come and open the door for me," Kurt said as the beeping came again.

"What?" Rachel asked.

"I need you to come to the janitors closet outside the gym and let me out," Kurt said. He looked at the phone and saw it was dead. He looked at Blaine. "It died, I don't know if she heard me," he said.

"What?" Blaine asked.

"Your phone died," Kurt said handing the phone back to Blaine. "I don't know if she heard me all she heard was what she wanted to hear and that was that we were trapped in the closet together," he said.

"Well it looks like we're going to be stuck in the closet until the next bell," Blaine said as he sat down on the floor.

"What did I say about the jokes," Kurt asked.

"That was it I swear," Blaine said laughing. Kurt just rolled his eyes and sat down on the floor as far away from Blaine as he could. They sat there in silence for a bit. Kurt was just staring at the ceiling trying to make the time pass faster by counting the cracks. He looked over at Blaine who was looking at him.

"Now what?" Kurt asked.

"Nothing," Blaine said grinning. Kurt just rolled his eyes. "Is that your response to everything, just roll your eyes and hope it makes people go away? I'm starting to see why you've never had a boyfriend," Blaine said.

"How-how would you know if I had a boyfriend of not?" Kurt asked shocked by the statement. He had never really had a decent conversation with Blaine. They sure as hell didn't share their dating history.

"You just scream virgin," Blaine said laughing. Kurt just glared at Blaine and Blaine returned it with a satisfied smirk.

Kurt looked carefully at Blaine and realized he was trying to get him riled up. He was baiting Kurt and he was taking it hook, line, and sinker. Kurt made it easy for Blaine to get to him. He sighed and started to count the bottles of cleaners on the shelf.

"So I've got to ask, why the Cheerios?" Blaine said after a few minutes of silence. Kurt looked over at Blaine shocked that he was talking again.

"Why the I don't care attitude?" Kurt shot back.

"It keeps people from picking on me. As long as rumors float around that I'm trouble, then I'm relatively safe from some bullies," Blaine admitted.

"That's what the uniform does for me. I'm friends with Santana, Quinn, and Brittney and they are the top bitches of the school putting me right up there with them. That's the whole reason I joined again this year, other than the abuse I get for being in the glee club my bullying has gone down mostly," Kurt said. That was somewhat true. People hardly picked on him for being gay, other than Karofsky. Karofsky still picked on him for being gay. Kurt had a feeling that there was more to it than what Karofsky said, but he wasn't going to push.

"Wow, who knew you have a heart after all," Blaine said.

"When you're not pissing me off I'm usually a pretty nice guy, and I could say the same about you," Kurt replied. He was suddenly seeing a different Blaine. He wasn't seeing the bad boy that had arrived at McKinley a few weeks ago he was seeing someone different, someone vulnerable. He was seeing the Blaine he had seen when he admitted to why he acted the way he acted to the whole glee club.

"Hey haven't you heard I've got a reputation to keep up," Blaine sighed.

"You don't have to," Kurt said looking over at Blaine in the dimly lit closet. Blaine was looking at the wall.

"Where were you during rehearsal, didn't you hear me?" Blaine asked.

"Yeah I heard you, I also saw you in the locker room," Kurt said.

"What?" Blaine asked confused.

"Boxing," Kurt said.

"Well yeah, I took kick boxing so I could learn to defend myself if I really needed to," Blaine said shrugging.

"So why the bad attitude?" Kurt asked.

"You heard me, I was stabbed and left for dead," Blaine said.

"You just don't want people messing with you period so you'll just push everybody away and make it easier?" Kurt asked. Blaine looked over at Kurt shocked. "I tried that once and it didn't work out. I tried to lie about who I was and I even joined the football team to get my dad into thinking I was straight, but he knew I was gay. He had known for a long time," he said looking down at his hands.

"How'd he take it?" Blaine asked curiously.

"He just told me he knew and that he still loved me and nothing would change that," Kurt said.

"Wow," Blaine said.

Kurt nodded his head. Burt was a great dad and he loved Kurt more than anything. Kurt knew he was uncomfortable at times with some of the aspects of what Kurt did or would do in the future with guys.

"How did your dad take you coming out?" Kurt asked.

"Not as good as yours did," Blaine said simply. Kurt opened his mouth but closed it knowing that Blaine probably wasn't going to talk about it.

The two fell silent again. Kurt was thinking over their conversation. He had never seen this side of Blaine. Well, once when Blaine sang Lost. Now though Blaine was talking about his life and letting Kurt in, just a little bit, but it was better than nothing. Kurt looked over at Blaine who had his head down as he sat there.

There was a soft knock on the door followed by a voice. "Kurt, Blaine, are you in there?"

"Rachel?" Kurt said standing up. Blaine followed suit.

"They're here," Kurt heard Rachel say.

"Kurt," Finn's voice joined Rachel's.

"Yes Finn, I'm in here we can't get the door open," Kurt said.

"Stand back little brother," Finn said. Kurt replied and made Blaine stand back against the wall. They heard the knob jiggled and then the door popped open quickly and Puck stood there with Finn and Rachel.

"What happened?" Finn asked.

"Karofsky and Azimio were upset about their loss at last nights game I guess and they had slushies and we ran to get out of their way and the only escape the closet, if you make one more joke I will kick you," Kurt said looking at Blaine who had a small smile on his face.

"The knob must've gotten jammed or they saw us and did something," Blaine said.

"Sorry it took so long, but we have to find Puck since we figured the knob was jammed," Rachel said.

"Can we get out of the hall before we get caught if I'm caught skipping class Coach Sylvester will kill me," Kurt said. The five of them headed to the choir room.

They were going to have rehearsal next hour anyway. They all sat down and Rachel started asking questions about what happened. Kurt sighed and answered them. He even had to threaten Blaine once again not to make another closet joke, that however did not stop Puck.

Soon the bell rang and the rest of the club started to assemble. Everyone was having their own conversations with one another. The Cheerios were talking with one another and Tina and Mike were talking.

"Oh my god Artie," Tina said as Artie rolled into the room. Kurt looked to the doorway and saw Artie. He was covered in red slushies. Kurt knew it was the football teams doing. Brittney jumped up and moved over to him, she was his official girlfriend after all. She didn't understand that what she did with Santana really was cheating.

"It was awful," Artie said.

"That's it. Screw rehearsal. This ends now," Finn snapped annoyed. Kurt knew that Finn was still on edge especially after last night. Karofsky had been really picking on Finn and the other glee guys in football. Finn jumped up with the rest of the football players.

"We're gonna go all Thunderdome on those guys," Puck shouted angrily.

"So this is what the ladies lounge looks like on the inside."

The rest of the football team walked into the choir room shocking the club. Finn, Puck, Sam, and Mike all walked up to them anger just radiating off of them. They were ready to kick some asses.

"This is the choir room, now put up your fists because you and I are gonna be doing some dancing," Sam hissed angrily. The football players just laughed. Finn stuck an arm out to stop Sam.

"No I got this," Finn said.

"Coach Beiste told us to come. Where is she?" Karofsky asked.

Coach Beiste walked into the choir room with Mr. Schuester right behind her. They told the football players to take a seat and the glee club as well. Everyone was confused as to what was going on.

"All right, New Directions, let's give a warm welcome to the newest members of the glee club," Mr. Schuester said.


Everyone started protesting and shouting things at the two adults in the room. Everyone had something bad to say to one another. No one wanted the football players there especially Kurt. He didn't want Karofsky there because of how had he bullied Kurt and because of his threat to kill him.

"Mr. Schue are you serious this is the guy that threatened Kurt," Finn said casting a glance at his brother while he pointed a finger at Karofsky.

Mr. Schuester explained why he and Beiste agreed to it and how it might help. He told them that Karofsky's kind of bulling was born from ignorance. Now was a time to show them that glee club was kind of cool. He wanted them to find some common ground and to get a long.

"All of you are going to be in this club for one week no exceptions," Coach Beiste said.

"She's bluffing, next week is the championship game. Without us, she has not team," Karofsky said.

"With you I have no team," Coach Beiste yelled. "You guys have gotta find a way to come together or we're going to get out asses kicked from here until Tuesday finds a saddlebag full of buckwheat," she hollered. Everyone looked confused at that.

"If I have to stay, I'm not singing no show tunes, that is the music of my oppressors" Azimio stated matter-of-factly.

"Do you even know what we do in here?" Finn asked annoyed with the rest of the football team's presence here.

"No," Mr. Schuester said shaking his head as he looked at Coach Beiste. "None of them do. We have to show them. Rachel, Puck haven't you guys been working on something?" he asked looked at the two.

Rachel agreed because she wouldn't let anything get in the way of a performance. Kurt knew her too well and she just liked showing off. She and Puck stood up and Puck grabbed a guitar and Brad sat down at the piano. They preformed Need You Now by Lady Antabellum.

Kurt looked over at Finn wondering if he and Rachel were fighting or something. Finn looked surprised that Rachel was singing with Puck of all people. The two of them blended nicely together Kurt had to admit.

Kurt then looked to the football players as the song went on. None of them looked fazed. The glee club was swaying and smiling as the sat by their significant others. Quinn and Sam, Artie and Brittney, Mike and Tina. Kurt looked over at Sam and Quinn and wondered when they had started dating. He wasn't really sure. He hadn't really been paying much attention to them. Kurt had been more focused on his own life lately.

"The girl with the Mohawk had a real nice voice," Azimio said.

"That's funny," Puck said as he took his guitar strap off. "that's good man, that's good." he said calmly. He brought his guitar down for a second before he lifted it as a weapon ready to hit Azimio. The club and football players all jumped up. It started a fight were someone was either trying to attack someone or hold someone back. Everyone was shouting and screaming insults at one another. It was a great first day to the week.

The only person Kurt noticed that hadn't moved was Blaine. He was just sitting there not really paying much attention to anything. Kurt wondered what was going through his mind. Blaine was a hard one for him to figure out.

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