Oh my god! What's this, a story?! It can't be... mind blown!

My apologies, good readers, for taking so bloody long to get this posted up here. I've had quite the hectic year, not to mention a horrible case of writing A.D.D. - I had about five stories on the go at one point... it was bad... I will never do it again.

Moving on, I feel the need to talk about this story a bit before I actually get on with posting it – I know this probably violates a whole bunch of FFnet rules, so I hope it doesn't get deleted.

This story is one that has been in my mind in one form or another for a really, really long time now. If you've poked around my profile then you'll know that I stopped writing for over ten years before getting back into the fanfic game – this story idea was the last thing I wrote before I stopped. It was never finished, and since I was only 15 or 16 at the time, it has since morphed into something almost entirely different than what I'd intended it to be as a teenager, but the bare bones of the story are the same.

I guess in a way this was my Everest. I hate leaving things unfinished, and to have half-written a story, scrapped it, then left it floating in the recesses of my brain for such a long time was a difficult thing to do... and a more difficult thing to finish as it turns out! But here we are, almost two years after I started writing it, and it's finally done!

Now, a few things before you continue: if you have any issues at all with character death, turn back now. I'm not going to give any more details, because I don't want to ruin the story for anyone, but if you have an aversion to that sort of thing, then this isn't the story for you. Also, if you are devoutly religious, this may not be the story for you either.

I'd like to start by saying that I have nothing but respect for people's personal beliefs, and it has made me hesitant about posting this story, as I've been afraid of people taking it the wrong way. I have taken a story from Revelations, and moulded it to fit in with the Buffyverse. I want to assume if you're someone reading stories about a woman chosen to rid the world of vampires and demons that you're a bit more open minded than your Average-Joe, but I suppose you can never be too careful. This does not reflect my personal beliefs, or my personal point of view on Christianity, I simply had an idea and ran with it. I sincerely do not want anyone to take offence by it.

I think I've rambled long enough. I guess I should probably get on with it. As of right now I'm not sure how regular updates will be. The story is complete, and I'm editing each chapter as I go, however I know there are a few parts that I may want to re-write, so bear with me, I may not be able to update every week like I did with Silhouette Lies.

Thanks for reading!

~ Spectral Serenade

p.s. In case I forget to mention it in future chapters, while this does take place during Season 3 of AtS, I have not included Fred in the story. At the time I began writing, it had been so long since I'd watched any episodes she was in that I didn't think I could write her and all her techno-babble. I have nothing against the character, I just couldn't fit her into the story.