Scream, Shout and Let It Out

Chapter 16

Normally, when someone came within five feet of his person whilst he was sleeping, Loki's magic would alert him to this fact. Now that he had such a pitiful amount however, this was clearly not the case. Because he certainly wasn't expecting to wake up with something pressed up against his face. Pulling away from the window, the trickster god took a good long look around. He appeared to be seated in a car, squashed up against the door frame. The bumbling oaf of a not-brother was seated next to him, with Jane alongside the blonde god. The woman's assistant, the one with the spectacles, was sat beside her, pushed up against the door frame just like he was. Clearly this leather was not made the seat four people. In front of them rested the monster, alongside the new addition to the tower, the boy. The healer was sat between them, rocking backwards and forwards in her seat and chuckling as she did so. The solider was sat at the very front of the car, next to a nondescript driver, who didn't seem too bothered about the amount of people they were carting around.

"Brother! You have awakened!" Thor's thunderous voice broke though his thoughts and Loki found himself hissing he was very much, not his brother. It took him a moment longer than it should have done to figure out who was missing from their entourage.

"Where is Stark?"


The healer grinned, spinning in her chair before offering up a huge grin. "Tony set off early. Natasha and Clint are back today, so we're getting one day of freedom in both the two assassins kill us all." Her face seemed to fall when his own twisted into a vindictive smirk.

"The Lady Darcy had suggested that we visit a park of waters today."

"We're going to Aquatica." Darcy brushed her hair back from her face before offering him a taunting smile, adjusting her glasses before turning to look back out of the window.
It was at this point Loki realized that he'd been stripped of his sleeping attire, throwing into another sleeveless shirt -this time black- and trousers that just reached his knees, the latter made of a rather odd material. Under closer inspection, he noticed that both Thor and Banner were wearing the same kinds of shorts, and it wasn't difficult to assume that the solider was wearing the same thing.

"Before he set off early, Tony rung them up, and there's only gonna be a hundred of or so people in today. He bribed them of course, but it'll be cool to not have to wait in super long lines."
Adjusting himself in the seat so that he had a little more room -he may or may not have elbowed Thor in the ribs to get what he wanted- Loki took a quick look outside. They appeared to be in a different part of the country, as the sun was at a different angle in the sky and the trees weren't the same.

"You slept right though the plane journey. Thor carried you by the way, like a little baby. It was cute." Darcy was speaking again, flipping her hair back and he finally took in the all girl's clothing.
Each of them were in loose dresses, Jane's ever so slightly see through. Though she wasn't wearing normal undergarments. They seemed to made from the same material as his shorts.

"So yeah. Hope you can swim."


Aquatica as it turned out, was a brightly coloured collection of tubes -which Fay had explained to be slides- and a lot of water. The Midgardian forms of entertainment were astoundingly odd, and Loki found himself very much out of his element. Thor, in comparison, was all but bouncing up and down on his heels, smiling as he took in the wonders before him. The solider the monster and the boy had gone to meet up with Stark, wherever he was, which left them as a group of five.

They had passed through a set of strange barriers, Thor's woman had said they counted the people moving in and out, and then approached the lockers. As they did so, they passed over a bridge. Bright water flowed below it, and the occasional Midgardian passed under it, sat within a yellow ring that was almost as bright as the water.
The sun was warm on the back of his neck and Loki whispered a spell under his breath to protect against sunburn. Thor seemed to have noticed what he was doing, because he paused, looking over at the girl's they were walking with.

"Jane my love, will you not burn in the sun? You must be protected, otherwise-"

"It's cool big guy," Darcy pulled a bottle from her bag, shaking it around in front of the two of them so quickly that Loki only just managed to catch the words.


"It stops the sun from burning us, will you two need any?"

"My brother will not, but I shall require some of this sun-cream."
The three girls seemed to give him a look over, obviously taking in the paleness of his skin in comparison to Thor's, before shrugging.
So far though, the main thing that had caught Loki's attention was the way in which the Midgardians were dressing here. The men were walking around shirtless, and the women seemed to be dressed the same way in which Jane was, without the dress; either in two piece, underwear like clothing or a one piece that did very little to hide the shape of their bodies or skin. Thor was pulling his shirt off beside him and Loki frowned, turning back to face the girls. And then he stopped, because they too had undressed.
Jane was now without the dress as stood in a two piece of a rather fetching shade of red, the very same as his brothers usual cape. The assistant, Darcy, had removed her glasses and was now placing some clear round lens into one of her eyes, wearing a bikini that somehow held back her rather large curves. Finally, the healer was rubbing some of the 'sun-cream' into her arms, humming under her breath. She was wearing a one piece of the same odd material, but the sides seemed to have been cut out. It looked flimsy, and all so very tight against her skin.

"You look confused," the healer looked up, grinning and brushing a lock of hair back from her face. The majority was back in plaits, but the odd strand had freed itself, framing her face. There were twin blobs of the cream placed upon her cheeks, and she slowly began to rub them in, one by one.

"This is indecent," as the words left his mouth they sounded stupid to his ears, and Fay laughed at them.

"The less clothes worn the less there is to dry. And trust me, compared to some other people, these," she paused, gesturing to her own outfit and then Jane and Darcy's, "are pretty damn decent. Now come on, shirt off."
He wasn't given time to fight the order, and Thor had appeared out of nowhere and pulled the garment over his head.

"Come brother, this day will hold much fun if Darcy's promise holds true!"

Watching as Loki folded his arms across his chest, scowling all the while, Fay bit her lip to hold back a snicker. Personally, she'd never been to Aquatica, out of there group it only appeared to be Darcy that'd visited before. Which was surprising, because Tony was suppose to be a man of fun. And science. Okay, mainly science.
Having stuffed all of their clothing into a locker -along with Thor's poorly hidden hammer- both she and Darcy slammed the door shut before anything could fall back out of them.

"I'm gonna go and find Bruce," Darcy wiggled her brows before taking off, leaping past strangers and laughing as she went. She didn't seem to notice the majority of males present send her and her body an appreciative look. God help Bruce, he was gonna need it.
Jane had taken Thor's hand and they had started walking, Thor leaping up and down like an over excited child and even more oblivious to the looks he was getting than Darcy.

Hands looking for pockets that were no longer there, Fay turned back to look at Loki, smiling slightly. The swimming shorts Thor had put on him earlier that morning -before they'd kidnapped his unconscious body from the tower- weren't the usual green he worn, but navy blue did look good on him.

"Come on, let's go check out the rapids, they're fun." Grabbing hold of the god's wrist and ignoring the splutter of disgusted shock that left mouth, Fay tugged him along after Jane.


It's taken a hell of a lot of work to a) find a life jacket big enough to wrap around Thor's muscles and b) convince/force Loki into one, but the four of them were finally stood in the shallows of the water. Loki was looking very much like a kidnap victim that he currently was, scowling at anything and everything in sight.

"Trust me, it's fun. Race ya!" Both Fay and Jane took off, giggling as Thor spluttered after them. Without hesitation, he grabbed onto Loki's wrist and pulled him after the two females. And currently magic-less under Thor's words, the dark haired god couldn't fight back much.
Unsurprisingly, it wasn't long till Fay tripped, falling into the water where the small pool joined up with river. The jackets kept her afloat with ease, and she managed to right herself in time to wave goodbye as she was pulled along by the currents. Thankfully, she wasn't going fast enough to miss Thor bodily throwing Loki into the water after her. The sharp whistle from a life-guard sounded through the air and Jane blushed in embarrassment.

Digging her heels into the floor of the river, Fay managed to slow enough to match pace with Loki. The dark haired god was sat within the water, life-jacket keeping his head above the surface with his arms crossed and a scowl still on his face.

"Oh lighten up. This is suppose to be fun." Twirling in the water, Fay wiggled her eyebrows at the god. He met her eyes with an unnerving stare.

"If this is the Midgardian form of entertainment I'd rather have stayed in the tower."

The girl stared back at him, face having fallen in disappointment before a sly smirk began to spread across her face. The glint of mischief in her eyes only just registered before water was flying towards him. A laughed escaped her throat and the healer took off, swimming away as fast as she could through the water. A rather vicious patch of rapids caught her, spinning the girl around and them firing her out further away down the river. It took him a moment to realize what had occurred, that she'd splashed water into his face and laughed, giggled, like a child before swimming away. He was already conscious that Thor had paused in his smooching with Jane, baiting his reaction, so Loki drew in a long breath before taking off after the girl.
For a Midgardian, she swam well, and was able to keep away from his for a good quarter of a minute. But he caught up, and it wasn't until he splashed her back in the face that he realized what he was doing by playing along with her childish game. He hadn't wanted to, but it was difficult not to get caught up in the moment, all around him these people were enjoying their life, unaware their would be ruler was mere feet from them.

There was suddenly a hand upon his head and he was pushed rather forcefully under the water, one foot having wrapped around his legs and pulled them out from under him. For the briefest of seconds, panic overtook him before it became apparent the hand had moved off of his head and he wasn't being drowned. It was a step up from being splashed, but he didn't need to open his eyes to know exactly where the girl was. And it wasn't difficult to pull her legs out from under her too. For a second, he considered holding her down under the water, drowning her right there and then. But if he did that, magic-less as he would now, Thor would never give him a drop of it back if the girl died. He'd be without his greatest power forever.

So instead he let her surface again, and to his surprise, she was laughing. Her hair was soaked through, her life-jacket was holding her afloat now that her arms were no longer being commanded, but she was laughing. He didn't understand what was so funny until he found himself remembering how both he and Thor would play fight as children. She seemed to notice his obvious confusion, because she splashed him again, this time with her feet, backing away form his as she did so.
What they were doing wasn't quite play fighting, but it came as close to it as any other thing he'd done in the past hundred plus years. Thor seemed to have forgotten what it looked like, because the blond oaf screaming his name when Loki had picked the girl up and thrown her in the water. It wasn't until the healer surfaced, laughing that Thor seemed to catch onto what was happening.
And by then, he'd already gotten a hold of Loki and thrown him very much the same way the girl had just been subjected to. He could hear a few people chuckling at their antics, and there were plenty of people laughing alongside them, even the man that thought himself important with the shades on, the one that had whistled at Thor's actions earlier, rolled his eyes in a fond manner.


The four of them had completed three laps of the river by the time Fay managed to pull herself over to the exit. Thor had stood up like there were no rapids at all, marching over to the exit with Jane tucked against his side.
A mother with two children who they had already passed once was still attempting to pull her offspring free of the rather strong rapids, and Loki watched curiously as Thor carefully set Jane free of the rapids before wading in to help the woman. It was something that he'd missed, something that'd changed Thor the Prince into a Thor who helped strangers, no matter their importance to him. The worn looking mother had sent him a grateful smile as the blond had carried the children, one over each shoulder, from the river before jokingly half placing, half dropping them by the mothers side. With a quick 'behave for your mother young ones' he'd made his way back over to Jane like nothing had happened.
His observations were broken when the healer latched onto his arm again, pulling him along and attempting to strip herself of the uncomfortable 'life jacket' as the same time.

"Come on, we're gonna go on the ring things. Tony and Bruce said they're are gonna race us and since Darcy's busy off harassing Bruce you'll have to be my partner." For the girl that had initially feared him upon his return, she didn't seem too bothered about forcing them to join in on their games. It was with the thought of his magic in mind that Loki allowed himself to be dragged along by the girl -Fay- and the fact this might actually be better than staying indoors all day wasn't part of his decision to do so.
Not at all.

Tony, no matter how much he tried, would never be inconspicuous. If not for his bold personality getting him noticed, there was always something else. Right now, it was the round metal in his chest.
Clutching at the double rubber ring that she'd snatched up, Fay rolled her eyes at her boss, who just grinned back at her. Both he and Bruce, the latter of whom had managed to give Darcy the slip for the next ten or so minutes, were surrounded by people asking the inventor questions. It took a few sharp words, but Tony finally managed to get the crowd to leave him alone. She didn't want to know what he'd bribed them with.

"Her Freckles- You're partnering with him? Really?"
Fay turned her head ever so slightly so she could see Loki's tall stature beside her. The water hadn't won against whatever gel he used on his hair, but it had lightened it's hold ever so slightly. Whilst his hair was still slicked back, the black locks were starting to curl. Looking at him, she'd never have guessed that Loki had curly hair. The mental image of the curly haired child he must have been was almost too much for her to hold back an awe.

"Yep, and we're gonna kick your ass!"
The god had just rolled his eyes, but by the small smirk that'd formed on his face, he seemed to agree. If she'd been here, Natasha might have noticed it more, but Fay could just about see that Loki was slowly beginning to relax. His shoulders weren't as tense now, and he wasn't crossing his arms anymore, instead having pocketed his hands in his shorts. The Floridian sun had dried them off rather well. Though she wouldn't say that Loki was opening up -for all she knew he was still fantasising about killing them all right here as he stood beside her- he was starting to show he might do so. That it wasn't completely impossible.

Adjusting her hold on the ring as they began climbing the steps, Fay turned back to look at both Thor and Jane. They had managed to pull their lips from one another, and the god was questioning the point of the slides, with Loki subtly listening in on the conversation.

"Coming through!"
The crowded parted for them, Tony in the lead and yelling for people to let them pass, and Fay begrudgingly admitted it wasn't so bad having a celebrity for a boss for once.


They were at the top of the stairs in no time, and whilst both Jane and Thor had gone for single rings to race on another, she and Loki would be going against Tony and Bruce. The latter seemed to be enjoying himself, be it because the Avengers would never let him hulk out here, or because he was just a normal person here, she wasn't sure. But it was good to see him so relaxed.
Seating himself at the front of the double ring, Tony sent her a glare which Fay returned, both unable to help smiling. Twisting her head, she could see Loki watching, clearly non too pleased about having to get in the ring, but Fay kept tugging on his leg till he gingerly complied.

"We have to beat them, okay? You'll like the slides. Let's just hope we don't get stuck in the bowl."
Loki had seen the bowl on the way up, the way in which the people in the rings rounded it before disappearing down the middle only to come out the bottom. He'd watched it curiously but seemed pretty okay with the idea. Probably because he hadn't seen anyone stuck in the bowl bit before. Darcy had informed her that when she had got stuck, she'd had to paddle herself to the next bit, and that it'd been too embarrassing for words.

"Ready?" Tony wiggled his eyebrows at her before shouting 'go' as loud as he could.
Several people cheered and Fay screamed, because Loki had used those muscles that came with the title of god to push them off. Competitive by nature, he didn't seem too happy at the idea of losing to Tony. His legs were under her arms, the heels of his feet pressing against the soft flesh between her ribs and hips -the very same area that her costume did not cover- but he'd put his disgust at touching a Midgardian aside in order to win. The shot out into the bowl, soaring around the edges and Fay laughed.
It took a moment for her to realize that the quiet chuckles that were ringing out behind her belonged to Loki, and by that time, they were approaching the center of the bowl. She felt the ring twist slightly as Loki leaned to a side and then they were through the hole with no problem, dropping down the rest of the slide before skipping across the water surface in the ring. She laughed again as they joined the river with the momentum, watching as Bruce and Tony appeared a few seconds later. Her boss scowled, swearing under his breath when he noticed they'd been beaten.
Turning to look at Loki, she smiled, leaning back against the middle of the ring before lifting her arms up to let his feet move. They didn't.

"See, not so bad?"

By the end of the day, they had all taken part in at least one race on each slide, finishing up their Aquatica fun time by chilling on the artificial beach with ice-creams.
Loki had been rather quiet after the first race, but had taken part in all the others, including the mat rides along the multitude of slides. Unsurprisingly enough, Thor had won that one, followed by Steve and then Loki.
And the day had been going well.
Walking out of the theme park however, had been the greatest of problems, and it wasn't to do with Thor's disagreement with the turning barriers.

No, their problem was more to do with the SHIELD carrier jet sat in the car-park, two very displeased assassins sat at the controls. And one very angry looking Nick Fury stood staring them -most Tony and Loki down- with an attitude that demanded answers. And Tony managed to sum up everyone's thoughts with a very simple,


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